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  1. Crazy Horse

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I really want to like the Pulse 600 as it would fill the current gap in my multihull ownership but with yet another one coming on the market what is wrong with them? Current one for sail states that it has had a refit, are they that poorly made from the factory. Maybe I should just get a Weta and have fun?
  2. Crazy Horse

    KiteBoarders: Death Wish

    There is more chance of me being killed driving to kite than actually kiting. Yes it has its risks but there are also plenty of controls in place to lessen the outcome when something goes wrong. The kites are powerful and as R22 said they can hit the power band if you let them but like many sports you work to stay ahead of these scenarios. Two most dangerous times are launching and landing, get help if you can or be well trained. Go and have a lesson and step outside your comfort zone, best bang for buck on the water.
  3. Crazy Horse

    Where to find a used waist harness?

    Brands such as Ion and Mystic are a good place to start, maybe on eBay, or Seabreeze in Australia will give you some options. I have a Mystic rope slider harness as well as a standard hook and they are all spreader bar. The hook of a standard harness is not removable. Good luck with your project.
  4. Crazy Horse

    Damn, I wish I still had this...

    Close, Snagglese for Ford Transit van V4 engine. A fine piece of British engineering especially the oil pump drive.
  5. Crazy Horse


    Bottman, you are right about the CAV filter copies the housing is marked backwards. The fuel should flow down the middle of the filter to the bottom and then turn to travel up through the filter media then out. The turning helps the crude and water drop out. Just need to ensure you use the right filters for the job and not too much pressure. Racor turbine series are superior but these basic agglomerators have stood the test of time. Look forward to seeing more of the rebuild progress. Must say that Formula 40 does sound interesting!
  6. Crazy Horse


    A bit harsh Boink, the average punter still thinks if it ain’t a Boeing then I ain’t going. Boeing cocked up big time on this by taking the equivalent of a 69 Camaro and putting a 1000hp crate engine in then found to keep it in the air they need electronics which they had little knowledge of, unlike Airbus. The 737 has been flawed for years, especially the horizontal stabiliser but changing that would have too many ramifications so leave it as it is. Good time to buy Boeing shares, but the world needs at least two large passenger jet manufacturers, even if one is the lemon of the skies. Still safer than driving to the shops, especially where I live.
  7. Crazy Horse

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    This makes perfect sense to me, any project that is unfinished is only worth the value of the parts if that. Finished is when it has real value. I rebuilt a beautiful Farr 1020, still the one that got away when I moved countries, while it was not in the water it had little value until it splashed and it was like being a new father again. Would own another tomorrow but it would never live up to the expectations.
  8. Crazy Horse


    I like motor boating, may need eye protection
  9. Crazy Horse

    Radio controlled sailing

    I really enjoyed racing the IOM except for one or two skippers that had no idea of the rules of sailing but had the loadest voices. You learnt quickly to spot them an stand away from the BS. Good value sailing but I enjoy being on the boat more than watching.
  10. Crazy Horse

    Cruising on a Trailer Sailer

    Inspiring topic, we had some of the best holidays on a Noelex 25 when our sons were younger. They still talk about it now. I would make more sense to me than being one of the multitude of Grey Nomads in caravans stuck in camping grounds. More to see, less people and opinions. You have me thinking for my retirement and the trip around the continent, mine would have to be a Farrier/Corsair, just have to convince the significant other. Enjoy the trip Grith.
  11. Crazy Horse


  12. Crazy Horse

    Are Lombardini engines any good?

    Logan 33 new builds had them as the standard install with several sold in NZ, contact the people at TransDiesel and they can tell you more about them. I own a 30hp 3 cylinder overhead cam LDW1003M with sail drive and was involved in the install of several during repowers of yachts like Y88, Farr, Davidson’s etc many times replacing older Yanmars. They are not noisy, yes the industrial air cooled engines are. The smaller ones rev to 3600rpm so need to have the prop to suit, will happily run at lower speeds with low fuel consumption but hp is produced at the higher revs. Pros: Small size, light weight, smooth and modern design. Often cheaper than Yanmar. Cons: Resale value compared to Yanmar, Yanmar are not a better engine but they are like the Toyota of the marine world. Most brokers promote Yanmar as the preferred option. Availability of parts and people skilled to work on them. They don’t respond well to water in the fuel, expensive repair with unit injection pump injector assemblies driven by the cam. Kohler purchased Lombardini some years ago but doesn’t appear to have improved marketing etc. Support for the product in Australian is woeful. happy sailing/motoring
  13. Crazy Horse

    Bird strike

    Google this product, Bye Bye Birdie DUAL. Sounds like a con but I know the lady who has the yacht in the testimonial and she is genuine.
  14. Crazy Horse

    Random PicThread

    Thanks Hobot. My home port where I spent many an enjoyable day sailing, very different today. Earthquakes and all.
  15. Crazy Horse

    Squeal from cutlass bearing

    The reference to not using warm salt water was due to the training I received years ago that corrosion of Stainless Steel will be accelerated. The PSS website talks about squealing of their seal if lack of water flow, under installation instruction and trouble shooting. Not sure what your brand is but they would be similar construction, worth checking this also. Good luck