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  1. mcpusc

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    the smaller yamaha 25 is also a pretty nice boat
  2. mcpusc

    Alergic to sunlight?

    there are certain compounds found in plants that don't directly cause irritation until you get hit with UV & only then they cause a nasty rash. any chance you've consistently weed-whacked some wild parsnip juice onto your arms?
  3. mcpusc

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    it was good marketing. this is a yanmar diesel in it's natural habitat - a tractor engine with a headlight mounted on top! the basic design goes back to the early 1950s; afaict yanmar came up with an original design for the "K1", which they claim was the first small diesel engine - here's a guy rebuilding one; if you've adjusted the governor linkage on a YSE/B you'll recognize the distinctive injector pump: I haven't found any great resource on yanmar engine nomenclature, but this "NSA40" appears to be identical to the early model YSE/B, and this "NS40" to the later YSM (with improved governor & injector pump) The basic model still appears to be produced and sold in the third world for the same purposes; the yanmar global site serves a PDF listing the TF and TS series, which have been modernized with direct injection. The electric start seems to be a western affliction - the agricultural users seem to have no problem hand-cranking these engines. My Yamaha 25 has great access to the hand crank, and following their technique and my YSB starts by hand pretty easily.... as long as I use cetane booster in the fuel - these indirect injection motors are rated for 50 cetane but most diesel in the US is 40. These videos were how I learned the proper technique: crank like mad with the decompression lever open, then close the lever and crank through the first few injections.
  4. mcpusc

    How do you store your tools onboarding? ?

    i use zippered canvas bags, four or five of them now, stored in a dry cabinet inboard. everything got a light spray of boeshield & a wipedown with a rag when it first came onto the boat, and i give them additional sprays every few times i use them. it does make the tools a bit oily, but it takes only a moment to wipe it off before use and I've had no problem with rust.
  5. that it is... and excellent for pelicans. 'twas rather ripe last i was there!
  6. mcpusc

    Help! Searching for Bukh DV8 Anode

    do get some safety gear if you cast your own & ALWAYS preheat your mold to make sure they're BONE DRY. casting zinc is straightforward but it will fuck you if you give it the chance.
  7. mcpusc

    Yanmar YSB8 Transmission Issue

    gjschoo, did you ever get this sorted out? I've got a YSB8 as well and it'd be great to know if the YSM is a transmission donor.
  8. I have one of these on my boat - I replaced a dual-lever control that failed shortly after I bought her. The spinlock part looks nice, but the teleflex unit feels quite "value engineered". it's been working okay, although it does hang up a little now and then going into neutral. I'd expect to simply replace the teleflex unit if lubrication doesn't help.
  9. mcpusc

    boy do i hate pvc

    at least its a step up from cardboard. i lived in a place from the 50s that had "orangeburg" pipe for the side sewer - basically corrugated cardboard coated with tar. I bet the landlord wanted to have a word with that asshole who saved fifty bucks or whatever back in the day.
  10. mcpusc

    B-17 Crash in CT

    the b-17 engines are low-static-compression turbocharged jobs - the higher the octane, the higher they can turn up the boost; the more power the engine makes.... iirc they were using manifold pressures up to 50" of water column on the high-octane war fuels. they can't do that on 100LL.
  11. both, and more. you could buy prebuilt systems on one side of the store, or buy computer components at the other - anything from high-end retail boxed mobos and processors to OEM static-bagged stuff. good selection of hardware components too - i remember when they kept most of the nte catalog in stock, plus a decent amount of cut-tape resistors, diodes, transistors etc, all sorts of test equipment, radio gear, antenna components, office furniture, software, books, rackmount gear, titty magazines, appliances, stereos, snacks, a cafe, etc, etc. honestly they were a bit overwhelming. one location had (has?) a BIG tesla coil on display that went off every fifteen minutes... that sure got your attention!