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  1. Hello to all skippers! I am looking for a boat for the Miami to Havana race! I'm a San Francisco Sailor with lots of experience and I'm dead-set on doing this race. I has a boat all set up, but skipper had to cancel. I already bought my plane tickets to Miami, and then from Havana to SF (had worked those details out already with the skipper) so unfortunately I'm in a bit of a bind. Anyways, I'm no pro, but, I am a good sailor with lots of chartering and racing experience. I'm regular foredeck and spin trip on a J88, and have lots of experience on J105s, a Beneteau 41st, Expresses, and various 30ft cruisers. In 2016 I logged about 100 days on the water, including several ocean races. This A-sym spin trim and foredeck are my fortes, followed by jib trim, mast and rail meat. My downwind driving could use some work, but my upwind driving is decent. I'm 5'8 , 155 lbs. If you or any other skippers you know are looking for crew, pretty please let me know! email:
  2. Velista123

    Racest to CUBA 2017 Race Dates

    Does anyone have any leads for crewing on a boat for the Miami to Havana race? My skipper just cancelled, and I already bought my tickets! And help would be appreciated! Cheers!