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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    As Roleur said...it's just not. Light air is the enemy of high form stability boats like this. J35's walk all over it in typical PNW conditions. That's not the case at least for Pogo 36. Don't worry about her light air performance! Which J35? It's just another league! Even newest J112 can't beat Pogo 36 upwind in light air! )) Downwind all is clear - Pogo starts planning from just 12 knots of true wind. Experts opinion: Charly Fernbach, Pogo Structures: “Comparing the Pogo 10.50 from the year 2007, we made a lot of smaller and some bigger changes to the hull to furthermore improve upwind and light wind performance. When we did the sea trials during the European Yacht Of The Year against the J-112 our Pogo had a little superior performance in terms of pointing and speed in 10 knots of wind. Compared to the Pogo 40, a boat from the year 2005 – this new Pogo 36 is a better yacht. She is much more versatile. The Pogo 36 will plane early and overall we managed to fix some other difficulties that aroused in older boats.” http://no-frills-sailing.com/the-new-pogo-36/ Toby Hodges. Yachting World, Britain: "Gone are any past notions of these beamy designs being sticky in the light breeze. The Pogo will match any ‘traditional’ narrow hull shape upwind – then smoke it offwind. A Pogo guarantees fast cruising fun – but the performance in light airs of the 36 was a pleasant surprise. The build quality throughout is also first class. Pogo have made a concerted effort to make their interiors more comfortable for cruising and it shows. For me it’s the most exciting monohull of 2016."Other experts: http://interestingsailboats.blogspot.ru/2017/01/european-performance-cruiser-of-2017.html