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  1. The Next Boat-----2020

    also....the thought of two gybes downwind and two tacks upwind(relative to the last americas cup) is stupid. maybe the new course could involve some sort of slalom which would increase the odds of a trailing boat (due to touching down) the chance to close the gap. i'm not against foiling or hard wings, but this is going to be lame. it is too similar to the last bit of racing.
  2. The Next Boat-----2020

    geez, to me, this design seems stupid. as of now, they might as well stay with the catamarans. why the need for foiling and hard wings? the trickle down sustainability to other classes is bull shit. there will be none of that for other classes. the dial ups will be lame as they will need to stay far away from one another or they will hook each other underwater. no spinnakers or other sail changes?...lame. if this is the concept, just stay with foiling catamarans. or step back to a relatable match racing boat with real crew logistics and sail configurations.
  3. charles manson-dts

    good riddance.
  4. Caption Contest

    i told you we should have put out a third fender.
  5. The Heat Wave retired?

    it ain't so.
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    i'm no geography wizard, but... ...they were sailing from hawaii to tahiti and they were rescued 900 mile se of japan?
  7. Mini Pirate Ship ... For Cheap!

    He said gorilla. Not guerrilla. Guer, go. he did it on purpose.
  8. Rolex Big Boat Series - San Francisco

    only two multis in the event. the extreme 40, shadow x dropped it in the second race. bummer.
  9. j24 world championships

    racing begins next tuesday. I see a good handful of sailors who could win. who else could do it? milev, imai, porter, klatt, ingham, mollicone/ogden, odenbach, welles, takesue, milne entry list - https://yachtscoring.com/current_event_entries.cfm?eID=2934
  10. odd craigslist add

  11. odd craigslist add

    that was one part that struck me as odd.
  12. odd craigslist add

    is it me or is this an odd craigslist add? https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/boa/d/farr-40-sailboat-racing-crew/6285043435.html btw - i'm sure i am odd, but is the add odd also?
  13. Books on tuning/trim

    don't worry about reading books. just set it and forget it.
  14. Ahoj, Im new here

    beer.....check popcorn........check
  15. "elvis"

    stoked to read the story about elvis on the front page(i still don't believe there is a front page, but...). jeff is one of many local, just older than me, talented sailors i grew up with and admired when i was younger and still admire today from the ventura area. good on ya buddy and keep up the good work. it's nice to see some writing about your successes.