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  1. Hallpass

    J/100 - single point hoist?

    The J88 is an easy boat to single point lift. We lift our boat at the club with two guys. There is an eye built into the keel bolts. The only thing you worry about the ties to the stern that angle the bow down. The make the lifting point line up with the companionway opening. J100 should be similar if you can get a ring attached to the keel bolts. Use the same concept as the pictures attached above by MidPack. J100 is heavier than the J88 and longer but has a shorter keel. I know our lift is maxed out height wise with the J88 keel when we put on the trailer.
  2. Hallpass

    C&C 30 implosion?

    C&C 30 is expensive to campaign and the fleet is all pros. That being said its a sweet boat that rips
  3. Hallpass

    Black Widow or VC Offshore

    How many seasons are you getting out of a BW bottom before you have to stray on more coats?
  4. Hallpass

    Black Widow or VC Offshore

    Looking to redo the bottom paint on my race boat. I sail 30+ race days a year. My boat stays in the water all summer and I have a weekly diver. Should I go with Black widow or VS offshore? What last longer and whats faster?
  5. Hallpass

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    I do the same thing on my boat for the spin blocks but have used Dragon plate --https://dragonplate.com/
  6. Hallpass

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    The J99 should excel in distance racing and heavy air. Im not surprised the J88 is faster in WL racing.
  7. Hallpass

    J 121

    The boat is fast and fun so im not surprised owners are looking to sail it more in shorter distance races where there might not be enough race boats for an IRC fleet. I know on LIS we have bunch of 30 to 50 NM day races that are popular for PHRF
  8. Hallpass

    J 121

    The J121 is a cool boat but it looks like it is a little slow in light air. Now that there have been a few boats out racing what are everyone's impressions of the boat?
  9. Hallpass


    We run a code zero with a bobstay. . I think a furler would be nice but we kept cost down. Not many conditions and races we can use the code zero. What races do you plan to use it for?
  10. Hallpass

    Best sail combination for J100

    Do you have a bowsprit? Or are you an early boat without one? In light air the 145 Jib is a killer. I found the 155 to get over powered to quick and was not worth the rating hit. Some J100's near me have the big Asymmetrical spin and then go with the small 107% jib. They are very fast down wind but struggle with the small jib in anything less than 10 knots of wind.
  11. Hallpass

    J 121

    I saw J121 Jackhammer with UK sails has a small fixed bowsprit. Whats the use for that vs the retractable bowsprit the boat comes with?
  12. Hallpass

    J/100 tuning #'s

    We had a J100 on LIS a few years ago. We had a 145 Jib but didn't have a bow sprit. Small spin off the bow. The boat was very fast with the 145 in light air. It needed the bigger jib to get through the chop. We would be overpowered in 15+ and go to a smaller sail. The lack of bowsprit is why we sold the boat. We were rated 96 PHRF W/L. Very quick upwind and were faster than boats rated much lower but it was painful down wind. When we sailed vs the J100's with the sprit and a 106 jib we were about even in any wind under like 10 knots.
  13. Hallpass


    The Edlu is a great race! We have 4 boats signed up now! Also there are also 7 J88's signed up for AYC!