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  1. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Great job by the handicapper!
  2. Just another day, two more shark attacks!

    Second bloke was a clown. Close beaches, plenty of warnings and a dead whale off the break. Salmon schooling between the capes too.
  3. Commonwealth Games (or Australia Games)

    I did say to my wife that they were going to get flogged. The hockey was the only sport I watched. Certainly enjoy watching those girls....and the hockey.
  4. Commonwealth Games (or Australia Games)

    Shame to see the Roos go down today. Those kiwis are damn good.
  5. Google search tells me that onewas entered into the Hobart race last year. Shame the series didn't take off way back when. certainly look like an 80 foot VO60
  6. Grand Mistral 80's?
  7. Malicious farting? Not an April Fools Joke.

    Sent that one around the office clearing myself of any future matters.
  8. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

  9. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    That was 97. there was a replacement bottom 500mm installed in Sydney for some of them
  10. Hancock

    It reads like an old bloke trying to rant his way to some sort of relevance. His written diarrhoea about Whitty and the sudo cream and again his comments about criticising the RO or whoever penalised just make me double check the name at the bottom of a rant on the front page before giving it a few moments of my life. Go out into the mountains, Brian. You are not relevant and your thoughts are about as useful as wax covered toilet paper. Just fuck off and do it quietly.
  11. It's just not cricket

    WAFL = Western Australia Football League im guessing you mean AFLW.
  12. Looks like a monster. Shame to see it slowly die
  13. It's just not cricket

    Australians don't like losing, though we hate cheating even more. A shame to see such talented (on the field) players have their career tarnished/destroyed by such a stupid event.
  14. Here is a true hero.

    Yep. Selfless to the ultimate degree.
  15. I find it odd that a boat like this can come into a fair degree of trouble without it making the news. Great work CSAnarchy