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  1. Dogscout

    A request regarding acronyms & abbreviations

  2. Dogscout

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    "Hate Watch" now thats a great new term. This one has a Honey in a thong, Mediterranean looking guy, and a baby. The trifecta of content requirements these days. Its a hard one to watch.
  3. Dogscout

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I find all these babies totally offensive. I was almost going to have to unsubscribe but the chicks from Delos and LaVag manage to still rock a bikini, so that saved it. Its too cold in Sweden to tell if the chick from RAN is still gonna be able to do it. I pretty much know how to sail so I'm not watching these videos for the sailing content but I'll tell you that LaVag and Delos do keep moving. Those people sail alot, and I'll bet they have put down more miles than most of the experts on the sailing forums have in the last few years. Now if this baby problem keeps up we're gonna have a real tough time. Imagine if Ruby Rose, Millennial Falcon, Solianus, or Magic Carpet got preggers? I wouldn't have anything to watch anymore. Well I could keep watching Tula. I dont think Zora has any chance of having a baby problem so at least there is that. And don't get me started on Catamarans.
  4. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Wow how did I get here? I'm still living in Santa Fe in a Bed and Breakfast that no longer serves breakfast. As a matter of fact I haven't even seen the B&B staff in a few days, so I'm not sure whats going on now. My employer has continued my contract for 2 more months, they are obligated to get me home so this will work out best for both of us, but the work is remote so I don't leave the B&B very often. I go out at lunch to the hot dog vendor in a parking lot down the road, in the evenings I forage at the Whole foods for wine and things that can be microwaved. The work is very lite and mostly just stating what I know about an industry I spent 30 years in. I get it and its easy. I have been thinking that I may be able to get to Istanbul and then sneak across the border. Refugees do it everyday and I can probably figure it out. So the boat I have owned for less than a year and put my retirement plans into is across the globe, I cannot get there, I do not want to be an employee anymore, and I have shipments of materials, electronics and other parts sitting in Germany waiting to be shipped. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Sure I'm not sitting in an anchorage trying to figure out where to get food and water, but I'm sitting here. I wanna get on with my life! Taking suggestions! Anyone Anyone Bueler?
  5. Dogscout

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I hope your all getting ready for the new batch of episodes. We've all seen the swimming with pigs, we've all gone shopping and given it that magical term "provisioning". Now the new youtube blockbuster! We're stuck! Cant check in or check out because of the virus. Oh woe is us! Next week on spiffy sailing adventures project.
  6. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    So here I sit. Dinner in a fancy Santa Fe restaurant. My schengen clock is reset, SVB has a big order to be delivered to the boat in a few weeks. The work by the yard in Preveza is done and the pics look great. The girl I met here does not want me to go, but the dog and I are feeling antsy. We've been here to long. The money was great and the work easy. Now the world is falling apart. The airline web site and plane ticket for the 27th still says it's good and I check each morning with dred. I wanna go home to my boat. Peat the spotted dog does not like living in a hotel and i want to see him sleeping on the deck of our home. Family and friends offer to let is stay while the world corrects itself, but it means little to us. Check back soon. Should be new news from Greece.
  7. Dogscout

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I've always thought Jill was hot. And that redhead of your sons is hot too. I'll probably get alot of shit for this.
  8. Dogscout

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    Has anyone pit a green egg on the rail? How did it turn out? The Big Green Egg will change your life. DAMHIK.
  9. Dogscout

    Retirement Planning

    Retired at 52, divorced at 54, bought boat at 54, now 55. I mostly live on the boat but its in Greece and right now I'm in Santa Fe. Came back to US for winter, to make a crap ton of money and that dam Schengen thing. Ill be back at the boat in late March. Money is like water it finds level. If you were smart and saved for retirement then go do it. Or you can sit in a chair and turn into a fossil. Yell at kids to get off of your lawn and pickle yourself. I recommend the boat.
  10. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Please dont get me wrong; I dont own this thread or anything else on this site. I responded to what I read on my phone while eating dinner last night. The more the merrier. I'll shut up now and get back to planning my return to my boat in the spring.
  11. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    And what does any of that have to do with this thread?
  12. Dogscout

    Another integrated VHF and AIS. This time with color

    I'm curious what you base better on. I'm in the market and have been looking at the B&G unit, but would consider a better one. Why is the Vesper brand better?
  13. Dogscout

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Cute but needs a sammich
  14. I will guarentee you that there are individuals in this world who are stripping the valuable parts off of these boat in the landfill. Finding them may be tougher than before but it is surely happening. Hang around the landfill long enough to find out who.