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  1. Dogscout

    The floating powerplant

    Oh boy another AGM vs Lithium vs whateverthefuck. Getting back I to the OP question of is the need for a diesel generator going away, I would only comment this. Where are you going to get replacement energy for your battery bank? Generator [diesel, gas, wind, wattnsea] or solar seem to be the most. common answer. Initially I chose a Honda eu22, simply because it was the easiest. Well, relying on the alternator is the easiest source of power because it is already there and the generator provides a secondary source. Solar is great but to me the wiring the controllers etc was more than I initially wanted to take on and I do not have the surface are that I want to cover nor do I want an arch. Someday when the panels get small enough I may change my mind. Of course we better hope for lots of sunny days. I think that some form of generator will always have a place to provide reliable replacement energy to battery banks. Diesel, gas, wind or water driven.
  2. Costa Blanca Sailing. Walter nad Mike are the best.
  3. Dogscout

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Is gretta gonna crap in a bucket on that fancy cat?
  4. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    I think surveyors are going to be a pain, but I would still look local. I dont know for sure if he would do it but Mike or Walter at Costa Blanca Sailing in Alicante Spain might know someone in Mallorca.
  5. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Okay where to begin this post. Lets go back to that evening of October 4th. I was anchored in the port of Vathi and at around 7:00 pm I was standing on deck in a total moment of Joy. Everything was going well, had a great dinner in a little cafe earlier and was back onboard with Peat just chilling in the evening and happy with life and the adventure I was living. You know where this is going don't you? At about 2 am I wake to hail hitting the deck so I get dressed and go up to rain and hail, 1 meter waves in the harbor and the wind was howling. I did not get a measurement of the wind but I will bet we saw 50 knots. The bad part was that I was dragging and headed for the harbor wall. So I started the engine and pulled up the anchor, thats when I found a big problem. An old home made anchor and a bunch of chain was hooked by my anchor and hanging below. So now dragging across the harbor I met a nice couple as I dragged along and their bow roller took out my Stb side stanchions and rails. I tried with everything I had to get it off but could not bent over the bow without much leverage and my fear was that the hanging chain was going to get wrapped around my prop if I went forward. So picture me hanging over the bow in 1 meter waves trying to unhook an old anchor and a bunch of chain while the boat is bouncing off the harbor wall. And there were a few small fishing boats getting knocked by me also. So there is that. Without much else to do I put it in forward and drove off the wall. anchor and chain dragging below me and hooking a bunch of moorings and anything else on the bottom. My boat hit the wall a few more times but I got off and I very slowly moved around the harbor. A few kind folks saw what happened and helped, I even got to have a great meal a few days later with my heros. We got the anchor and chain off and I was able to reset myself in a clear spot. Okay I am sure that there are lots of folks wanting to comment on what I should have done. Well I got to experience my first Katabatic wind and I did what I did so save your breath. Well now I have a bunch of gouges in the gel coat and I need three new stanchions a some misc other stuff repaired. Over the next 2 weeks I moved around a bit more, and slowly worked my way up to Preveza. During that time I got an offer from my previous employer to come back for a few months and work out a project that sounded fun. Plus I asked for a crap ton of money and they said yes. Well I had the boat pulled out in Preveza, arranged some repairs, and Peat and I headed for the US. We are now in a nice little inn and enjoying the winter in the US South West. The boat is up on stands. My Schengen clock will reset. I'll put some more gold in the box. We'll be back on the boat in March. Maui Punter. So getting a surveyor in Malta was easy. I actually could not get the boat pulled because at the time all of the yards had a 4 week wait so I ended up hiring a diver with a high res camera to film the bottom and check the rudder, keel and saildrive. I hired a rigger to inspect the rigging. I hired another surveyor to inspect everything else. That surveyor turned out to be a total waste and in the end it was a shit show. I got what I needed but it took some long discussions, negotiating, and working with the broker to iron it all out. The diver and rigger gave me excellent reports and film of everything under the water and up the mast. The engine had been recently serviced by the local Yanmar service and I had their report and receipt. All of the seacocks had been replaced in the last 2 years so I could visually see and operate them. In the end I was satisfied and most everyone in Malta speaks English.
  6. Dogscout

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Isn't it strange that the YouTube sailors are now headliners at Annapolis boat show. The derision that they once faced and the name calling that occured are now in the past. Wow
  7. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Yeah the divorced thing was not my choice, and I encourage everyone to keep their marriage together. Back to the boat. Today I motored from Sami over to Vathi on Ithaka. Pulled out the jib for a bit but it was not doing anything with the light breeze at 30 off the nose. Lots of rain, but now the dog and I are in a cafe with a beer and a bowl of water. I love my anchor windless wireless remote. Single handed anchoring or going stern to is a breeze with the remote. Without it I would be doing a lot more work running for and aft to get set. So in the way over today I saw a crap ton of masts in the horizon. Well there is a crap ton of sailing boats in Vathi right now. Sunsail has a flotilla and so does Seafarer UK of about 8 boats each. Sunsail is doing some training in the bay with boats being maneuvered at de ent speed to dock and anchor. So far I like Vathi better than Sami. Hard to say that because Sami was a very cool little town and I was anchored at a restaurant. Here I am anchored in the bay and riding the dinghy in, but it's a bit slower here. I like it.
  8. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    I wish you great luck. If you need a hand with anything or have a question about something let me know. Additionally I know a person who works as a buyer's agent and she speaks fluent English, Italian, and a few others. It's a fun trip buying in Europe but can be frustrating if you want it to happen quickly.
  9. Dogscout

    The Two Best Days...

    You did what you set out to do. You won! Now it's time to conquer something else. Congratulations you are doing so mi h more than most.
  10. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Zante town was nice. Three nights on the town quay for 6 euro a night water and electricity were an extra 5 euro. Now in Sami back on Cefelonia, small town and not many tourists this time of year. A bunch of charter boats comming and going and I am glad to not be moving every day. Yesterday I hit 9 knots single handed between Zakynthos and Cefelonia. The dog curled up on the cockpit bench and we had a blast. The autopilot quit on the trip over from Sicily so that's another thing to add to my list of new electronics. The gelcoat repairs from the vandalism the other night adds to the shopping list. BOAT.
  11. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Greece. Well ita different than u thought. Went un at Argostoli on Cefelonia. Wonderful town except the bastards who vandalized us. We tied up at the abandoned marina project and sometime during the night someone tried to steal the dinghy and they loosed the lines and we banged against the concrete cheese grater for a while Woke to the thuds and found the damage. Incredible. Tonight I am in shipwreck beach on Zakynthos. Rolly but liveable .
  12. Dogscout

    The blight of generators

    Newbe contribution so take it with salt. I bought a honda EU22 230v as a.sour e of replacement power for the batteries. Until today I had not used it. Dam that thing is loud. Right now I am tied up at a.marina in Catania Sicily against the wall by the road. There is lots of noise here with tr for trailers going past at all hours. Well I dont have the proper plug to hook up to the post and I wanted to run a fan to dry out the boat from yesterday's rain. Also wanted to run the nespresso this morning. Anyway that little thing is louder than I thought it would be. Again, there is a wall nearby so sound is likely bouncing off it. And as the sound drones on it becomes less noticeable but it is still irritating. I will continue to use it. It serves its purpose. Based on this thread and my own experience I can see why people hate them.
  13. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Coffee and choc pastry this morning. Now on my way to Catania to pick up a buddy and cross to Greece on Sunday. Dolphins came by to say Howdy.
  14. Dogscout

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Couldn't upload a picture of my newly purchased boat. I spent lots of time on ya htworld listing after a performance cruiser.
  15. Dogscout

    How I bought my boat

    Dont ya all go getting your panties in a wad. This afternoon the dog and I arrived in Sircussa Sicily. Anchored out in tha harbour. Wind is blowing a bit fierce, 20 +. Took the dink into town to check in. Was unloading the dog on the quay when doofus the tourist offers to help. Well the dog got wet. Now we are eating dinner at a streetside cafe. Dog is wet and miserable. I am worried that that boat is dragging. Port police were closed so have to do this all again in the morning. Anybody got an idea what the Italians serve for breakfast besides fancy coffee? I'm hoping for a fat western omelet about 6 pieces of fat bacon, and copious amounts of coffee.