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  1. ArchimeDesign

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Some more pics (keel rotates btw): They didn't think of the stunt yet (hard to believe), suggestions?
  2. Anyone aware of the availability of a polar of a Nacra 17 (or similar) both foiling and non-foiling versions? Similar cats are fine too
  3. ArchimeDesign

    what is it?

  4. Foso report (in English) facts at 8.14 keel broke, immediate capsize no distress signals 4 out of 6 persons could get on the hull (of which one was standing on the upside down forward pulpit) 9.00 a scheduled phone call to the race organisation (RBSC Zeebrugge) was expected but never came 14.38 the capsized vessel was noticed for the first time by a tanker and sends a dredger to the scene. The communication went over VHF, MRCC was also informed. MRCC is located at Zeebrugge and was contacted over VHF, which could be heard by everyone who was listening... 14.47 RBSCC calls (by cell phone) MRCC to inform a yacht was missing, six hours after the capsize, 5,5hours after a phone call from the vessel was expected RBSC doesn't know the number of persons on board 14.57 first time link was made between capsized and missing yacht, still not known how many people initially on board (first thought three, later corrected to six) SAR starts, the three persons on the hull are saved. The person on the pulpit could not hold on for six hours and was found drowned, the owner and boat builder Frans Maas was also found on the same day. The third and last fatality was found days later. sailing regattas paperwork was not ok, no assistance vessels, no supervision, incorrect sailing area, no check on safety equipment Keel already had unnoticed damage to its bolts weather was not calm but ok, the night was tougher with bigger seas and a lot of hiking. maybe interesting to check these interviews from a few months after the incident, it s in Dutch but it gives an impression of the organisers' attitude
  5. In Dutch but Google can fix it for you:
  6. ArchimeDesign

    VOR 2017-18

    Reminds me of Lawrie Smith smoking on Silk Cut at a start of the 1998 - code 0- whitbread...
  7. As I stated before, I don't want to speculate on the origin of the tragedy. I can confirm that the keel is (very) thin and the bolt pattern is not aligned but also not paired. It is more a zig zag pattern with the first and last on the centre line. If you know what to see, you can see it on this still from the same salvage video.
  8. There'll be an investigation by the Belgian government (foso), the investigation will be confidential but the final report will be made available.
  9. Still shocked by the dead of Frans. A true gentleman, a true yachtsman and a wonderful designer with an enormous track record. None of you noticed but his yacht doesn’t have anti fouling because it wasn’t necessary, he pulled her out of the water when not sailing (ok, the guy had his own yard). That’s how meticulous he was for his Capella. I will not go into details about the keel failure but the keel was very thin at the root and the bolts were not aligned (although the still suggest otherwise).
  10. ArchimeDesign

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    He fell from the boom on his back, immediately crawled to the lower part of the cockpit and lost consciousness. He woke up hearing a non existing engine...
  11. ArchimeDesign

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    AT's DTL does not get under 10% of ALC's DTF... DTF ALC DTL AT DTL/DTF 330 36.26 11% 350 40.1 11% 383 39.5 10% 435.2 42.2 10% 459.5 57.5 13% 482.5 69.2 14% 515 72.3 14% 553 74.9 14% 597 75.7 13% 699 75 11% 763 74.6 10% 812 78.1 10% 866 78.4 9% 923.4 73.3 8% 998 71.8 7% 1126 85.4 8% 1205 88.5 7% 1264 95 8% 1324 100 8%
  12. ArchimeDesign

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    FWIW, I've calculated the number of tacks since the start (roughly). Based upon the tracks ( of 12.00 today. A "tack" counts when the heading between two positions on the track (with one intermediate point) changes more than 40 degrees. The distance travelled is simplified to 25000-DTF (today 12.00) Grumpy Pieter is definitely the tack master (autopilot issues?), I would have expected AT tacked much more than ALC
  13. ArchimeDesign

    Vendee Globe 2016? Looks ok
  14. ArchimeDesign

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Is the track (not the coords at each positions report) of the boats somewhere available? I would like to try to calculate the number of gybes & tacks for each of them. I think ALC has the lowest gybe/tack to distance ratio.
  15. ArchimeDesign

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    those colors and only one foil...