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  1. He fell from the boom on his back, immediately crawled to the lower part of the cockpit and lost consciousness. He woke up hearing a non existing engine...
  2. AT's DTL does not get under 10% of ALC's DTF... DTF ALC DTL AT DTL/DTF 330 36.26 11% 350 40.1 11% 383 39.5 10% 435.2 42.2 10% 459.5 57.5 13% 482.5 69.2 14% 515 72.3 14% 553 74.9 14% 597 75.7 13% 699 75 11% 763 74.6 10% 812 78.1 10% 866 78.4 9% 923.4 73.3 8% 998 71.8 7% 1126 85.4 8% 1205 88.5 7% 1264 95 8% 1324 100 8%
  3. FWIW, I've calculated the number of tacks since the start (roughly). Based upon the tracks (http://vg2016.regadata.org/vg2016.kmz) of 12.00 today. A "tack" counts when the heading between two positions on the track (with one intermediate point) changes more than 40 degrees. The distance travelled is simplified to 25000-DTF (today 12.00) Grumpy Pieter is definitely the tack master (autopilot issues?), I would have expected AT tacked much more than ALC
  4. http://www.vendeeglobe.org/download-race-data/vendeeglobe_20170111_210000.xlsx Looks ok
  5. Is the track (not the coords at each positions report) of the boats somewhere available? I would like to try to calculate the number of gybes & tacks for each of them. I think ALC has the lowest gybe/tack to distance ratio.
  6. those colors and only one foil...
  7. Longitudes and latitudes back in excel!
  8. Marine containers can be up to 40 foot long and depending of content (for example full of electronics that is packed into polystyrene packing foam) they can stay afloat only one corner above the water and the other end near to the surface because the bouncy center is almost in the middle. The other issue is that it might not stay above the water all the time. It is heavy and it is hard to move this mass up and down according to wave action. There will be lag in its movement. It is quite possible that the boat was surfing on top of the wave and the container was rising toward surface. Basically the wave helped the boat with it fully canted keel over the container. Of course, if the density of the container is lower than the surrounding water it floats, if higher it sinks but because of some typical stuff in a container (a lot of air, some devices and packing material), the density of a damaged container is often close to the density of the water (intact it floats). Including some external forces (waves) the container starts to fluctuate close to the free surface, sometimes above, sometimes under. Over time the foam decays and the container sinks
  9. This is what ALC says: Savoir lever le pied : « Nous allons mettre la course entre parenthèses dans le gros de la dépression. Le but sera bien de préserver le bateau car on n’a pas le droit à un joker dans le Vendée Globe… Les conditions s’amélioreront à partir de dimanche. Je ferai alors le bilan et si tout va bien je remettrai du charbon. Nous ne sommes qu’à la moitié du parcours, je continue à naviguer en bon marin car la suite de la course va être piégeuse. » Something like: "We will put the race on hold during the huge depressions, the goal will be preserving the boat because we don't have a joker during a VG. The conditions will improve from Sunday on. I'll reflect by then and if everything goes well je remettrai du charbon (+- I'll put coals on the fire again). We're only half way, I'll continue navigating cautiously because next part of the course will be trapping" Yes, English side is unequal to the French one...
  10. Since these containers have to be (if I'm not mistaken) watertight they can float for a long time but more often they float one or two meters below the free surface (because of some ingress of water over time). As such you can hit them hard without ever seeing the box. Every half an hour a container falls overboard (according to some) but I never met one when sailing (and I like to keep it that way).
  11. Sebbe still going for Leeuwin, Ruyant not the heading he prefers and AT bleeding miles...
  12. Rudder damage for Éric Bellion, starboard connection damaged, rudder itself intact. http://www.vendeeglobe.org/fr/actualites/16907/avarie-de-safran-a-bord-de-commeunseulhomme
  13. Hopefully he's just putting his 3rd reef in, and a small staysail. He is looking ahead for a tough ride in the next 12 hours for sure. 35-40 knots of wind. Just using Google Translate myself, but unfortunately he was not putting the reef in. http://www.gitana-team.com/a-1248/avarie-a-bord-d-edmond-de-rothschild-sebastien-josse-met-provisoirement Looks as if foil is seriously damaged more or less this:At 30-35 knots of wind and waves of 4m he went into a surf and crashed into the through of the next wave. The brutal stop resulted in the foil sliding in and damaging the foil tip (the inside end) and control system. Sebbe was inside and is unharmed he gybed but couldn't keep on sailing on this port tack because he would end up at the eye of the low. he's in close contact with his shore team more info soon Incredible. Imagine throughing in a gybe in those conditions to save the foil only to realize you were heading right into the worst of the low. I hope he can stay in the race.
  14. Not working here either in Safari or the TOR browser. [...] The wat.tv site requires Flash. At the end of the clip (1:26) are a 2 seconds or so with HB from behind, no starboard foil. That should solve that. Edit: screenshot vg_tf1_hb_no_foil_1.jpg check the black dot in the red circle (probably an alien) and watch the footage again (at 1'20"ish)...
  15. from above http://www.lci.fr/vendee-globe/jt13h-vendee-globe-grand-froid-et-records-de-vitesse-en-tete-de-course-2015152.html