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  1. Because this is a safety issue I don’t understand why a boat can’t protest if they finding out after getting to the dock.
  2. So if a boat finds out at the finished that some boats turned off their ais. Could that boat protest all those boats.
  3. The SI says that a boat has to file a protest within 6 hours of finishing. Does this mean any boat not finished could still protest WOXI?
  4. I find this sad. Everyone on Wild Oats 11 should have been able to recite the SIs from memory after last year. It was a clear advantage that should be punished. Though the classy thing would have been for one of the other boats to radio them up and let them know it wasn't transmitting as soon as they noticed. Every person on Wild Oats better be able to recite SIs from memory next year. That boat deserves better.