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  1. shelly

    Cell tower anarchy

    Thanks thats interesting it's only a shame my handsets happen to be can you guess (O2 & Vodafone) According to the map above, masts I've seen so far are carrier specific, though a tall building in city would appear to have an array of equipment so look as though its possible without any conflict, and with higher masts I read about recently ; it might be better to share a site
  2. shelly

    Cell tower anarchy

    If you have a link showing otherwise I'd be interested
  3. shelly

    Cell tower anarchy

    You Sir are a deeply suspicious person leaping on that fact, you may belong here.....
  4. shelly

    Cell tower anarchy

    Here is the UK map at least, carriers don't appear to share their masts no;
  5. shelly

    Messed Up Christmas thread

    Ah, wit (I don't get it)
  6. shelly

    Will this spawn a new batch of lawyer jokes?

    A class action
  7. shelly

    Another stupid electrical question

    Makes for an entertaining spectator sport all the same
  8. shelly

    Another stupid electrical question

    I alternate between your thread & picture thread here
  9. shelly

    Another stupid electrical question

    Indeed, we just need more lightning rods like OP to show us what (not) to do basically
  10. shelly

    Another stupid electrical question

    Thought it had gone quiet here as well, so it's good its still current after all /holds sides laughing
  11. shelly

    Another stupid electrical question

    They are all behind you Digitally at least as am I thussly......
  12. shelly

    Another stupid electrical question

    That said this has the all the makings of a public service short film on DIY, my knowledge of electricity is shallow and carefully maintained making the OP something of a hero in my eyes anyway....
  13. shelly

    Another stupid electrical question

    Loving this, but is it, is it....Colonel Mustard in the larder, with a length of lead piping?
  14. shelly

    London attack (present one)

    In this battle of the 'have & have-nots' (which is what this about after all) it's no more a religious ideology than anything else ISIS use as recruiting material, there's a ready supply of the easily malleable in poor communities throughout UK. For some martydom is sufficient reward, others might be swayed by prospect of virgins waiting on the other side! Brandishing a knife or mowing down pedestrians with a hire van every bit as likely to get you shot, as wearing a bomb vest though.