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  1. inneedofadvice

    Aground in Charleston

    Patience. I hear the tide is going to increase by 7'.
  2. inneedofadvice

    Qualifications for UN Ambassador.....

    New U.S. ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft says she believes 'both sides' of climate science
  3. inneedofadvice

    Is Trump willfully ignorant or ... just dumb?

    Your what about Obama is well taken. I disagree with multiple positions taken by both governments. You have no idea of my 'outrage' at other acts of depravity. But today we are talking about MBS and Trumps position on the issue and somehow you feel the need to defend him, seemingly based on party loyalty. That's fucked up to let a party dictate your position for you.
  4. inneedofadvice

    Is Trump willfully ignorant or ... just dumb?

    Taking a stand against MBS would not lead to the collapse of the Saudi Royal Family. Like all super rich families they would stand by him until it wasn't economically beneficial and then throw him under the bus and replace him with one of the 2000 other royal relatives.
  5. ...says the guy with 5000 posts in two years.
  6. inneedofadvice

    what glue for plywood way cheaper then epoxy ?

    +1 this stuff works excellent, from years of house framing experience.
  7. inneedofadvice

    Rememberance Day in Canada

    He seems to be acting on something he believes in. You are just being a twat.
  8. inneedofadvice

    Rememberance Day in Canada

    It's hard to take your comments seriously when you belittle a kid in your byline who is standing up for his murdered friends.
  9. inneedofadvice

    Beto O’rouke must run for president

    He’s a reasonable person. He doesn’t have a chance.
  10. inneedofadvice

    This is going a bit far

    Good one... from the guy from Florida
  11. inneedofadvice

    Zhik ZKGs

    The heel of the insole appears to be worn through. Am I not seeing this correctly or were those 2 times you wore them extended duration measured in months?
  12. inneedofadvice

    Pitt Jewish community to Trump - you’re not welcome

    It was very well written. If I could forget everything he has previously said it would also be meaningful.
  13. inneedofadvice

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Should explain all this to Ralph Nader.
  14. inneedofadvice

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    So as soon as became legal all these people immediately started smoking up and driving. Good that they never did it before.
  15. inneedofadvice

    Iran Building collapse like 9/11

    I‘ve always wondered how a group of people who consider the government so incompetent can credit them with a sceme and subsequent coverup of this magnitude