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  1. inneedofadvice

    Suggested 30' Boats for Short Handed Long Distance Racing

    This suits your requirements.
  2. inneedofadvice

    water from air

    Because people aren't permitted to migrate anymore. Or maybe your plan is to have some of them migrate to your area so that you can share your abundance of water.
  3. inneedofadvice

    Any Olson 29 owners?

    'Bolt' 1986 Hull # 009 with an inboard 1GM10.
  4. inneedofadvice

    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    lol, sorry no purple font, my bad. Still might want to ease up on the redbulls a little.
  5. inneedofadvice

    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    Or buy this one, I'm pretty sure the extra 5k would be money well spent.
  6. inneedofadvice

    Bullshit Resume and Fake TIME cover

    Gotta like her new biline on twitter "A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend."
  7. inneedofadvice

    What does Trump have on Graham?

    While this may be true, I am inclined to think that Graham is simply saying whatever he needs to say to protect his career, party and future revenue from corporate interests. After watching his act regarding Obama's supreme court nominees, the blocking of any policy that Obama attempted to implement regardless of whether he previously agreed with it or not, this doesn't seem out of character for him.
  8. inneedofadvice

    Weapon or... Craigslist Junker

    I have one in my O29. Dry weight with all gear attached is 168 lbs. Fuel tank(5 gal aluminum tank), support structure, prop and shaft, battery likely correct at the 250 lbs total pokey said above. But an out board with fuel also weighs something, maybe 100 lbs? So we're not talking 6.9%. Based on the 3900 lb weight of my O29 it's more like 3.8% additional weight relatively central and low in the boat. I love it, no way would I trade it for an outboard.
  9. inneedofadvice

    Bike safety--any cyclists among the sailors?

    It's tough having good mental health and a home. My sympathies. Btw, where do I pick up my free bike and weekly tent and sleeping bag? Mine are almost two week old!
  10. inneedofadvice

    A troubling theory on Turkey from Romney

    We finally agree on something.
  11. inneedofadvice

    Live Trump clan rally

    You need to step away from the Alex Jones for a bit. Which ones are hoaxes? I watched with my own eyes him imitating a disabled reporter, brag about sexually assault, inability to condemn nazis in Charlottesville and 80% of the rest of the ‘pearl clutching’ on that list. Out of curiosity, is there anything he has done that you think maybe he shouldn’t have?
  12. inneedofadvice

    Live Trump clan rally

    'Recycled bullshit'? Literally every one of those accusations came directly from his mouth. And is on record. What the fuck is wrong with you?
  13. inneedofadvice

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    the back fell off. Time to tow it outside the environment.
  14. That's funny. And then the next stage: So he did it. It isn't illegal when the president does it.