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  1. inneedofadvice

    shop vacuum anarchy

    It’s not super mobile, but after years of dropping thousands on vacs for my detailing shop I now buy two 6.5 gallon $150 Home Depot specials, strap them together with a ratchet strap and plumb the hoses into one with pvc. Twice the suction. Replace one at a time as they burn out.
  2. inneedofadvice

    Re-brighten interior wood

    I tried to ‘like’ this and it wouldn’t allow it so l hope I didn’t accidentally downvote it
  3. inneedofadvice

    Re-brighten interior wood

    Nice, thanks
  4. inneedofadvice

    Re-brighten interior wood

    It’s a ‘79 Santana 35
  5. inneedofadvice

    Re-brighten interior wood

    Doing some work on my boat interior and want to spruce up the woodwork a little. Not looking for a ground up restoration, just want to know if there is anything that can be applied over the existing finish with a light sanding.
  6. inneedofadvice

    Tiller pilots - what are you using ?

    So to continue to display my ignorance, why wouldn’t I take it off steer to wind mode downwind and choose a compass setting?
  7. inneedofadvice

    Tiller pilots - what are you using ?

    Excuse my lack of knowledge on this, but why does your ap need to know true wind? Aren’t we always sailing to apparent?
  8. inneedofadvice

    The Swedish Experiment

  9. inneedofadvice

    Time person of the year

    America got it's first woman vp and she has to share the cover with an old white guy. Kind of sad.
  10. inneedofadvice

    Time person of the year

    Then stop looking in the mirror.
  11. inneedofadvice

    Quadrant disconnect

    I find it most useful downwind at the upper end of my comfort zone with the chute up. To make an sail adjustment I need to deal with the distraction of looking down lining up the pin, aligning the actuator to make sure that the tiller will be held straight while I reach for the AP standby button. It's a recipe for a wipeout. With this setup, use the AP controls to extend or retract the ram to approximate centre, flick the tiller clutch and engage.
  12. inneedofadvice

    Quadrant disconnect

    When in rough conditions aligning the actuator on the pin then taking it off standby is an advanced aerobic move. The ability clamp the tiller clutch on, thereby holding the tiller straight without having to nail the alignment of the ram onto the pin is a big step forward. Hit the button and you are off standby. All with a relatively simple and inexpensive setup. Seems like a win to me.
  13. inneedofadvice

    Quadrant disconnect

    It's not that it's on the wrong side, it's that due to the loop of the line when the ram pushes it pulls the tiller and vice versa. Pelagic said it can be corrected by reversing the wires. You can see it in the first link in my post above if it works. Here's a screen shot from that video that may show it clearer:
  14. inneedofadvice

    Quadrant disconnect
  15. inneedofadvice

    Quadrant disconnect

    Mike from Scanmar(Pelagic) shared a video with me that won't upload. I'll message him and see if he'll put up a link. The video shows it is exactly as I described. The only thing I hadn't thought of was that it works in reverse. When the actuator pushes to port, the tiller is pulled to starboard. Not sure how the AP deals with that.