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  1. inneedofadvice

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    Should explain all this to Ralph Nader.
  2. inneedofadvice

    Mary Jane potential to kill 4000 people per year

    So as soon as became legal all these people immediately started smoking up and driving. Good that they never did it before.
  3. inneedofadvice

    Iran Building collapse like 9/11

    I‘ve always wondered how a group of people who consider the government so incompetent can credit them with a sceme and subsequent coverup of this magnitude
  4. inneedofadvice

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Speaking of 'douchenozzles' here's a prime example. Aren't you the one always wondering why sailing isn't growing? It isn't only blue blazer people.
  5. inneedofadvice

    B&G plotter reviews?

    Any is the feed back on B&G chartplotters? Specifically Looks like a good deal as I see them for $399 at Defender|344|2028688|2028741&id=3214513 Thinking of upgrading from my Raymarine A50
  6. inneedofadvice

    WTB Wind / Speed / Depth Intruments / GPS

    Seeing this is sort of on topic, what is the feed back on B&G chartplotters? Specifically Looks like a good deal as I see them for $399 at Defender|344|2028688|2028741&id=3214513 Thinking of upgrading from my Raymarine A50
  7. inneedofadvice

    Fly a flag on Canada Day? Interesting idea.

    I've done it many times as a border town out of respect for my neighbors. Also on Sept 11 2001. I think America is a great country. Your current president represents the opposite of everything I respect about America.
  8. inneedofadvice

    Restraining headsail when on deck

    Thanks, I was thinking of the bungy method just seeing if there was any other common methods. Good idea for the halyard.
  9. inneedofadvice

    Restraining headsail when on deck

    When your headsail is dropped on the deck whether for downwind or motoring in or out of port, what are you all using to restrain it from blowing all over? I've seen bungy setups but never looked carefully at how they were arranged. Or should I just keep tying it off with a piece of line?
  10. inneedofadvice

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    I don't understand the basis of this. Mueller is investigating and has yet to make any accusation against Trump that I am aware of.
  11. inneedofadvice

    Trumps Doc

    and that trump wrote his own evaluation and he signed it. Possibly fraudulent, certainly unethical. Not to mention he didn't think it was a problem to divulge personal info because 'it's just propecia for hair loss and who would think that was confidential?'(not an exact quote but the jist of it). I love the part when asked why he said trump was the fittest president ever and he said he stands by it as the rest are all sick or dead.
  12. inneedofadvice

    Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    Ed, I really admire your patience to attempt to educate people who have no desire to do anything but defend a indefensible position. I wouldn't even know where to start. You may as well be talking to tree, but bravo my friend!
  13. inneedofadvice

    Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    While I haven't always been thrilled with their products, my experience with there support has been very positive.
  14. inneedofadvice

    Cohen reveals Sean Hannity as a client. Hannity denies it. 1. If this is no big deal, why did Hannity work to keep his name out of the case? We knew that Cohen had represented at least three people on legal matters over the last few years. One was Trump. The second one, we learned last week, was Elliott Broidy, a major Republican donor who used Cohen to make $1.6 million payment to a former Playboy Playmatewith whom he had allegedly fathered a child. The third client remained a mystery because, according to Cohen's lawyers, that client didn't want to be named. In the hearing in New York City on Monday, Cohen's attorney -- Stephen Ryan -- made the same case. Here's how The New York Times wrote it: "Before the name was revealed, Mr. Ryan argued that the mystery client was a "prominent person" who wanted to keep his identity a secret because he would be 'embarrassed' to be identified as having sought Mr. Cohen's counsel. Tweeted CNN crime and justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz: "I was in court yesterday and if it wasn't for the attorney representing the press, Sean Hannity's name would have been filed under seal. Judge Kimba Wood was ready to accept the name under seal, when the attorney representing the press stood up and argued successfully against it." If his relationship with Cohen was a total nothingburger -- as Hannity says it was -- then why would he be embarrassed about it or so worried about it becoming known to the broader public? 2. Why would Cohen's lawyer say Hannity was a client? Hannity says he "might have handed him ten bucks" and told Cohen "I definitely want attorney-client privilege on this" at times -- but he also says he never paid "legal fees" to Cohen and never sought his aid in connection with any sort of legal work involving any third party. In Hannity's telling, Cohen was just a guy he knew who was smart about real estate so he talked to him. But, why then would Cohen's lawyer -- in open court! -- disclose that Hannity was the mysterious third Cohen client? Why would Cohen have told his legal representation that Hannity was a client if he had never received any significant money from the talk show host and never done any actual legal work for Hannity either? The only answer I can think of is that Cohen liked the idea of being so closely tied to such a prominent person as Hannity. But, the President of the United States was already a client! And, if Cohen wanted to brag about his client list, why would his lawyers work to keep Hannity's name a secret and only disclose it when directed to do so by Judge Kimba Wood? 3. If Hannity never paid Cohen anything, is he entitled to attorney-client privilege? On his show Monday night -- and on his radio show earlier in the day -- Hannity made the case that he was entitled to his right to privacy and that he had assumed his conversations with Cohen were confidential. That would seem to indicate that Hannity believed his conversations with Cohen were protected by attorney-client privilege -- or at least he wanted them to be. But, if he never paid Cohen anything -- as Hannity has repeatedly asserted -- then he was not a client of Cohen's. In which case, attorney-client privilege doesn't hold. (I have been corrected on this. Attorney-client privilege can be invoked even if no money is exchanged. The issue, however, is if Hannity is denying he was ever a client of Cohen's, then how does that influence their relationship, legally speaking?) 4. Why didn't Hannity disclose -- on air -- his ties to Cohen? The debate over whether Hannity is an activist or a journalist -- he kind of, sort of, identifies as both depending on which is more convenient at any given time -- is beside the point here. Take it out of the political context. And remove Hannity from it. Let's say that once a week, I appear on national cable television. Every third appearance I find a way to work in the fact that Potbelly makes a really delicious sandwich. Would you consider it a problem if, at some point in the near future, it comes out that I am childhood friends with the guy who founded Potbelly? OF COURSE YOU WOULD. Because, whether I am a journalist or just someone who talks on TV --in Hannity's case, to millions of people every night -- I would want to disclose to everyone watching that I have something of a vested interest in making sure you know I like Potbelly sandwiches. Hannity talked about the FBI raid of Cohen's home and law offices repeatedly. He never once mentioned that he even knew Cohen, much less that Cohen would describe him as a client in a legal proceeding. 5. Why was Cohen doing pro bono work for Hannity? Remember that Cohen took out a home equity line of credit to make the $130,000 secret payment to porn star Stormy Daniels as part of a hush agreement to keep her from talking about allegations of an extramarital affair with Trump. That doesn't suggest someone who is awash in cash. Then there is Hannity who, according to Forbes, made $36 million in 2017 alone. Given that seeming financial disparity between the two men, why would Hannity never pay Cohen a dime for his services? Was the legal work -- and real estate advice -- so minor that Cohen wouldn't accept money for it? And, if so, why would Cohen's lawyer refer to Hannity as a client? And, if no money was exchanged but the men did have a business relationship, was there some other sort of payback offered by Hannity to Cohen? CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated to clarify the point about attorney-client privilege.
  15. inneedofadvice

    Handheld GPS for backup

    About half the time we don't have cellular service and although gps seems to work without it my phones map doesn't. All I'm looking for is a map that places me on it so that I know where I am. Although this seems a better choice by the time I download maps of my area on it for another $176 I'm at over $500 and might as well go witham getting close to the price of a second fixed unit.