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  1. inneedofadvice

    Live Trump clan rally

    You need to step away from the Alex Jones for a bit. Which ones are hoaxes? I watched with my own eyes him imitating a disabled reporter, brag about sexually assault, inability to condemn nazis in Charlottesville and 80% of the rest of the ‘pearl clutching’ on that list. Out of curiosity, is there anything he has done that you think maybe he shouldn’t have?
  2. inneedofadvice

    Live Trump clan rally

    'Recycled bullshit'? Literally every one of those accusations came directly from his mouth. And is on record. What the fuck is wrong with you?
  3. inneedofadvice

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    the back fell off. Time to tow it outside the environment.
  4. That's funny. And then the next stage: So he did it. It isn't illegal when the president does it.
  5. inneedofadvice

    Time to impeach?

    Better do it soon before the shock wears off another week or so
  6. inneedofadvice


    You really are a piece of shit.
  7. inneedofadvice


    Serious question to those defending trump: At what point do you say enough? Is there one? I have been let down by leaders and understand that it hurts to be fooled. I get supporting through a few things I don’t agree with but jfc could he really shoot someone on fifth av and still have your support?
  8. inneedofadvice


    Yeah, but she's not saying 'I want a pony'. She's saying we need to reduce our carbon emissions. She's right in spite of you not liking her as a spokesperson.
  9. inneedofadvice

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record again

    Wind is showing 18 knot WSW in that area and they were previously travelling at 26 knots. Looks like something broke to me. edit: oops disregard that. I didn't read far enough up the thread.
  10. inneedofadvice

    Tracking Malizia

  11. inneedofadvice

    Tracking Malizia

  12. inneedofadvice

    Gear Question - Night sailing - illuminating telltales

    I put white yarn tell tails on just below the standard ones and taped uv flashlights to the spreaders on both sides aimed at them. Left one on all night depending which tack we were on. Other than replacing the batteries every day, it was a pretty good $30 solution. I don't do enough night racing to permanently wire something in but I definitely would if I did. When deciding on which yarn I took the uv light with me to the store and experimented. White was by far the most visible.
  13. inneedofadvice

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    It'd be funny it it weren't sad. The icecaps melt on the poles, the water rises around us, pretty much unanimous consent among scientists who spent their life studying it and yet denial based on the oil industries 'studies' that say it just ain't so. Now a bunch of predominately middle aged males call a 16 year old girl who has accomplished more in her life already than they likely ever will, a quote 'opinionated, preachy, ignorant, PITA teenaged girl'.
  14. inneedofadvice

    Looks like we got both sides of the looney NUTJOBS

    Exactly. Fuck society and everyone in it. I want my guns to stop potential future government tyranny. They'll think twice if they know I have my 22. (edited)