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  1. RhumbRunner

    Looking for J24 Crew Lake Champlain Area

    They would only be in the North East.
  2. I am looking for a trimmer to sail on my J24 here in the north east. Beer Can out of Plattsburgh, and then a handful of travel races. Get in touch!
  3. RhumbRunner

    Is this the America's Cup?!

    Sadly this seems to be the new America's Cup... however I agree they do not follow the DOG...boats are now sponsored by corporations with the country second, instead of clubs located in the country. They couldn't even go as far as to have sponsors from the country the boats are representing. That being said I am still watching and cheering on "Team USA" even if they chose to hold the race outside of the country, sponsored by a non US company (BMW) and have very few actual Americans on board.
  4. It needs to go back to country v country, and less expensive (be even better if it was cheap) boat. It can be excited, it can be a cat, but make it more affordable. Allow a country to have their own trials, to see who will represent them, similar to the Olympics. Use the idea of the USA defending it against (whoever it may be) to grow the sport. Let the average sailor, and the average Joe have a feeling of pride in their boat, and not just the corporation that created the boat. Just my thought, whats yours? Tim
  5. This past year I was voted in as Commodore of our local small club. One of my goals is to start a junior sailing program. We currently have no high school or college team. My thought is to get a grant for a J24, allow high school and college kids to take the boat out to sail/race with a club member to start excitement with sailing. Use that as a jump off point to try to get a youth program going. What are your thoughts? Anyone out there have experience starting a junior sailing program? Thanks! Tim