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  1. This is totally off topic - not any cleavage in sight
  2. 3 ... The red mist descended on shore after the dock incident. Apparently the warranty on his locker was rendered null and void
  3. OK, it's clear to me now. Now I see where Indio is coming from.
  4. It's a good interview, and I'm sure a good book. He says it like it is, whilst being fair and entertaining along the way. The America's Cup is better for having Jimmy in it. Kiwi's may want to hurl a tonne of sheep shit at him - but they'd miss him if he was gone.
  5. i don't think his ego would let him step off
  6. I think you'll find they are Bermudian kids - it was an inclusive program across all schools on the island . Yes, the Bermudian kids are still sailing - local Bermudian press confirming that the program with run for several years. http://bernews.com/2017/07/the-legacy-of-the-ac-endeavour-program/
  7. We can only go on information provided by existing BAR press statements "Land Rover BAR committed to Challenge in the 36th America’s Cup with funding secured for the next campaign" http://land-rover-bar.americascup.com/en/news/403_LAND-ROVER-BAR-will-continue-the-journey-to-Bring-the-Cup-Home.html
  8. ...and highlights on BBC. It was just like any other sport though ... rights holder requests bids and highest bidder wins. BBC didn't bid higher than BT Sport. Do you think that LE should have paid for all the Broadcast so the Brits could watch it free? or Do you think that the BBC should have used more of the taxpayers money to outbid BT Sport? Land Rover seem happy with exposure - they are staying with the team for another cycle. I haven't seen any high level sponsors pull out - there maybe some but I haven't seen any yet - which points to them being happy with eyeballs & coverage.
  9. You're confusing longevity with continuity
  10. I guess we'll see what happens then
  11. Jesus Christ, you don't have to buy a AC50 to enjoy yachting!! I don't buy race horses and most people don't buy formula one cars. Doesn't mean that I don't want to watch races. By "the media was a flop" I assume what you actually mean "it was behind a paywall" and that Larry didn't give it to you for free?
  12. I can't make head nor tail of your logic. - No, and Rolex owners don't buy Formula One cars either. - But sponsors were interested with AC35 ... as were TV & media who paid for the rights - And lots of expensive Superyachts moored in Bermuda harbours No compromise required on the basis of your raised points
  13. ..like golf, horse racing, formula one, etc ... Screens help - thats modern day sport & entertainment, its a 360 experience.