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  1. Since last time, I collected a number of testimonies of foreigners like me who simply registered the boat with DMV and kept it undocumented. I also queried the French consulate in San Francisco, who unsurprisingly, could not help me. However I also queried the French Marine Administration (Affaires Maritimes), who replied to me with useful information: I can actually document my boat in France. The processus is a bit complex: - need to provide proof of EU certification for the boat. I am buying a Corsair F-27 trimaran, which some people do own in France, so I should be able to find that - need to get a certificate from customs that I do not owe import taxes. Since I don’t import the boat, that should be fine - need proof of payment of VAT *if* the boat is in the EU, which it isn’t. - need a French address for documentation. Since I still have family in France, this will be easy only obscure point: will I have to pay the annual DAFN, registration tax. But even if I did, it’s a couple hundred euros. the idea is for the boat to be both registered with the state of California so as not requiring a cruising permit, and to be documented in France for when I want to sail abroad. and to begin with, keep it simple, stupid: just do the DMV registration because I will not go abroad with a 27’ trimaran in the short term. I can take my time to decide where I want to go from here... the LLC process described above seems complex and time consuming. my time is precious: when I am done with my job, I’d rather be on the water than doing some accounting or tax filing. in any case, thank you everyone for your input. I found it very valuable. And if you happen to know a decent maritime lawyer with practice in the SF Bay Area, I will be very happy to get their contact information.
  2. I read that an LLC needs to have 50% or more of its shares owned by US citizens for the boat it owns to be documented. So that doesn't seem to work. It looks like I will have to be content with having the boat undocumented, and never go abroad.
  3. I am about to purchase a used sailboat and something worrying came up: I am French and live in the San Francisco Bay Area (legally). IIUC, you can register a boat either with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or with the USCG (US Coast Guards) under certain conditions, one of which is you must be a US Citizen. All is good if I still can register with the DMV right? Not so fast! This internet web page suggests that there might still be issues: https://www.marlinmag.com/foreign-citizens-owning-boats-in-us/ And recommends foreign national to register their boats in a foreign country. But this seems to lead to other kind of problems when trying to get the boat insured, get a slip in a local marina, or even to get an MMSI for the AIS. How can I clarify this? Whom should I consult? Any resident alien in the US who went through this? Thanks for your help. Will ask this same question in a couple of other places.
  4. jdmuys

    History of Red-on-Right-Returning

    Cardinal marks are all over the place in France. I would say that over 90% of the time, dangers have a cardinal mark.
  5. I own this book "The Art of Coarse Sailing" by Michael Green in paper form, but in an effort to lighten my load, I would like to get an ebook version. I could not find it online. Any idea? BTW, this is a rather humorous books about self-derisive incompetence on a boat. A bit dated maybe, but I like it. Amazon has it only in paper form: https://smile.amazon.com/Art-Coarse-Sailing-Michael-Green/dp/186105002X/ref=sr_1_1 Thanks JD
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    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Wow! What a story! I spent the last two days reading through it all. I found it researching Pogo 12.50 of course! Thanks for all the information, photos and videos. I have been drooling over a Pogo basically since the Pogo 8.50 late last century. Now my wife and I have an appointment with them on May 24 for a visit and a try out on the water. We are very early in the process, but I am hoping for a delivery in the the summer of 2018. If all goes well. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories. Jean-Denis