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  1. ziper1221

    Jury awards $6 million in favor of Bruce Kirby

    Is that true that there is no copyright on hull shapes? I was under the impression that boatbuilders would often take a mold directly off a competitors boat -- but also add an extra foot of length, or maybe a hull step in order to avoid any legal troubles.
  2. ziper1221

    Solo Sailor Found Dead
  3. Let me amend my answer. It might work a little bit. That is, it would just create a dead zone in the middle of the vortex, but the vortex would go around. However, why exactly are you trying to get rid of the vortex? its the only thing putting you to weather
  4. It doesn't work. The vortices just go around.
  5. The keel/centerboard IS the chine. A low aspect foil with a lot of sweep can produce more lift than you would expect (at the cost of high drag and AOA) by forming vortexes
  6. ziper1221

    MacGregor 70

    What I want to know is, why is there no character limit on the sidebar bio?
  7. ziper1221

    Old wood dinghy (Cates Moth) problems

    That's the hiking strap. I take it the reason they don't seal the tanks is because of air pressure in the sun? What about the side tanks? put tiny weep holes in them so they can drain out either way very slowly?
  8. ziper1221

    Old wood dinghy (Cates Moth) problems

    It is. pulling up the caulking around the cockpit and laying down an epoxy fillet would be easy enough. The forward bulkhead (pic 3) also has a cut out, so I can bulk it up from behind as well. I don't think that spot is bad enough yet to merit replacement. What should I do about the rear buoyancy tank? cut out an inspection port, add a rear drain plug, and seal up all the wood from inside with epoxy? What about the rotten part?
  9. I'm competent at glass and epoxy work, but never had to do any aesthetic wood work. Looking for opinions on what to do about this damage. First picture: Longitudinal fissures along top deck. structural or aesthetic damage? Second picture: Fissure along seam in top deck. Is this telling me that bad things are happened to the wood structure under the deck? Third picture: Forward bulkhead. The sealant used looks an awful lot like household caulk. You can see where its peeled up a bit and the wood around it has darkened. Fourth picture: The Aft bulkhead. I thought those aft tanks there were waterproof, but the last time I tried to go sailing there was clearly water inside, and the rotten bulkhead flexed with any pressure on the hiking strap. I guess my real question is if these problems are even locally repairable, or am I looking at more of a total rebuild? Thanks
  10. ziper1221

    DIY trampoline Qs

    I used the fine black mesh as found on beachcats for my stiletto 27. Feels good underfoot, might not drain that well, never had to find out first hand. three sides I used Keder track with this plastic boltrope, which has a tab you just sew onto the fabric. The fourth side, I used grommets, but if I were to do it again, I would scallop it and use a PVC pipe down the middle. @Mulligan You sewed all those pieces of webbing together? isn't that a pain?
  11. ziper1221

    Need help finding a Foiling 101 course

    Location? I suppose you want multis and not a moth?
  12. ziper1221

    Flapless moth foil

    I don't think the airplane comparisons are very relevant. Aircraft don't have to stay within one vessel length of a given altidude. How about a ladder foil, with the top ladder highly cambered for lift off and high enough to not touch even when hiking?