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  1. This is finally the year that we're redoing our electronics from scratch: B&G Zeus 3s 9" chartplotter, radar, NMEA system, etc. The only thing we're keeping is the existing Raymarine autopilot, which we installed three years ago, as the previous owner hadn't had one at all. Here's a shot of the existing setup: The electronics guy proposes to install a new pod on the existing mount, which will hold the chartplotter on the right, and the autopilot control and a 4" instrument display (wired to the new wind vane) mounted one over the other on the left; then install a second 4" display down at the nav desk. I've always missed having instruments at the front of our cockpit (my wife and I trade off helmsman duties, and whoever's off the helm is constantly nipping back to see speed and wind data), and asked for options to move the 4" displays there instead. Unfortunately there isn't enough space below the dodger over the companionway, and he was worried about damage to the instruments if we mounted them on the main part of the fiberglass bulkhead (where the loosely coiled lines are hanging in the photo above), from someone bracing against the bulkhead while working the winch in a pressure situation. Besides, we usually sit back against that bulkhead at rest anyway, and I don't want a pod jutting into my back. So his alternative proposal is to mount one 4" pod outboard on the flat part of the bulkhead on each side, where the coiled lines are hanging in this photo: This way there would always be one display on the high side, though it's a bit odd to have them so far apart. Any suggestions? At the very least, it's a nice problem to try to solve in the January cold.
  2. ChrisJD

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Definitely a money pit; I agree with Ishmael's to-do list (I'd add a repower and new spars to it) and would guess that Jud's budget is a couple hundred grand short. In other words, she'd be an expensive boat at $0. But she's a beauty, and if she were on the opposite coast and I were between boats, I'd certainly be interested.
  3. ChrisJD

    ePropulsion Pod Drive

    DDW, do you leave it in the water when not in use? I recall the user guide/manual recommends taking out of the water and wash with fresh water after each use; we honor that a bit in the breach, but we don't leave it on the dinghy, and we wipe it down with a paper towel wet with bottled water before moving the mothership and generally stow in the aft cabin.
  4. ChrisJD

    ePropulsion Pod Drive

    I’ve got the Spirit 1.0 for my inflatable dink. Trade offs are well-known and similar to other electrics: It’s plenty for tooling around an anchorage, and the peace and quiet are wonderful, but it can’t get onto a plane or go more than a few miles at speed. I have neither a talent nor an interest in gasoline engine maintenance, so the fact that it needs literally no maintenance at all is worth the sacrifice. It’s probably the only thing on my boat that hasn’t given me issues at least once since I bought it a couple of years ago.
  5. ChrisJD

    Securing Bow Anchors

    Pin-haver here. It's held fast in some very unfriendly conditions, but eventually it will seize up and require banging with a mallet to dislodge - which is fine in a calm anchorage but terrible news if you discover it when trying to set an anchor in rough conditions ahead of a storm. That said, checking it a couple of times a season generally means you can spot this ahead of time. We're replacing ours after the original served for 25 years (only four under our ownership). Cheapish, simple, works.
  6. New topic: Lusting on Sailing Anarchy. Holy moley, what a gorgeous boat.
  7. ChrisJD

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    That Nordic is a great looking boat, if a bit dark down below. I’m sure Bob Perry will tell me I’m wrong about this, but I view it as kind of a first draft of what ended up being the Saga 43, which is absolutely one of my “If I ever get serious about crossing oceans” boats.
  8. ChrisJD

    My season just ended, and...

    This has gone wildly far afield from the original topic, but today was our last day on the water, motoring around the point through the murk to fill up the diesel tank for the winter before she gets hauled this weekend. We were soaked but not too cold, and as much as I love seeing the harbor filled with boats, seeing the empty mooring balls through the fog is its own sort of beauty. With Covid, I'm guessing I'm unlikely to get in another meaningful trip until she's back in the water again, but the memories will do for a while.
  9. ChrisJD

    Everyone is buying boats...

    If anyone’s looking for a Sabre 402, tell them that mine’s for sale for one million dollars. I’ll throw in explaining how to fix the head solenoid.
  10. We saw the boat in at the Newport show that year - and I mean “saw” in the literal sense: you could look but you couldn’t touch, whole thing was roped off. This in a show where you can walk around a 65’ Gunboat or a custom-outfitted Nordhavn like you own it. I was very intrigued by the design, and it looks a lot better in person than the photos, but very put off by the attitude.
  11. ChrisJD

    Boat ideas?

    I wouldn't take for granted that a 2004 Beneteau Oceanis would be in any better shape than, say, a 1995 Tartan 3500. There are plenty of the latter for sale around the upper edge of your price range, and they're very well-made boats that will have much better fit-and-finish overall than the plastic fantastic boats (and likely better sailing performance). Plus, big cockpits with lines led aft, and huge down below.
  12. ChrisJD

    "New" used boat search

    There's a Bavaria on Lake Ontario that seems to tick all your boxes: Ordinarily I'd shy away from the straight galley setup, but as you're looking for a decent-sailing docominium for the summer rather than a blue water ocean crosser, it may actually work out better than a traditional U-shape. Agreed with SloopJonB re: the Beneteaus, Hunters (especially) and Catalinas. Also I suspect it'll be tricky to find one with a slab main unless it's a Bene First.
  13. ChrisJD

    Help Me Not To Buy A Bristol 32

    Buy boat. Insure boat. If boat sinks, buy another boat. You're never going to be more than eight months away from the next hurricane season anyway. What's the alternative, wait until this one is over and then buy a boat that you have to wait until April to unwrap?
  14. ChrisJD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    My favorite VHF from recent memory was a call from an unnamed boat admonishing "[Name redacted], Salem harbor is a 5mph no wake zone," followed by about five seconds of silence, then a heavily-Boston-accented, anonymous reply, "Nobody likes a snitch."