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  1. ChrisJD

    Everyone is buying boats...

    If anyone’s looking for a Sabre 402, tell them that mine’s for sale for one million dollars. I’ll throw in explaining how to fix the head solenoid.
  2. We saw the boat in at the Newport show that year - and I mean “saw” in the literal sense: you could look but you couldn’t touch, whole thing was roped off. This in a show where you can walk around a 65’ Gunboat or a custom-outfitted Nordhavn like you own it. I was very intrigued by the design, and it looks a lot better in person than the photos, but very put off by the attitude.
  3. ChrisJD

    Boat ideas?

    I wouldn't take for granted that a 2004 Beneteau Oceanis would be in any better shape than, say, a 1995 Tartan 3500. There are plenty of the latter for sale around the upper edge of your price range, and they're very well-made boats that will have much better fit-and-finish overall than the plastic fantastic boats (and likely better sailing performance). Plus, big cockpits with lines led aft, and huge down below.
  4. ChrisJD

    "New" used boat search

    There's a Bavaria on Lake Ontario that seems to tick all your boxes: Ordinarily I'd shy away from the straight galley setup, but as you're looking for a decent-sailing docominium for the summer rather than a blue water ocean crosser, it may actually work out better than a traditional U-shape. Agreed with SloopJonB re: the Beneteaus, Hunters (especially) and Catalinas. Also I suspect it'll be tricky to find one with a slab main unless it's a Bene First.
  5. ChrisJD

    Help Me Not To Buy A Bristol 32

    Buy boat. Insure boat. If boat sinks, buy another boat. You're never going to be more than eight months away from the next hurricane season anyway. What's the alternative, wait until this one is over and then buy a boat that you have to wait until April to unwrap?
  6. ChrisJD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    My favorite VHF from recent memory was a call from an unnamed boat admonishing "[Name redacted], Salem harbor is a 5mph no wake zone," followed by about five seconds of silence, then a heavily-Boston-accented, anonymous reply, "Nobody likes a snitch."
  7. ChrisJD


    Went through this with Pantaenius back in the spring. FYI there's some good info in the thread about the finer points of some of the other providers. We ended up going with Chubb because I didn't want to worry about being depreciated out of coverage for a non-total loss, and on the recommendation of my yard from having worked with various insurers; I had to get a new survey, but apart from that the quote was reasonable and the agent (Mark Gargula at Gowrie in Newport) was a pleasure to work with. Geico's quote, interestingly, was actually higher than Chubb's, even though I got a lot of please-don't-use-Geicos from friends who've dealt with them on the claims side.
  8. ChrisJD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Gorgeous! Out of curiosity, is it a race rule that you tow your dink racing? We don't even put ours in the water except for the couple of weeks a year we're cruising, because of the half-knot or so it costs us towing it.
  9. ChrisJD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    20 kts of breeze off of Marblehead last weekend. I knew there was a reason for the late nights. / edit: Nuts - do I need to upload to Youtube to embed video? IMG_4545.MOV
  10. ChrisJD

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    I’ve always been amused that the first response of so many people on sailing forums to the question of “What sailboat should I get?” is “None!” Of course it’s a bad investment. So what? This isn’t Bogleheads, and we’re all here because we think the juice is worth the squeeze. Why would I assume that someone else asking for sailboat advice would be any different? Btw, did you know you can get a Beneteau with seventeen staterooms?
  11. ChrisJD

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    Couldn't echo that more strongly. We were getting our sailing in through Sailtime (but not really getting much out of it), planning to work hard now and save, retire at 50, and buy a sailboat for our retirement. A few years back a friend died at 51, and we said F*** it, buy the boat now and enjoy life while we're living it. So it delays retirement by a few years; there's no guaranty I'll make it to 50 anyway, so why wait?
  12. ChrisJD

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    The 43s and 44s are gorgeous, tank-heavy, very high-quality construction (built by Ta-Shing), cutter rig, built for going offshore, spacious down below, lots of tankage, most are well-maintained, and you'll get oodles of cred from people who know sailboats. Downsides are: tank-heavy, probably a lot to single-hand, complex systems and a whole lot of interior brightwork to keep up (some have lots of exterior teak, others have none). Oh, and the offset companionway, of course.
  13. ChrisJD

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    Well if you're not looking to day sail or race, and are keenly focused on looks and longer adventures:
  14. ChrisJD

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    I dunno about the romance. Friend of ours who lived on his sailboat in Boston said (and his eventual girlfriend confirmed) that inviting girls back to his boat was handicapped by the fact that he was basically inviting them to what could easily be a mobile kidnapping machine.