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  1. Perfect, may build one myself.
  2. leeboweffect

    Nacra 5.0 easily smokes an Astus 16.5 Sport.

    All I hear is that the "new" technology is so superior. Really, when a $200 basket case 1983 Nacra 5.0 running the original tattered sails can outrun a $30,000 + VPLP "new" technology trimaran I don't find superior in the conversation.
  3. leeboweffect

    Nacra 5.0 easily smokes an Astus 16.5 Sport.

    Wrong (my 5.0 regularly enjoys H16s as light snacks) and yes.
  4. Nacra 5.0 - Likely The Last Video Before The Lake Freezes
  5. leeboweffect

    Nacra 5.0 Hot Dog'n In 10-15kts

    A wee bit of hot dog'n in 10-15kts. Enjoy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWlPFKzIxTA
  6. leeboweffect

    Nacra 5.0 Action

    Thanks dogedog! Glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast to make.
  7. leeboweffect

    Nacra 5.0 Action

    Highlights from last Sunday. Enjoy...
  8. Some sailing action from last Sunday. A great day for sailing and hanging out with friends. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx3ucvEV7pI
  9. leeboweffect

    Nacra 5.0 Mainsail Clew Plate Location Check

    Here is my sail and the sail in question on my boat. The mainsheet system is hung in the front clew plate hole on both sails.
  10. leeboweffect

    Nacra 5.0 Mainsail Clew Plate Location Check

    Here is my sail and the sail in question on my boat. The mainsheet system is hung in the rearmost hole on both sails.
  11. The Nacra 5.0 mainsail has a 5 hole adjustable clew plate as it is a boomless rig. Hook the mainsheet system to the front hole and you pull more on the foot than the leech reducing draft and power for higher wind conditions. Hook the mainsheet system to the back hole and you pull more on the leech than the foot increasing draft and power for light wind conditions. With the adjustable clew plate concept it is my understanding that no matter what hole you hang the mainsheet system from (even the back hole) the mainsheet system should be angled forward, bottom to top. Said another way, the back clew plate hole should between the mainsheet traveler track and the mast such that you are always pulling, at least slightly, on the foot. I have recently encountered a sail where this is not the case. The back clew plate hole is astern (in back of) the mainsheet traveler track even with the mast straight up (no rake). This means that you would pulling no tension at all on the foot and in fact be compressing the bottom batten, when close hauled. I don't think this is correct and would like to check it. If some of you would be so kind please check the dimensions A and B shown in the pic below and post your findings here. Please also note the loft that made your sail and it's approximate age. A: the dimension from the clew plate middle hole to the back hole (center to center). B: the dimension from the back of the mast luff track to the center of the middle clew plate hole, basically with your sail up hook a tape over the front edge of the batten cap and measure to the center of the middle hole. Further I welcome any comments relative to boomless rigs on other boats and whether the clew plate location arrangement I have outlined above is correct.
  12. leeboweffect

    Beach Cat Action Camera Mount

    Thanks Mizzmo. My camera is the basic (perhaps first) Garmin VIRB model and doesn't have GPS/Speed overlay capability. An upgraded more expensive model, the Garmin VIRB Elite does have it and uses the same mounting bracket.
  13. leeboweffect

    Beach Cat Action Camera Mount

    Finally broke down and bought an action cam for my boat. This is my first attempt at shooting and editing. The prototype mount is a little jiggly at times, but most of the footage is pretty clear. Thought some of you might get a kick out of this. Yes, I know I need more downhaul. The 33 year old bagged out main has seen it's better days, but......... Tom Kirkman on here has shot many videos and shared his experience with me as to video editing, setups, mounts etc.. The "off the shelf" mount offerings looked too cumbersome, bulky and in the way so I decided to design my own. My design goals were cheap, easy to mount, no pole (so as to not obstruct the view) and maintain the horizon. I was convinced at the onset that a spring to maintain constant tension for gimbal control/stability was necessary. Experience with the setup has shown the spring to be the source of the undesirable jigglys. There is A LOT more vibration (both frequency and amplitude) in the standing rigging than I would have ever guessed. I'm designing the spring out of the setup. Below is a photo of the first prototype on the boat.
  14. leeboweffect

    RBS Batten Tying

    Thanks for all the input so far. I've got an email in to RBS to see if they have anything like a vee jam cap. Will post what ever I find.