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  1. grnrngr

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    This one is relatively close to you...
  2. grnrngr

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Lol. This one is in the "other" Vancouver, but I'd be happy to give it a look over if you're interested I've been preventing myself from looking at this one, offered by the local sea scouts
  3. grnrngr

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    Just my perspective, I paid $1500 for my Morgan 27 from Tacoma, $1500 for my Reinell Cheetah 27 from Bellingham, $1k for my US 25 from Olympia. All are projects but usable, and are much cleaner and less damaged. Shop around...I frequently see decent deals on Craigslist in the Bellingham area.
  4. grnrngr

    Sperry Topsiders & molded non-skid deck = slippery

    I've purchased several pairs of different brands of deck shoes at Goodwill. Most recent, brand new Topsiders for $15, Vans for $5. bottoms look like they've never hit the ground. but yeah, got my first store bought Topsiders wet and the stitching gave way on the sides, didn't last a whole year. And Tevas WILL make your feet stink.