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  1. tDot

    Team NYYC

    I wasn't referring to normal crew and gear. I was referencing the rescue operation when there was 20+ guys crawling all over the boat at different time, pumps, hoses, etc. With a hole as large as AM had, I'd expect the hull to be under the waves in under a minute, if there wasn't some reserve buoyancy keeping it up. Agreed that the 40m³ reserve buoyancy chamber, or a portion, may have been holed. But there is still a required watertight crash bulkhead in the bow and possibly others that weren't required, elsewhere in the boat. 11.9 references a normal boat without a hole in it, does it not.
  2. tDot

    Team NYYC

    There was probably an extra 4000+ pounds of human body weight and gear on board. Unlikely there was enough reserve buoyancy to overcome that additional weight.
  3. tDot

    Home Ports: Dreams and Nightmares

    Prince Rupert may be on the hwy, but until you've driven that hwy, its hard to appreciate the distances. I hunt up there regularly and I usually make the drive in 2 days from Vancouver. I sleep in my van and love to drive long distance. For reference, I can drive to San Francisco without stopping in a shorter time frame, Vancouver to LA is just a touch quicker. The sailing would be phenomenal, if a little bumpy. They get hammerered by storms from the South Pacific for half the year and the Northern Pacific for the other half of the year. House pricing has escalated quickly in the last few years with all the construction over in Kitimat. Still relatively low, but I'd not expect the current boom cycle to last too much longer, their bust cycle is usually long and depressing. Its basically a colder wetter version of Ireland, without the friendly neighborhood pubs. Great part of the country to visit though. Vancouver Island is probably the closest answer, though limited train access. Vancouver is just stupidly priced. That leaves you with the East Coast. Like others have mentioned here. I have lots of friends from the East Coast living here in BC, they wont go back. My wife grew up in Newfoundland, she wont go back... for reference, she works in Edmonton and doesn't mention the cold. But does comment on the cold in Newfoundland. East Coast makes alot more sense if you aren't spending winters there.
  4. tDot

    Team NYYC

    Harken has said that they've made a multi speed grinder for Ineos. That would totally change the game for them and would be an awesome uograde over a typical grinder.
  5. tDot

    Vendee Globe 2020

    The long term forecast is looking like the fleet will maintain good boat speed all the way into the finish line. The extra speed will really increase the effect of the time given to the PRB rescuers. The leaders will need to extend their lead to maintain their winning position after the correction.
  6. tDot

    AC boats fail

    Lol. Cute. Coming from the guy who is desperately trying to argue over a dictionary definition. But you arr correct. I am struggling to figure out what you are going on about.
  7. tDot

    AC boats fail

    Well if it sank ass first then the bow would have been sticking out. But it looked like it was going down pretty level. The foils are still ballasted and the heaviest thing on that boat. The float at the top of the mast wouldn't have to float the whole boat. Roughly 1/2 the weight of the mast and rigging. As the other half is supported by the hull... if the hull sinks lower then the float, then the weight of the mast is transferred to the hull.
  8. tDot

    AC boats fail

    They were in 12m of water. They wouldn't need a float to find a boat with a 26.5m mast, that was sinking while upright. However it would stop it from inverting, if it happened to capsize during the sinking process.
  9. Depends on what the trailer is carrying and what/where you are towing. Million dollar boat, on a hwy, over 1000's of miles forget it. Garden trailer to your local dump, sure. I'd want to know why the axle broke. Misaligned, overloaded, faulty construction, faulty steel? Are you just going to push the problem somewhere else. Deep penetration structural welds take some skill, would want to ensure he knew what he's doing, not just tacking steel together. Could also sleeve it or put plates on the axle to increase strength of repair.
  10. tDot

    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    Hey. You stole my photo that I stole from the internet! Great looking boat, it looks like you've done a ton to optimize it. Looks awesome! Have you got a summary of all the work somewhere?
  11. tDot

    Vendee Globe 2020

    It's the Doldrums, any forward progress is positive.
  12. tDot

    Team NYYC

    I can't think of another boat with a full crew and any of the brain trust grinding. To be honest I assumed they either have a design issue and need all the power they can get or it was a way to quietly put TH in a box so was on board but had limited decision making... it just seems weird.
  13. tDot

    Vendee Globe 2020

    The timing of that bridging will be interesting. Burton & Dalin should reach that HP zone in 48 hours or so, right at about the same time it starts to collapse from West to East. With Dalin 175 miles further East then Burton, he may save hundreds of miles of sailing, if he can connect with a bridge about the same time as Burton to the West of him.
  14. tDot

    Vendee Globe 2020

    It'd be nice to see a few more boats from him, vs Juan K. I'd still really like to see L'Occcitane directly against some of the other new boats, in the same conditions. It took him several thousand miles to pass Cremer and the new Verdier boats have never really pulled away from the dagger board boats either. The only time I can say we've seen a clear advantage has been reaching thru the trade winds.
  15. tDot

    Team NYYC

    Ok, I understand that. We are talking about two moments in time several seconds apart... When they first ease the main, put traveler down and it first hits the backstay, they are accelerating during the bear away. They hadn't yet lost the rudder... Why did they put trav down and dump the main? If they weren't trying to dump power during the acceleration. If they didn't want to dump power, then they messed up their trim settings.... again, this is all before they lost the rudder.