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  1. trig42

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Just heard they reared up and tipped over off Waiheke today. Got back up and continued sailing. Be awesome if someone got footage.
  2. trig42

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The Instagram Post mentions they were doing 28 knots in the boat the film was taken from. Light winds too (big headsail on), assuming this was taken yesterday (11 Dec) it was a pretty calm day here in Auckland.
  3. trig42


    I'm pretty sure they did. Remember the padded jackets to pretend their grinder were bulking up. They've also stated that it was a big secret and only on a need to know basis within the team. They really didn't want to let that cat out of the bag too early.
  4. trig42

    AC 36 Protocol

    Challengers can compare - in the Prada Cup. Defenders cannot two-boat test until the Prada Cup has started either.
  5. trig42

    Oracle Team USA

    Where is his Bike seat? Is this even the real 17?
  6. trig42

    Oracle Team USA

    No it doesn't. They are both heading away from camera, and have jibs up.
  7. trig42

    How to watch live races?

    And the Lions have gone home... Assholes (Sky, not the Lions).