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  1. trig42

    AC 36 Protocol

    Challengers can compare - in the Prada Cup. Defenders cannot two-boat test until the Prada Cup has started either.
  2. trig42

    Team NZ

    And taking corners way too fast and very sharp.
  3. trig42

    Team NZ

    Doesn't seem too bad. Horrible weather keeping a few away no doubt. Notice the bloody Pollies grinning in behind PB and the Cup. Put ya hands a bit deeper in ya pockets!
  4. I would like to have seen a 12kn+ day in the match. I suspect ETNZ would have still beaten them (and they would have been relieved at not having to risk their breaking batwings). OR would have been nervous of a heavier air day I suspect after all the stripping down of the boat they undertook during the 5 day panic.
  5. I wonder if those markings have anything to do with the analysis they were doing with the drones:
  6. trig42

    Team NZ

    Congratulations to Emirates Team NZ. Innovation, Hard Work and Skill won it and deservedly so. Thanks to everyone on these boards - I was a lurker here in 2013, made a couple of posts here this time around (I firmly believe if there is nothing constructive to say - better to let someone else say it ) Can the mods un-ban TRG now? - I want to know if he's finished with his Jimmys!
  8. trig42

    Oracle Team USA

    Where is his Bike seat? Is this even the real 17?
  9. I believe that stored oil cannot be used for wing adjustments at all. The accumulators can only be used for Daggerboard adjusts as far as I know. Sorry, haven't got the reference for that, but have read it on other topics in here a few times.
  10. trig42

    Weather Conditions for the Match

    It is a bit of a given ETNZ have a light air machine. I find it hard to believe that Oracle will not also have a light air weapon. They have been there the longest, and have know for 3 years that they will be sailing at this time. They are not silly - they will have built a package for the light airs.
  11. trig42

    Team NZ

    Biggest clusterfuck ever. ACEA (or whoever) has made a dogs breakfast of explaining the extra point Oracle received. They didn't receive an extra point - the challenger starts on one less - everywhere I read or hear (newspapers, radio TV news in NZ) they have this wrong, which is confusing everyone. There is the ability for 14 races. After Monday 26th June (NZT) they will sail three races per day until a winner is found.
  12. trig42

    Team NZ

    Unfortunately, can't be 3-1. Can be 3-0, or 2-1 ETNZ start on -1 /pedant
  13. trig42

    Team NZ

    Steven Adams, surely. Maybe Scott Dixon too.
  14. trig42

    Team NZ

    What foils did ETNZ have on today? They looked quite long under the boat. Were they the upper range ones or the Low-range (batwings?)? 'I know the commentary said they had the uprange foils on, but how would they know?