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  1. Zero Gravitas

    Gunboat 68

    Standard escape hatch I'd imagine.
  2. Zero Gravitas

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    His writing is great stuff, including his previous blog & videos on their 5X (Wildling).
  3. Zero Gravitas

    Gunboat 68

    Jesus christ that's a beautiful boat. Well done Greenflash & team. To the point made earlier in this thread about both tillers and a forward cockpit having their advantages, which I totally agree with, I could have sworn I read that the GB68 has a tiller option? Not taken up on SN#1?
  4. Zero Gravitas

    Gunboat 68

    FWIW - in the Mocra rating/formula for a Gunboat 62 (Elvis), the rotating mast gives about 3% more rated sail area and about a 1.1% improvement in the rating......
  5. Zero Gravitas

    Caribbean 600 2019

    All was good up until Saba, in fact Falcon had made up some ground on Fujin by then (or earlier). Then they started to diverge again. Interesting to see if there is a story there.
  6. Zero Gravitas

    Over the horizon

    Edit: put right side up about as quickly as Argo!
  7. Zero Gravitas

    Over the horizon

    The story about flipped catamarans is in another thread just next door
  8. Zero Gravitas

    Caribbean 600 2019

    Phaedo? It's not on the tracker or entry list.
  9. Zero Gravitas

    Caribbean 600

    It did. The tracker will show you it's past route. Maserati is booking it! Edit: screenshot attached
  10. Zero Gravitas

    Over the horizon

    I know you had the Outremer 49 on your original list Soma, having looked at it a bit deeper than I had before, I can only think that they come about as close as anything to your overall goals. Pretty interesting overall package. Not quite yet in your price range but certainly closer than some of the others that have been mentioned. So thumbs up at least on your original thinking. listing listing (Yes I know one is kinda far away.)
  11. Zero Gravitas

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    Awesome I will check out the code and relay boards. Edit: yep these are interesting.
  12. Zero Gravitas

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    Absolutely, the Mosfet in the diagram is rated for 60V/30A (with a heat sink) and probably a few amps without. Just checked a couple of marine horns and 5-10A seems in the range.
  13. Zero Gravitas

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    I don't think you even need a relay board. A MOSFET transistor should do the trick.
  14. Zero Gravitas

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    This is all very doable. I have been doing some Arduino programming over the last couple of weeks for another project. I will see over the next day or three if I can get some sample programming done (breadboard only). Main issue that I can think of right away is power and separate circuitry - the horn for example will need to be on a separate 12V circuit with the control from the Arduino - no way it has enough power for the volume needed. Probably the same for the LEDs. Undoubtedly there are others out there who could put this together in a heartbeat. But I'm happy to give it a shot.
  15. Zero Gravitas

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Yes this one is much better.....and includes post crash......