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  1. 23feet

    Seeking anchor light

    Google "Marinebeam".
  2. 23feet


    There are no "settings to stop the power" on the St 1000 and 2000 (http://tiki21littlecat.blogspot.com/2020/05/repairing-raymarine-st1000.html). There IS a sensor to stop the travel on the Simrad tp 22 and 32.
  3. 23feet


    The TP has a sensor to stop the drive motor at full travel. The ST 1000 and 2000 do not. The STs slowly destroy themselves when the ram reaches full travel and mashes against the housing.
  4. 23feet

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Another interesting angle is the type of thread vs machine. I have started using the (expensive) ptfe lifetime thread from Sailrite. I had been using a #18 needle with regular v69 and v92 threads (on the SInger 4411). With the ptfe thread, I use a #16 needle and it is like a different machine in that the operation is smoother and I can sew heavier fabrics. The ptfe thread requires a lot more tension than the regular threads as it is so slippery.
  5. 23feet

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Not sure, I think gear (it is all sealed and I have not had to pull it apart yet). It takes a #18 needle which is big enough for most jobs. It is not perfect and not as heavy as a "real" heavy duty machine but does better than an old all-metal kenwood that I was using before. Like all machines the test is in the corner seams (as Zonker said), but it is amazing value for the money. The 6-layers of Sunbrella is referring to crossing seam junctions (momentary load), but it will sew 4 layers continuously.
  6. 23feet

    Heavy duty sewing machine

    Singer 4411 Heavy Duty. I got mine for about $200 new. I've used it to sew through 6 layers of Sunbrella. One of the biggest bargains around.
  7. 23feet

    Cost Of Finishes

    Interesting Jules. If you factor in the amount of work for each type of finish then there are some stand outs. Applying three coats of Cetol Marine is very easy compared to many coats of varnish, and yet it holds up very well.
  8. Black Tip Lake, Palau, Micronesia.
  9. 23feet

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    I had to wash it off the closest lewmar deck hatch with soap and water. Didn't seem to stick on anything else I could see.
  10. 23feet

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    What is a safe distance from someone painting 2-pack? I was in the boatyard a year ago and the yard workers were spraying a boat right next to me. The painter said I was OK because the paint particles are hard by the time they fall on me and my boat!?
  11. Bonita Cove, Golden Gate.
  12. 23feet

    bluewater multihulls

    It doesn't have to be a 300K + boat to be "blue water". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u50DVuFcoRQ&t=98s
  13. 23feet

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Golden Gate Wharram
  14. 23feet

    Wharram tiki 38

    Hundreds of Wharrams have been built, more than any other cruising catamaran design period. Many have circumnavigated - they are designed for safety in open water and have an excellent safety record. In terms of the inevitable stories about how badly they sail - take a look at the videos by of a T38 by Pilgrim Sailing on Youtube (folks who can build AND sail). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u50DVuFcoRQ Speed sailing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80pXC-n_wbQ Bare poles storm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDQdjGbE7Iw Atlantic crossing