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  1. Any good place to buy a system with a mounting kit on stanchions or rails. Looking 50-70W panel with good mounting options. Thanks in advance.
  2. What are those?

    What are those blocks for? does not look like shuttle blocks for reef line,,,,
  3. What are those?

    Lol, good place to keep.
  4. What are those?

    Do not see any, only exits at neck are for reef lines.
  5. What are those?

    There is not,
  6. What are those?

    Ya, what kind of lines??
  7. What are those?

    Yes, aft side of boom. Kenyon boom on Soverel.
  8. I don’t want to bringing this topic to other direction but I insist to ask. mine is light displacement 33 racer but I am accommodating to mine to singlehanded and, here is the question. like Olson, mine is wet, too. And I am thinking about the raise the entry of the companion way to higher. Do you think this kind of modification is possible?
  9. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    Mine is PCX built, looks to me, same location both side. I may check mine this week.
  10. Solar panel system, where to buy?

    Thank you, good idea, maybe mount a panel more desirable location.
  11. Solar panel system, where to buy?

    Thanks, I will check them out.
  12. Solar panel system, where to buy?

    Thank you, their slim panel looks good.
  13. Any good place to buy a system with a mounting kit on stanchions or rails. Looking 50-70W panel with good mounting options. Thanks in advance.
  14. White smoke

    Sorry, without engaging gears at dock. Run at high rpm, too.
  15. White smoke

    White smoke from diesel, too rich? tuned up during summertime, was fine and was normal til now. Any way to adjust? , Yanmar 1gm 10. thank you in advance!
  16. White smoke

    Thanks a lot, I have a shop manual, will check about. this morning, smoke are gone but, I ran only without drag.
  17. White smoke

    Thank you so much for inputs. Will check all possibilities you guys pointed. Thaks again,
  18. White smoke

    Rather black smoke when starts up and usually became normal after started but this time started white smoke while running,,,
  19. White smoke

    Smoke, sure,, let me check tomorrow! if steam, moisture? But constant,,
  20. White smoke

    It’s constant. not having white smoke till couple days ago.,,,
  21. Re-Cut head sail

    I have an extra Genoa which is 150%. I’d rather have smaller maybe 130% or less. is it a good idea to re-cutting to make smaller one? How is the cost to do that kind of job? Thnk you in advance!
  22. Re-Cut head sail

    Thanks for the input. looks good!
  23. Anyone use this? Is it ok replacement for flare? It’s on sale at Westmarine.
  24. Re-Cut head sail

    Thank you, !