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  1. Resto complete and back on the water.
  2. Oh ok, still I would have though it would be a Pan Pan not an Epirb/Mayday. but I don't know the full story and criticism from the comfort of the couch is easily dished out. Regarding the weather yes it is an odd choice considering the low had been off the coast for 4 or 5 days it was neither fast moving or a new/developing feature. best avoided, I think sometimes people underestimate east coast systems.
  3. What was their reason for abandoning? Was the hull damaged after a knockdown?
  4. I would build my own custom mini transat. Which means I am a fecking weirdo.
  5. The boats also gained a lot more draft so transiting Dunalley Channel or tying up in Triabunna was impossible. I still think it would be cool to restart the tradition. Maybe if the town could put on moorings and a tender service. yes the difficulties in going through the canal were certainly part of the problem, I am involved in a southeast development group I will give it some more thought, I found Nuzulu she is alive and well club racing in Freo.
  6. Short answer: Nope. Long Answer: Unfortunately didn't come with the original rig. had a Hartley ts 16 main that and a mast that had been cut and shut after old mate PO left the rig up at the ramp and drove into a power line. apparently he sold the old main as it no longer fitted the shorter mast and picked up possibly the worst main in Tasmania to replace it with. I have since replaced the rig and rather horribly repaired mast. I might have a lead on the builder though which is encouraging.
  7. As a kid My grandfather was a cray fisherman at Triabunna on thew east coast, and after the Hobart all the yachts used to go up for a social fund raising race called the Crayfish Derby and local kids would sail on the boats. I got sail on Condor and check out Appollo, they had massive magnoavox GPS systems that cost more than our house (and were about the same size). But my favorite ride was on board a boat called Nuzulu it was much smaller than the maxis but they would get us doing stuff rather than just watch like on the bigger boats. They were really good with us kids. I would get sent up there every summer to work on my grandpas fishing boat because I was little fucker left to my own devices, so I was able to give them a heads up on some of the local anomalies for the race which helped us smoke a few bigger boats, as an 11 year kid it was a great thing. This was in the 80s and the last I Heard of Nuzulu was 93 when she lost a rig in the Hobart. It was shame when they stopped doing the Crayfish Derby but it was part of the changes when the boats became more professional I guess.
  8. Yes Jim is a legend. It also nice that when letting me know that my boat isn't from his desk that he doesn't think its a dog Still can work out her heritage yet. from the designers that provided plans for owner builder I have ruled out Jim Young Waller and Hartley
  9. Many did but not all. I got in touch with Jim on the off chance he is still taking emails as he is long since retired. ever the gentleman and professional he replied this morning. (The first sentence relates to another boat (Fiery Cross) I think was years before its time. a 1950's canting keel design.He was also developed many early water ballast boats.) "Thanks Duncan for your kind words. A little surprising that FIERY CROSS and her swinging keel should be known across the Tasman. I have to say I cannot lay claim to the design of your trailer yacht though there are certainly a few cosmetic simmilarities. I have never designed double chines. In fact the few that I know of are mainly Richard Hartley designs ( though the stern view has no resemblence).Nor have I designed a TY with a flat centre section though I see great advantage in the boat being able to sit upright when aground. A great asset for tidal estuarys. Surely the best of all cruising. As to the pivoting centreboard. I guess you would agree that is essential if you are to venture in shoal waters. Hope this might be of some help in solving your riddle. Sincerely Jim Young " So far I can confidently rule out Jim Young.
  10. Thanks for your reply SCANAS, Definitely has many similarities but the my boat has a double chine with flat underside and the young 570 has single with a v bottom albeit quite moderate . One possibility is that it was designed by Jim but not one of his more common designs the 570 or 520. interestingly it shares more characteristics with the 6 than the 5.7 Another other possibility is that it is one of the earlier micro cupper designs. Has me a bit stumped.
  11. Hi just finished restoring this and was wondering what design it is. It was advertised as a young 5.70 but I don't think it is too many chine and cabin differences I bought it anyway because it fits in my boat shed and I liked the lines. Anyway be interested if anyone knows the design. It is 5.5m LOD. built stitch and glue with swing keel. weighs F.A. and is great to sail.