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  1. Tonight's event will be conducted via ZOOM, 7:30 - 8:30 pm Eastern Time. For more information, contact Andrea Fernandez at
  2. Svanen

    CORA Flag

    I see a resemblance. However, it is certainly not a Confederate flag or necessarily a tribute thereto. If the Ed was seriously interested in effecting change rather than mere virtue signalling, he would seek dialogue, appeal to the members’ better natures, and attempt to persuade them to make a change. Instead, he publicly labels them as “rednecks (indulging in) good ol’ Southern racism” . Childish insults may be momentarily satisfying, but only cause people to dig in their heels.
  3. Svanen

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Whatever floats your boat. Too bad you only showed him from the waist up, but I can guess what kit he has on below to complete his butch look:
  4. Svanen

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Horrible publicity photograph. The scowling, crossed-arms, dark-clad, thuggish pose was an incredibly poor choice. Who wants to support people who wilfully look like that?
  5. Svanen

    Vintage racing videos

    Cowes Weeks in years gone by.
  6. Svanen

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Bizarre how many posters keep demanding that the OA cancel. What a nanny state world we live in. It is not, and never has been, the RC's responsibility to treat competitors like infants and "protect them" from themselves. Please read Rule 4.
  7. Svanen

    Tell me about the 1D35

    That’s your “honest assessment” ... seriously? Come on, you are better than that.
  8. Svanen

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Thank you for posting the link. I don’t follow your reasoning. If you are unhappy with the experience that they are able to offer this year, that’s fine, just don’t participate (as the notice says, full refund should are available for any competitors cancelling by June 30th). But others feel differently... why should they be deprived of the opportunity? FWIW, I congratulate the committee on its attitude: Bravo, BYC!
  9. Svanen

    Not so Super Servant!

    You call that a list?! Hah!!! I’ll see your little cargo ship, and raise you a Type 42 destroyer. ARA Santísima Trinidad, ‘The Ship That Died of Shame’.
  10. Svanen

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    If non-standard restrictions on the ability to protest are imposed, IMO that should be fully disclosed within the Notice of Race .... it’s really unfair surprising competitors with nonsense stuff like that in the SIs, after they have already registered. Cf. Rule J1.2(1).
  11. Svanen

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    If it happens again and you don’t protest after having given him the warning, this is what he will think: +1.
  12. That article seems to be about small powerboats. I’m unsure how much it translates into sailboat sales (novice boaters are much more likely to buy motorboats than sailboats, especially when little if any instruction is currently available from Sail Canada). Anyway, the salesman they quoted is on crack:
  13. Svanen

    Eight Bells Silver Donald Cameron

    It’s strange how that CBC quasi-obituary makes no mention of his first wife Lulu, who was such a presence in Wind, Whales and Whisky and Sniffing the Coast. Why was she written out of his life story? I have all three of those books, plus a copy of his sailing novel Dragon Lady. Always found his writing rather too political for my tastes, but he was a real sailing enthusiast.
  14. Svanen

    I hate Yacht brokers

    Right on. What kind of crappy delivery skipper was he, not diligently reviewing the purchase agreement (which had nothing to do with him) to ensure that its contents were communicated to, and fully understood by, both parties to the sale, as well as the broker? +1. The OP has appeared out of nowhere, provided incomplete and one-sided information, and unfairly smeared all brokers. Assuming that any of this shitshow actually happened (I suspect a troll), the OP should take it offline and try to negotiate some mutually-acceptable resolution with the seller and broker. As Bowchow has noted, the amounts involved are small so working things out amicably shouldn’t be all that difficult. However, if he wants to play hardball the OP should privately consult a lawyer so that he can get some reliable advice based on actual evidence ... which is more than this thread can hope to accomplish.
  15. Surely the people of Minneapolis currently have more important things to worry about than rabbit starts at the local yacht club.