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  1. Svanen

    Engine off at start?

    I agree. A yachtsman who can’t handle light wind is like a dinghy sailor who can’t handle heavy wind. At the very least, a racer who doesn’t regularly practice in light air will be severely handicapped in distance racing, where you have to adapt to changing conditions.
  2. Svanen

    The fine balance of Family and Sailing

    Perfect! That will be time well spent (if she is unhappy, you will see it and avoid wasting time and money. But do your best not to be judgmental ["it's okay honey, it's just not your thing"] ... good-natured tolerance may earn you some brownie points that you'll need when solo sailing). If possible, try to get another couple to take you out rather than just a man. It will help a lot for her to see that other wives enjoy sailing, and she may find appealing their stories about local mini-cruises and the social aspect.
  3. Svanen

    The fine balance of Family and Sailing

    Sensible. As you are a self-described "die-hard catamaran sailor", you won't be happy abandoning all that in favour of a small monohull with cabin. Crewing for someone else is a perfect solution. Only suggestion I have is to see if you can find a Catalina 22 or some rough equivalent to rent or borrow for an afternoon's sail, before actually purchasing one. While I hear what you're sailing about the low risk of taking a chance, finding a boat in good condition and within your budget will take time, and selling it if your wife doesn't like it any more than the catamaran will burn up much more time.
  4. Svanen

    New to sailing - open to boat advise

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ Excellent advice! Much better to buy (or crew on) whatever the local OD fleet is, rather than choosing something obscure that no one else has.
  5. Svanen

    You just can't make this stuff up...

    Exactly right. I have no particular admiration for Mac 26s, but nor do I have any distain for those who own them. They are fellow sailors, or at least fellow boaters ... why would I go out of my way to scorn them? Nor do I think anyone need apologize for demonstrating kindness or foregiveness (I'm unsure how the latter relates to this particular thread, but in any case it is a laudable quality). While I would not like this forum to turn all politically correct, snide comments directed at novice sailors are an obvious symptom of immaturity and insecurity.
  6. Svanen

    the greatest

    Nothing beats a Folkboat for simplicity, elegance and economy. Below is another classic yacht that truly made an impact and is still actively campaigned today. She will still be going strong decades after today's carbon-everything wonders are on the scrapheap.
  7. Svanen

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    Sounds likely! Andrew, great book.
  8. Svanen

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    Any of Chichester's books are worth reading. These are the ones I own (and periodically re-read): Solo to Sydney (1930) Alone Over the Tasman Sea, aka Seaplane Solo (1933) Atlantic Adventure (1962) Gypsy Moth Circles the World (1967) The Romantic Challenge (1971) I also have a copy of his 1964 autobiography The Lonely Sea and the Sky, but as yet haven't got around to reading that one. So many books, so little time!
  9. Svanen

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    Agreed; but as Knut has already pointed out, the OP can download it for free (though Andrew would probably appreciate the royalty. He's put a lot of time and thought into that book). Speaking of free downloads, Webb Chiles' Storm Passage is a decent singlehander's book, although not about racing.
  10. Svanen

    You just can't make this stuff up...

    Me too. We all have to start sometime. I much prefer a novice sailor who confesses ignorance and seeks instruction, rather than trying to bluff his way through and run the unnecessary risk of injury or damage.
  11. Svanen

    LO 300

    A real drifter this year. According to the tracker, only Afterburn and Esprit de Corps IV have finished thus far. Several boats retired, most conspicuously Spitfire.
  12. Svanen

    Racing in Barcelona?

    They sure do! Email for more information. Secretary Joaquin Barenys de Lacha is helpful, and the club is very welcoming to visiting sailors.
  13. Svanen

    Log Canoe Sailor Missing

  14. Svanen

    Engine off at start?

    ^^^ THIS ^^^ Exactly.
  15. Svanen

    Offshore sailing / racing reading list

    Forgot this one: Nigel Rowe, Around the Big Blue Marble: the BOC challenge 1994-1995 singlehanded race around the world (1995)