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  1. Lawn bowling: seriously? How is that remotely relevant to any yacht club?
  2. How incredibly tacky. Name tags are appropriate for bus drivers, or a second-rate insurance agents’ convention. For a yacht club, not so much. What club are we talking about?
  3. Svanen

    J/105 FOR SALE

    Presumably the above applies equally to non-brokers, considering that you aren’t seeking any brokerage services as such. For the sake of clarity, please specify the finder’s fee that you are prepare to pay any members of this forum for pointing you towards a particular boat that you subsequently purchase.
  4. Svanen

    Finn 381

    The boat appears clean, inside and out. The owner and/or broker did a great job prepping it for the photos. I am not a fan of Volvo engines (they don’t call them ‘Green Grief’ for nothing), but it is not a surprise to find one on a Finnish yacht. The lack of proper seaberths is regrettable, but won’t be a problem if you don’t do much overnight sailing. The interior layout is great for living at a marina or on the hook. The sails are quite old, and as you intend to race you will probably want to factor in the cost of replacements to your overall cost of acquisition ... use that to negotiate the purchase price. BTW the asking price seems rather high, although pricing is always rather subjective. Too, it’s generally a better idea to overpay for a good boat than underpay for a clapped-out one. Balsa coring is fine if originally done properly and currently in good shape. It would put many people off, though, and so will have some modest adverse effect on the resale value. And as Crash implied, teak decks are also not generally a selling point. Those are just some quick thoughts. No boat is perfect and overall, I’d say this one looks pretty good. If you wind up buying it, please report back on this thread. Good luck!
  5. Svanen

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    This 2005 RYA race management newsletter contains a description of Starcross YC’s light system. See “Flags were good enough for Nelson”, at page 25. Hope this helps.
  6. Svanen

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Oh yeah!
  7. Svanen

    Saving Sailing (Really)

    Totally agree. Colgate 26, Harbor 20, Catalina Capri 22 are a few other options. +1. Whenever students are in ‘survival mode’, learning is effectively impossible. Virtually everyone has to learn to walk before they can run. And ‘baby steps’ are especially appropriate for ab initio students.
  8. Ditto “Are you blind?!”, “Where’d you learn how to sail?!”, “You are out of this race!”, “Read the Rules!”, etc. The only appropriate, and necessary, hail is “Protest”.
  9. Random reborn. Short answers: “no” and “not successfully”.
  10. Svanen

    Our refreshed 1D35 comes out to play.

    Maybe. But many degrees are not career-enhancing. Indeed, a traditional (liberal arts) college education is not about vocational training; see generally Newman, The Idea of a University (1852). Art too is a poor example of an investment. Even when the financial value appreciates (which is not often the case), much of that profit is consumed by insurance, conservation costs, and the various commissions (‘buyer’s premium’ and ‘seller’s premium’) levied by auction houses. The only dependable value is the enhancement of the owner’s quality of life. Much like boat ownership!
  11. Svanen

    Saving Sailing (Really)

    ^^^ Has it? ^^^ Many YCs devote a large share of resources to their ‘junior programs’, without much ROI (relatively few youngsters subsequently go on to become club members). A model that may work better is the ‘academy’, targeting sailors in their late teens to mid 20s and offering a path to competitive keelboat racing. Most academicians join their respective clubs and continue to sail as they age out of these programs. Some academies are well-funded and provide organized training programs, e.g.: Royal London (Etchells) Royal Thames (Fireflies, J/70s, J/80s) Others are a bit more casual, e.g.: Royal Southern (access to J/70s) Royal Temple (IRC racing on members’ boats)
  12. Svanen

    Our refreshed 1D35 comes out to play.

    +1,000. Refurbished boat is great; but teaching the crew how to properly set and trim the sails would be way more effective (cheaper, faster and easier, too!). Or just find new crew who already know how to sail.