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  1. Svanen

    Fastnet 2019

    You're right, and he is a lesser man for so doing. Rather than rubbishing RORC with such snide comments, he should get behind it and help out; however, he prefers to promote himself and his commercial activities (Clipper Ventures). Good on you!
  2. The Mac deserves a lot more respect than it receives. CYC is a great club; the racers are friendly, unpretentious people; Lake Michigan and Mackinac are fun; and the race itself is one of the oldest (perhaps the oldest?) offshore races. Yet despite all this, the event receives scant notice ("it's just a freshwater race"). FWIW, Pusser's Rum included the Mac on its yachting decanter: "On the decanter’s shoulder are the names of the current world’s most prestigious yacht races: The America’s Cup, the Transpac, the Volvo Ocean Race, Fastnet, Vendée Globe, Chicago-Mackinac, the Bermuda Race, the Admiral’s Cup and the Sydney to Hobart."
  3. I would agree. Prestige may be defined as high regard in the minds of (more or less ignorant, or at least impressionable) strangers. This begs the question whether prestige has any true value. Do you really care what such people think? Shouldn’t your own informed opinions, and the respect of your family and friends, matter (much) more?
  4. The skipper seems to have acted prudently in starting a search and calling for assistance. Unfortunately, the title of this thread makes him look like an idiot. Apparently the missing crewman was discovered asleep in "a compartment", i.e. some non-obvious place (reminiscent of the USS Shiloh incident). Not in a bunk.
  5. Fleet and match racing are obviously important. However, any such list should include at least one team racing trophy, of which the most prestigious example would be the Cumberland Cup. If there is room for two team racing events, add the Cornerstone Cup. While less than ten years' old, competition is restricted to the world's four most exclusive yacht clubs so it has to rank well up on the 'prestige' scale (for whatever that's worth!).
  6. Svanen

    is it me or is it you?

    Fixed! Same story in Canada, BTW (except that Canadian sailors rarely medal). If a class is not Olympic-related, Sail Canada doesn't want to know.
  7. Svanen

    Protest at Langkawi Race Week

    What a medieval attitude. Their lawmakers apparently have no idea of how raunchy women can be. Homosexuality is also heavily punishable under Malaysian law. Does anyone really believe the latter properly establishes the standard for R.69 misconduct?
  8. Svanen

    Protest at Langkawi Race Week

    A very prudish nation (remember all the angst that occurred after the Super Bowl 'wardrobe malfunction'? OMG, avert your gaze children!).
  9. Svanen

    First time crewing tomorrow

    While there's not enough time to review anything before tomorrow, before next time you might take a look at one of the various books that are available. E.g., if you carefully read and absorb the contents of either of the following, you will have more knowledge than the majority of experienced club racers.
  10. Svanen

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    FFS, who cares? Everyone reading this thread will be long-dead within 100 years, tops. Après nous, le déluge.
  11. Svanen

    First time crewing tomorrow

    Don't worry about not knowing much: everyone else on the boat will be only too pleased to give you instructions (generally simultaneously and contradictory). And keep in mind that most PRHF racers know at best 20% as much as dinghy sailors, even one who hasn't raced in many years. All you really need to bring with you is a willingness to work hard and do what you're told, and (most importantly) a sense of humour. ^^^ This is good advice ^^^ Also, show up 30 minutes ahead of time so that you can scope out the various fittings and help get everything rigged. P.S. Only a real clown would bring beer. But you can't go wrong bringing this:
  12. Svanen


    With super-tacky labeling plastered all over everything, too. Is it really necessary to have large "HH" branding on the outside right collar, right bicep and left rear shoulder, as well as "Helly Hansen" emblazoned on the left sleeve cuff, right inside collar, and rear outside collar? If we must serve as a walking advertisement for their products, they can pay us for that privilege.
  13. Svanen

    Self Christmas Present For Your Dinghy??

    A new pair of shroud plates. Whoopee!
  14. Svanen

    For those that mock the great lakes

    “Ted’s Excellent Adventure in the Chicago-Mackinac Race” :