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  1. Daggerboard/Rudder Storage rack?

    plywood and 2x4 rack, slots for each blade labeled with sharpie simple and easy. make sure the slots are deap enough so that the blades are suspended by the handel and don't bottom out for when people slam the blade into its slot!
  2. Whats is this boat? Vixen 22?

    I found this boat in Portugal, and I can't find any similar boat on google using the supposed model vixen 22 that's on the side. Looks like a fun boat, and has a nice name
  3. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    While not a sailing vlog, Kombi Life is a great adventure blog which is well edited, consistently interesting, and has a descent story. I think many of the sailing vloggers could take a clue.
  4. Diesel engine maintenance courses?

    buy an old engine and rebuild it. best way to learn, and you will find out what tools you need.
  5. What goes wrong with opti sails?

    Sailing ain't cheap, but it could be right? at least to start? And why not regulate the class to only using sails of practice quality & price? I understand that good opti sails are costly because They are better, but are they better in a way that matters in a shitbox onedesign? I'd have my kids hoisting plastic bags if it was fun and worked. Folks sail because its fun. folks don't sail because its expensive. Seeing as you where a sail maker do you think you could make an opti sail that over a long time of use didn't change much/wasn't at a disadvantage to a new sail of the same build?
  6. No stupid questions, just stupid people as the saying goes... anyway: What is the difference between a new optisail and well used one? The sails are so teeny and the stresses relatively lower than any other sails, I can't imagine that much change with use. And a follow up question, why aren't sails in a starter class like this, which would hopefully be economic, not be regulated sails under class rules to 1) be overbuilt and last a long time, or 2) cheap af & disposable to facilitate ease of access. If you're already racing a slow af one design class why beat the ass with perfect expensive sails and not cheap shitty/overbuilt long lasting ones? FFS, opti sails cost 200-600$, do ya'll like riding a sawzaw like a lover?
  7. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    Bics are bloody atrocious. They suck for kids and they suck for instructors. When you're sailing one you're always wet, which sucks on all but the nicer days. They're uncomfortable to sit on(always sitting on your ankles or something), or in heavier winds you can't hike proper because the rail is under your knees or calves. The most fun one has in a bic is when its turtles and turns into a floating beach, dryer that way to. From an instructors perspective they're worse than an opti because they break constantly, sails rip after two seasons, rudder clips break constantly(we bent our own out of sheet metal), the hulls leak, and they're heavier than an opti.
  8. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    Thats such bs. American kids sail 420's because its what clubs have. Same goes for Optis. If kids or club could afford to overhaul all our fleets and everybody's elses then we would have newer boats. Its all status quo.
  9. Warpped dagger?

    It would change your performance to windward, and your ability to track. But idk, how about you go sail it and see.
  10. Hobie cat 16 Trampoline options...

    Replace it some ply wood
  11. SuperFoiler Grand Prix

    Still no video of the boat sailing though... still vaporware
  12. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Looks like the old website is down, I'm excited for this!
  13. Rapido 50

    Funny, I always thought a tri has the best of both mono's and cats! +1 yea, I'd say a tri has the speed of a cat, if not faster, the same expansive deck space and stability, and with the folding tri's (which is the only kind I'd consider) a tri has similar docking fees to a mono.
  14. Camping AND cruising!

    look whose been on reddit... But why not just trailer a larger boat at that point? camper on the water and on the trailer.
  15. Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    I have to much time on my hands... seems to sail nice n the tub I'm thinking leeboard foils on the amas so we can get mad upwind gains when the hulls gets flyin. I reckon it could cross the Atlantic faster than Rimas can get out of harbor