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  1. why did oracles wing look inverted at around 1:25 in the 360 vid above? would have thought they would have been hard on trying to accelerate
  2. Russell doesn't want him winning one more race to over take him in the most wins category or he might leave him there so he can add to the most losses category spit is only like a 50/50 win/loss ratio in Americas cup finals now ... far from the best
  3. maintenance ... no point in throwing new stuff on if the systems shit themselves. hopefully oracle forget about looking after the gear they already have on the boat to focus on new fairings
  4. legal challenge? ... the boat has passed measurement ... Oracle would have to take their own event authority to court
  5. why does Jimmy keep saying oracle have been here before ? in Sanfran OTUSA won race 4 by 8 seconds ... so I see no likeness whatsoever
  6. could they argue they have 'otherwise obtained' data from the jap boards on their #2 boat ...
  7. so the fact that 4 dagger boards have already been trailed on that boat is irrelevant?
  8. question - are 4dagger boards are allowed per boat or per team? (ignore the interchangeable tips for now) so if oracle were to acquire softbanks boat and re-nose it ... if each team is only allowed 4 boards wouldn't this disqualify oracle as their new boat has the Softbank dagger boards install and sailed on?
  9. wasn't aware they put half some weight in a king post
  10. ^ when has ETNZ received a penalty?
  11. ok get the lawyers out ... the below tells me that ETNZ only need to score 7 points which is achieved by winning 7 races, it doesn't state there adjusted score needs to equal +7 who has got a few spare dollars to head to court? 29.1. Overview: The Match shall include the following agreed principles: (a) the winner of each race scores one (1) point, the loser scores no points; (b) if the winner of the America’s Cup Qualifiers is a Competitor in the Match, the Competitor that did not win the America’s Cup Qualifiers shall start the Match with a score of minus one (-1) point; Refer amendment 6.6.1 (c) the winner of the Match will be the first Competitor to score at least seven (7) points after applying any penalties; (d) two (2) races per race day shall be staged, except that three (3) races may be staged on a race day at the discretion of the Commercial Commissioner (in consultation with ACEA’s licensed broadcasters) where:
  12. wouldn't it be hilarious if they brought in a rule "any member or team to have been found guilty of cheating and had point(s) deducted in a AC match can not be a member of or a challenger team' ... good by oracle
  13. United Emirates has put in a hell of a lot of cash the last few cycles ... just saying
  14. I wouldn't read to much into the clicking ... more then likely a just a check valve. ETNZ do not have an issue with lack of hydraulic power ... wouldn't you think tuke at #4 position would start peddling at some point if they did ... he seems to be rather focused on playing pacman on that little screen in front of him for most of the race
  15. OMG ... the germans bombed PH .... oh the humanity. WW4 here we come