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  1. Olson 30 doing a Bermuda race?

    From what I have read it seems like the ORR SI is a bad system for determining if a boat is able to make the cut. A history of Transpacs and Bermuda 1-2's should give the Olson 30 a little more credit as an Offshore capable boat. Also, it's not like you hear about how many boats got rolled by big waves on the Bermuda race each year. Would they grant waivers to boats that don't meet the ORR SI of 115? (where does 115 come from?) The Bermuda 40 which is one of the easiest most sea worthy boats I've ever sailed comes in at 110.
  2. Olson 30 doing a Bermuda race?

    We are trying to raise money to help with the cost so it is unclear how much we will have for the refit but the goal is somewhere around 8-10 so the boat can get new sails, updated electronics and if there's enough left over a sleek new paint job!
  3. Olson 30 doing a Bermuda race?

    I will check the rules to make sure the boat does comply. As for a sprit it is something I wanted to put on even before thinking about the Bermuda race because an asym is so much easier to use sailing solo. Getting the new sails and gear will be a bit of a struggle since the crew is young, only one over 20 by the start of the race, getting the money together will be the hardest part of the race (hopefully) but we hope to locally and through Kickstarter raise money to do the refit.
  4. I just recently purchased an Olson 30 in great condition and fulling geared up for racing. I have been really wanting to do the Bermuda race and obviously, it would be easiest to sail my own boat in the race. What would be needed to do a race like that in a like the Olson, I know they are TransPac worthy and quite well suited for it at that from how well they have historically done in the race, but the Bermuda Race is a totally different beast. Any help would be greatly appreciated!