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  1. I sail out of Cleveland, and my office window overlooks Lake Erie. So I look at the lake everyday. As to how common these type of waves are- I would say maybe 1-3 times per month...? And it all depends on the wind direction. If it is blowing hard (20+ mph) from out of the Northeast or Northwest, it is going to be bad. Add in the shallow depth of Lake Erie to help build up those waves. If it is blowing from the south, you will have fantastic, smooth sailing on Lake Erie. The opposite applies to the Canadian shores of Lake Erie. I will add that after 10 years in my office overlooking Lake Erie, there are still days I look out my window and think "wow, that looks really nasty out there, and I thought I've seen it all..."
  2. Zar, I had the J24; "Blueprint" 2814 (?). I'm your old neighbor from the Caxton Building...
  3. I checked out LSYC's March newsletter which says; "The Board of Directors decided not to participate in the CSA Series..." What !!?? What a shame. Guess this is the end of an era. Seems just 3 short years ago we had built up our racing and had 10+ PHRF Boats and 10+ JAM Boats racing every Wednesday night. And the LSYC (CSA) Regatta brought in 30-40+ Boats. And many boats traveled East & West to participate in regattas. This year who knows about Wednesdays, and I'm sure the regatta will be small. I can't complain- I'm one of the boats no longer racing at LSYC (because of family, time & burn out). Just startling how fast a racing fleet can shrink & go away. Good luck LSYC. It is truly a great club, with great sailing and people.
  4. "Lorain Boats that Travel"..? Off the top of my head, over the past 2 years; UV Warnung (J24) Sand Dollar (J30) Mystery Machine (J24) Kodiak (Cal) Moisture Missle / Patriot Missle Stinger Zebra Boat Instant Karma (T10) Great Scot I'm sure I am forgetting some. And keep in mind LSYC's racing fleet is a fraction of the size of EWYC, CYC, MHYC... Just a shame that the CSA number of events are shrinking. And LSYC's event will be shrinking as well.
  5. Damn, Lorain Sailing Yacht Club's (LSYC) regatta has been eliminated from the CSA series? Too bad. Any word as to why? I know attendance last year was down, but if you look at the past 5- 10 years it was growing... RIP LSYC Sailboat Racing...?