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  1. SailFast-LiveLong

    San Diego Beercans- Bad RC

    Make a chart for them. Wind speed on the side, the time they want the race to last on top. Fill in the grid with how far upwind to plant the windward mark for a windward leward.
  2. SailFast-LiveLong

    everybody doin' it?

    I have heard the same thing, that trimming the boom above centerline can sometimes be fast. It has not worked for me. It is all about sail shape. Trimming past the centerline should mess up the airflow on the bottom of the main. If the vang is not on hard enough, over-trimming past the centerline may close the top so the twist appropriately. I would try more vang to close the top, still leaving twist, just quiet it down and keep the top working and have the bottom of the main still driving. The vang and mainsheet for twist and boom position, the outhaul, cunningham, and backstay, to flatten the main. We all know talk is cheap from the peanut gallery. I am knee deep in empty shells.
  3. SailFast-LiveLong

    Dear Dr. Rules

    With or without the Protest call, do your turns. You earned them, do them. If you don't, you and your crew will know you will cheat if no one is looking.
  4. SailFast-LiveLong

    275N Deckvest

    Close, I asked Christian if he would be interested in sailing the return race with me. If he is interested we will go sailing and decide if it works for both of us.
  5. SailFast-LiveLong

    Dyneema for guy ropes

    Talk to John at They have systems in place deal with the mechanical portion of creep and deal with fiber creep. Less creep than the cable. Stronger than the cable also, much stronger.
  6. SailFast-LiveLong

    275N Deckvest

    Thanks for clearing that up, Christian. It must be easier to get into the raft with that 275 than it is with the 170, NOT. I am not sure I could get off my back in an inflated 275. Let alone be able to help anyone else into the raft, and then getting myself in the life raft. No, I haven't done it with a 275, only with the 170. After pushing a few large bodies up a raft ladder as others in the raft were pulling, I was physically drained. It used up a significant portion of my energy reserves getting everyone else into the raft. Part of that is my age, and part was helping others. It had to be done, there was no one else to help, so I did it. This was a training session in the pool at the Citadel, so no waves, no wind, and no real danger. I had to let about 30% of the air out of the 170 so I could move enough to help others. As for myself, I will stick with the tried and true, old school 170. If the 275 was better for a 200lb sailor the attornies would make us sign off when we buy their underperforming 170 vests. If there is any statistical data that says the 275 is safer, I would love to read it. Or maybe its just unfounded claims from a test group of one. One Christian, floating higher. Higher must be safer, right? Go ahead and float higher, it's your call, your opinion, your dime. I hope the next time you want to rip a new one for someone that you try and find something worth rising from the slimy depths to chew on them. Chew on someone your own size, twinkle toes. I am a newbie: However, I am no longer virgin. I have you to thank for that. You could have at least bought me dinner before fucking me. I am looking for one sailor for the Bermuda 1-2 in June 2019. The Bermuda 1-2 is a singlehand race to Bermuda and doublehand back to Newport. I need I sailor for the return race. How are you on the foredeck? Ace on a retractable sprit with a sock. Roller furling with 140% and a removable Salient stay for Solent sail and storm jib. Triple reef main, slab reefing from the mast. Kind of Shut the fuck up,,,,And then,,,,Hay, you want to race back from Bermuda with me?
  7. SailFast-LiveLong

    275N Deckvest

    They have a sprayhood that should handle that. The larger vest will make everything you do even more awkward. It tough getting into a life raft with a 170, the 275 would be even more difficult.
  8. SailFast-LiveLong

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    Looks like a submarine to me. Over one wave and through the next. Hope to see it in action, it should be fast until it dives.