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  1. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I think is more a factor of the Old boys are getting older and toning down the racing and the younger generation (25-40) don't have the disposable income our parents had at that age. Couple that with the fact that the boats most of us can afford either are not recognized by PHRF-LE (just an observation don't want to start that shit again) or aren't competitive due to the disparity in fleet splits (a factor of over all attendance). Who on a T-10 wants to race most weeks against a melges 32?. We really need to get out of the mind set of bigger faster pricier = better especially in CLE. I'd love to see a group of 25-40 somethings (my age group) get together and decide to buy a bunch of affordable boats that all race against each other like our parents did with lightnings and thistles back in the 60s and 70s. Just my pennies
  2. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Anybody know who else?
  3. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Hope the Overkill gang can make it. If they don't I will be there
  4. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Looks like it should be a good time
  5. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Dont you know LE sailors hibernate in the winter too damn cold Or move to their vacation homes in EVL
  6. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Don't Know about the 101, it depends if the family is in town they were discussing it yesterday. I personally am out unfortunately
  7. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    BUMP How many boats are coming?
  8. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Which ever holds more liquid volume
  9. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Rum and Flags no one needs another pickle dish. At least you can drink the rum mmmmmm Rum AHHHHHHHH!
  10. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Lopsided beat 7-12kts There have definitely been much much worse
  11. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Anybody actually seen results? Went to dinner be fore awards and they weren't posted at MHYC as of 1pm sunday.
  12. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Speaking of fun old races anybody remember the Firecracker race??
  13. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Nice, as much as the W-L proponents bitch the alphabet soup the thursday and friday of CRW can be a lot of fun
  14. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Totally agree I like W-L courses and a few distance races all mixed up. Just wondering why here in Cleveland there are essentially 4 clubs with racing programs within a 7-8 NM radius that cant get together and have a combined program for "beer can races" and then allow each club to host a regatta/event (or more than one) throughout the season. This would foster some communication amongst the clubs and help develop a season calendar while keeping the overhead costs down since there would be no need for 3 sets of fixed marks. As I understand it this is how it is done in other parts of the country
  15. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Sure perhaps at CYC. If you look in past years I bet there were close to as many boats from other clubs who came to do the race as there were participants from CYC. I did the Mills race for the first time in 20+ years of sailing on LE and it was staggering the number sponsors literature and info put out about the race. Multiple courses pre and post parties... It brings boats from detroit to erie. If you want 75 boats to do a race like that that is what you have to do. Otherwise this is what happens. As for the Q on the schedule that's just an other throwout for those who just don't want to do it, I personally don't think that way but it is a sad fact. It has been publicized -- here, via emails, via personal phone calls, via the CSA website, via text messaging, via the CYC schedule which has been posted since end of April. The race has been run for 83 years... it's amazing how things just tend to creep up on people and when the time comes (too late) everyone all of a sudden has an opinion. Where were these opinions when there was a tabled discussion last fall at CYC? This spring? In the survey that I sent, directly, to everyone at our club, made publicly available to everyone else, and received a total of (3) responses? Stop pointing fingers that this was "not advertised." If you had "multiple people over the past month" asking you about the race, why was I not contacted? I don't need the rude and offensive emails, phone conversations, etc from the very few that DID sign up, pointing the blame on myself... that most certainly solves the issue doesn't it? The distance race was cancelled because it is impossible to justify what all had been planned for a mere 4-5 boats. It will be scheduled for next year -- in April -- like it always has been. If people want to wake up now and actually decide more than a day in advance if they're attending, perhaps an even better party/race/schedule can be arranged for all. Hard to throw an event when there are no RSVPs, don't you think? Thanks. FYI I did what I could and gave them your contact info and the info I had at the time. I do understand if the club as a whole won't support the event by participating there is not much the person charged with organizing it can do.