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  1. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    I am taking in all the advice I am getting, just bouncing around some ideas to see what the expert opinions are. I am also taking this oportunity to find out how you guys think and what kind of technical aspects to take into account and learn a little more. (I wouldnt have thought that major alterations would need to be made to fit a different mast, but by posing the question, It has been added to my list as a point to consider) I apologise if my learning method has been aggravating. Thanks again.
  2. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    I just read on another forum post that a guy fit a smaller mast and sail to his 505 to make it less difficult to sail. would something like this be worth it or does it become too complicated?
  3. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    Thanx for all the constructive comments guys. I think ill sleap on it a bit more. What I am definitely going to do is try and find out about a local 505 hotspot club and get into contact with a few guys there. I have also already contacted a sailing instructor to start out with the practical training, I think ill pose the question to him aswell, and perhaps ask his opinion on the specific boat that is for sale at the moment. Yes, I was there, the wind was not fun that day.Luckily we dont have to deal with that evryday. :-)
  4. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    One of the reasons why I asked about the 420 is because it is being used by the clubs here as their training boats.
  5. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    Big sail area. Would reefing the sail not help with that? (I am already studying up on some terminology and theory, hehe)Im not trying to convince everyone that this is a good idea, Im just trying to have some discussion. The only thing I am wary about is buying a boat and becoming bored with it after a few months, and then needing to sell it and buy a more exciting one.
  6. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    What is it exactly about the 505 that makes it a difficult boat to start with? You have mentioned the trapese and spinnaker, but cant it be sailed without these until I have enough experience to try new things?
  7. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    Thanx for the advice guys
  8. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    The keelboat guy I spoke with suggested a sonnet, but I cant find one. The reason Im asking about these 2 is because they are the only 2 I can find for sale at the moment.
  9. Gsouth

    Dinghies, in order of difficulty

    Where does the 505, 420 and 470 measure up in this discussion if difficulty?
  10. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    Thanx for the reply Mustang1. Does it basically just come down to the size of the boat between these 2? Just as a matter of interest, if looking at a 505 vs a 470, are their not certain dynamics, technicalities, or qualities that one would take into consideration between these 2?
  11. Gsouth

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    Hi guys Some background: Im new to this forum and to sailing. My wife and I are very interested in learning to sail. I found a few local dinghy sailing clubs and was planning on taking some lessons and renting a dinghy thereafter, but I met a keelboat sailor the other day, and he suggested that I just buy one and learn to sail it then. To get back to my question, what would you guys suggest to be a better buy? 420 or 505? I would be looking for something that I could use to learn on, but that would still be useful once we get better at it. I am rather tall, about 1.9m and together we probably weigh +- 160 to 170kg together. It would also be a bonus if I will be able to sail the boat by myself on the days shes not available to join, obviously not at a racing standard, but just so I can get out onto the water. As you guys can probably gather, I dont know much yet. The 505 I can buy is about half the price of the 420, but I know that the 420s are popular here as a training dinghy for double learners. I have no idea to what level either of them are kitted out, all I know is that they are both in good condition and have all their sails and a few extras. Thanx in advance guys