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  1. Meat Wad

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    It's just another WordPress Bog engine . Scot always told me he did not want a blog.
  2. Meat Wad

    New front page

    Oh boy, another Word press blog. No more imagination? What is the world coming too?
  3. Meat Wad

    Team NYYC

    No, you have Anglo's and Latinos. Remember Spain fucked up most of the new world after they funded Colombo. The Spanish had sex with the natives to make the Mexicans and the rest of the fucked up south american countries. Father Sierra tortured the Chumash to convert them and the Vatican made him a saint. The Euros are fucked up. But I do like the sailing team, they seem mostly from NA. In today's sports, it is tough to get a truly native team. Scot should get his head out of his ass. My only question is why, do they not have a team in the Superfoiler series??
  4. Meat Wad

    Black Widow or VC Offshore

    I've been told that BW is Ablative and can stay out of the water for long periods. I also hear the J70 fleet is using it to get around bottom fairing class rules??
  5. Meat Wad

    The Sex Raft: a documentary

    He was proving that the Human Race was not much removed from the point before we became an agricultural society. So called settling down and not being hunter gathers. We are just a bunch of monkeys with bigger brains. Just look at us today. We have more Tech but we are still animals.
  6. Meat Wad

    PHRF 125% overlap allowance?

    Are you talking about your local PHRF area or Regional PHRF? Your local area can do whatever it wants but it will only affect the local area rating, not the regional rating. Stuff like this is where US Sailing has fallen flat with PHRF.
  7. Meat Wad

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    If I remember right the Solar cycle is 11 years. Factor that in the 400 to 500 k cycle of all the other cycles. I think you need a computer to see the picture But you have to know where we are in the Long Term cycles.. That is the real issue, where are we in the 400 k to 500 k cycle? No one knows and the real scientists are afraid to touch this because THEY DO NOT KNOW as much WE think they do. I wish one of them would step up and be honest. Maybe then the human race would stop being so stupid and stop building on the coasts and low lying areas. Science is great but there is so much more to learn. I hope the Ancient Aliens come back and school us.
  8. Meat Wad

    MAGNETIC NORTH on the move.............

    This does happen lots in terms of the galactic time. About every 400,000 years is the total cycle. Pretty inconsequential in terms of the human life cycle. This is how nature clears out the riff raff from the planet.. If the Human being has been around about 3 million years, we have experienced this and survived. Maybe this is why the Mayan Long Count (not really Mayan) predicted a new age (about every 35k years) of Man was starting in 2012. Remember, our solar system passed through the Galactic Plane in 2012 and started moving to the other side of the Milky Way. Why do we never hear anything about this from our great astrophysicists. Personally I'm tired of being blamed for everything. You must realize, Governments cannot tax nature, they only tax us. A good read and what is taught.
  9. Meat Wad

    tRump to LIE , live on National TV

    What I find odd, is that the Dems could have claimed a huge win when Trump offered to Approve the Daca kids for the wall funding. Too bad the Dems are holding the Daca kids hostage.
  10. Lets have a Sheep Shagging.....I mean Sheering contest. bunch o wankers the fuck are.
  11. Meat Wad

    Why dogs are banned from national parks

    Not any more. airlines in the US are starting to ban non trained and non LICENSED Service Animals.
  12. Meat Wad

    18 footers 2018/2019

    I keep forgetting that they start their season in 2018, not when the year begins. 13/1/2019 Sunday 11 NSW Championship Race 5 March starts the JJG series 1/3/2019 Friday JJG Worlds Championship Invitational These guys have a great website and you can find all the video of Races missed and photos God bless the big screen Tele, Sydney Harbor looks so much better with the 18 Footers than the Hobart start did. These boats should be in the Olympics. I understand the Hull and Foils are OD to control costs?. 2 male 2 female crew and set the rigs for OD if needed to make the nannies happy.
  13. Meat Wad

    Thin is in, WOXI scalps Comanche

    HHMMMMM, I wonder what they did before AIS? OH, they probably reported in every so often and before that, they just fucking raced. Technology will fuck us all.
  14. I have Aussie Friends and one thing I find odd is that many hate Trump for the same reasons that many Americans do, He tweets and by passes the traditional media. Personally I find it refreshing. Other than offending you, he wants to do the very same thing the Aussies have done. LIMIT IMMIGRATION. And it's nice for you to judge people as festering, ignorant dickheads, based on your beliefs. This is what is wrong. People are becoming the very thing they hate.
  15. Meat Wad

    World Sailing Needs Some Competition

    I agree, US Sailing sucks. US Sailing should be broken into at least 3 entities. There is no way the East Coast cares about the west. I can say this from my sailing in the Disabled/Paralympic shit. The East Coast control sucks. The USS coach choose sailors back east to help, even though I was way better, sailor. I asked for fund raising help and was told they do not do that. Money was all I needed to go to regattas. Sailing should look to Car Racing. They are almost the same except Sailing is slow and boring to the public. Equipment is expensive in both sports but a go cart for the kiddie is easier to store and transport. No club required. Changing sailing requires the local governments to give more access to everyone., to the waterfront. But it is the people with money that control that. It will take a long tome for sailing to change. Just look at the AC and the Deed that controls it.