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  1. The Farr 30 is one of the fastest 30' Sym boats I have sailed against. "Menace" up here is very fast. I'm going to sell my Bruce King Zap 26, turn key ready to go, everything is new. Great regatta boat or short (SB2KH) RLC racer. It'll break loose and is quick in light air. My body and arms can't take it much more. It was fun while I did it and I really liked puttering on the boat too. New main and old #1. All sails are now new.
  2. There are many who wish to weed out the corruption and just let them die. And do not think I am not on either side. I get a medical annuity for my paraplegia and just started getting SSD at the age of 60. I probably could have started getting it 10 year earlier. I know so many people that are gaming the system, I wish they would say, "SORRY, but you are all gonna die a slow death." This country has not seen anything like the rest of the world has seen. Grow up and get a life i say.
  3. This must be learned unless your bow person as true spatial reasoning.
  4. You miss the point, Do the even need it. PERIOD. SS was meant as a Social Safety Net. It has become a right, not included in the constitution. I'm all for dissolving SSs and SSD.
  5. When you say soft wings, do you mean something like Camber induced or RAF type sails? I have not seen any soft foils on a big mono. When I was able and windsurfed in the 80's while making sails, I made many of these for my board. I really liked the RAF cut, very light weight and absolutely smooth on the leeward side like and airplane wing. Camber induced with the larger sock looked good but I think the RAF was faster.
  6. I understand the Volvo using foiling mono's, it just makes sense, on long windy legs where they can orient their course to the wind, waves and destination. But in a match race? It's going to be about the tech again instead of the race and the sailing. With a foil sticking out instead of down how fucking close can they get? Light air mono foiling??? I understand the Mini's have been working on this and it is tough to stay on the foils. Remember, going 20 to 30 in a sailboat is cool to sailors, but most could give a shit. Are they going to concentrate on the sailing or a media/tele event?? We need Exciting Racing and Sponsors. We need boats the the average person can relate to so they think they can sail too. How long will the legs be and how much wind will be needed and what will be the limits of the course and wind range be? How many dolts will be needed to pump the hydraulic rams for the foils? Can we think of other stupid shit to raise the cost of the boats and limit the field again??
  7. People are living longer. How much can the younger tax payers afford the to pay retires? The means test is the best way. Too many wealthy people collect big checks just because they can and those who really need it are left out with very little. It's kind of like Workers Comp. WKC is really designed to protect employers instead of taking care of the truly injured. Both the Wk Comp and SS are not being used as intended. we can thank the Politicians and Lawyers for that.
  8. It is what the guy said. I could give a shit about the site.
  9. Update, I was wondering what happened to the boat and found it being moved around on a trailer that looks to be modified This side does not show the damage as the earlier ones did. Move every 3 days and you do not need to pay storage fees. She still lives but is probably on life support now. The wood core is probably starting to rot from exposure.
  10. This nut says we got a Decade https://www.quora.com/If-the-sun-is-getting-bigger-and-thus-getting-hotter-why-are-we-blaming-carbon-dioxide-as-a-major-cause-of-global-warming
  11. He requested TITS, not beach balls
  12. Shit, I thought this was about high water.
  13. Blame IOR for that downwind shit, it wasn't just the Ranger. I remember the Tonne Cup in SD during the late 70's and early 80's. Lots of upwind machines. We had a Ranger 37 in our area, Grey Eagle. typical IOR of the time.
  14. There were no class splits. There was a Buoy Division and Random Leg Division. The Buoy Division had 6 boats. The RLC Division had 9 with 1 DNF and 1 DNC. Both divisions were not really big enough to have an A/B split. Probably because the SB2KH was the previous weekend was a reason for such a poor turnout. Having to go from Coastal to Near Shore mode after such a hurtful race was probably not an option. Besides people are having a tough time committing to so much racing, weekend after weekend after weekend after weekend......well you get it. Oh and a quick delivery to SB and from KH to LB then deliver home. That would have been a tough time. So Cal Regional will be discussing what may hopefully be a major change in the running of the So Cal PHRF Champs.