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  1. Meat Wad


    I could understand if the Ed actually sailed, some Hi-Performance dinghy or even a windsurfer, for his comments. But God Dammit, calling the crash what he said, "This is not how it is done.This is Simon Nearn, skipper of RMarine showing us how it’s done!" I an many other have sailed craft that are capable of going beyond the wind speed and it get very touchy at the edge of control. This is not how it is done. If Scot wants to know how it is done, just look back at his Dan Meyer Law suit. Scot, that was legal face plant on your end.
  2. Meat Wad

    "National Cleavage Day"

    window, what window?
  3. Meat Wad


    Sometimes Stoopid is as Stoopid does.
  4. Meat Wad

    Keel bolt maintenance.

    Before and after photos I was not sure if the rust was superficial, but it appears so. I have owned the boat for 6 years and it has been rock solid. No flexing anywhere , even in 25knts Upwind in 6 to 9 ft seas with pounding and surfing off the wind. The question: what should I coat the metal with when I redo the bilge coating? Of course more cleaning is needed before coating. before After All bolts wire brushed
  5. Meat Wad

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Thank you for calling us fools. Some are and some are not. I started racing at the tender age of 15 in 1973, Yacht clubs were much different back then. We used to call it Pretty Hooky Rating Fleet or People Handicapping Rating Fleet. We allow all people who appear, whether for or against a boats rating adjustment to present data and argue their point, for or against. All is said in front of each other and after all has been said. We, the Board, Deliberate because we have many things to discuss just like a Jury in a trial. Is the problem, your area? I have no idea what area of the US you guys are from. My experience may be different than yours. Well, I have not heard back yet. I really do believe an Injustice has been done and am pleading my thoughts privately now with the Judge Advocate. The next So Cal Regional Meeting is not really a meeting. It is the Annual meeting and they will give out trophies and introduce the 2019 board. I'm not happy, as a sailor and I will divulge my complaint if nothing gets addressed. It could have National repercussions. I hear ya. I have also been told that PHRF is a Performance Rating System. A very professional sailor discussed this with me. and I was very surprised.. Do we rate a boat based on the local sailor sailing the boat or how a PRO sails the boat? A good example is the old 90's Farr/Mumm 30. The boat was one of the first High Performance boats designed and build for the Pro's. Not many can sail it to it's rating and PHRF is letting them sit because of an old decision based on Pro Sailors sailing the boat. Many Farr 30 sit in So Cal and are for sale, but the boat remains a very good boat.
  6. Meat Wad

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Are you ever privy to any other legal deliberations? There are many things discussed about individual boats and the owners/skippers, results. We also have others who are called advisers (professionals in the business of Yachting or racing) who make comments, some of which I question seriously. You guys have no idea how much some of us question the Status Quo. Some of you sound like Scot, a disgruntled A-Hole who knows only what you have heard or are unwilling to be part of. I cannot wait to sell my boat and leave this wasteland behind. Some of you are all a bunch of A-holes. In fact you are a bunch of A-Holes with too much money to waste on a stupid sport, that no cares about. I'm done.
  7. Meat Wad

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    The Ft10 in our area is on the hard because it get it's ass kicked whenever it launches.
  8. Meat Wad

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Almost perfect
  9. Meat Wad

    F1 2018...

    gotta give him a few years like Verstapen. He is finally settling down. I'm surprised Kimi is not retiring. I bet Ferrari is paying him to help Sauber/Ferrari get up to speed like Red Bull's Torro Roso
  10. What was old is new again. Through my 61 years, there have been stories like this about every 20 years or so.
  11. Meat Wad

    Please God Turn It Off

    Sorry dude, but you have a limited time to edit your initial thread. You can never delete it. The same goes for a post. I wonder if someone filed a legal action to have control of your content. I know many websites where you can remove all of your content and account. This would change the landscape of SA Completely. Time for a rum, 1 hour till the first pitch.
  12. Meat Wad

    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    I wear a Optimum Time on my forearm (not wrist) and we use a Velocitek Shift mounted on the mast for everyone to see. Big numbers and the compass still shows in smaller numbers. Kick ass at the starts all the time.
  13. what could possibly go wrong? savaging our planet, what a fucking joke. You punch of pussies, lets all ride horses.
  14. Meat Wad

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    Woody, it sounds like you did not know anything about making ab's properly. Maybe your proximity to the border????? What I find funny about the article is the Ed, Scot Tempesta, bagging on the SDYC members. In my conversations in So Cal Sailing, one thing in common, is the SA Editor is a nut. WTF are we supposed to believe, a website or real people?? Sometimes, you have to but the phone or keyboard down and actually talk to people. Scot, when was the last time you left the SD area???
  15. Meat Wad

    Mega Millions Lotto Ticket

    Sorry, you are wrong. anyone even know me????