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  1. Meat Wad

    Mid Week Summer Racing

    We call them Wet Wednesday's. We just had our 7th of 22 races and our first throw out.. The first race was called off I forgot why. Here is a video of May the 23rd in most beautiful conditions. 7 to 10 (in the puffs) out of the W shifting to the SW for those who caught it. for the first time I placed the camera on the bow pulpit down low so it would not get banged up, but it got bumped anyway. At the start we do our normal port approach and tack to leeward of a J24 and right in front of a Kirby 30 that we are B4B with. Spank Spank. We go one to stretch and stretch and have an absolutely awesome race in awesome conditions. Great time and great crew work. What are you guys doing? Lots of unusable footage due to the jib being in the way. I'll have to talk to Andrew. More Wet Wednesday races at my You Tube Channel
  2. If I was banned as Dawg, Why is the account still here?

  3. Meat Wad

    Is football dying?

    I hope all sports where men play with balls die.
  4. Meat Wad

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    There is no actual verification of a Blokart Record, as you need multiple devices recording that have been tested and verified as accurate. Having said that, I know the people who claim to have the new record and I doubt they are lying. But it is not verifiable.per a real recordable record. I think we need a "Mavericks" type event at Ivanpah with a proper weather forecaster sending a call out for the BIG WIND., Complete with courses and GPS along with timed distances to verify. Judges will be needed. Of course this would all cost money which, the land sailing group who are just a bunch of desert rats who have given up the expensive sport of sailing on water, do not want to spend. So finding something marketable would be the key in making this happen. Call it a Speed Week over a period of time. Yes, time would be needed.
  5. Meat Wad

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Well, in 2001 I was just a few years out of my injury and traveling (wasting money) doing the Disabled/Para sailing BS. Not everyone is looking for TG movies. I found it when I was cruising the NF categories and wondered "What the hell movies are in the LGBT cat"? The Angry Inch caught my eye.. After reading about it, I thought "A more edgy Tu Wong FU"
  6. Meat Wad

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    I stumbled across this on Netflix. Hedwig and the Angry Inch A movie adaptation of a Broadway Play from 2001. Some funny shit and entertaining. An East German boy raised by a Nazi mom tries anything to get out of Communist East. Literally some funny shit, slightly sexual in nature but well done.
  7. Meat Wad

    "National Cleavage Day"

  8. Meat Wad

    Sextants in Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

    Ya think they know something we don't? Like something coming our way soon that will disrupt or destroy our GPS grid? or are they just being prudent?
  9. Meat Wad

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    You and the other naysayers are so literal that I am thinking either you are in high school or an attorney. According to you Airplane racing should be in the sailing Olympics. Seems a great way to destroy sailing. I should have said: You know my comment was against those who do not consider anything other than traditional sailing, as Sailing. Nonn of the other instances provided by you guys is sailing and you know it. Keep it up and we will destroy our sport from within. But the question still remains, With all the money spent on going extremely slow why has no one tried to go after the 126.4 certified record. And yes, I know Ice boating is faster but getting the right conditions is really tough compared to the Dry Lake of Ivanpah and I have not heard of a certified Ice boating record. Though I have not really looked because I hate being cold.
  10. Meat Wad

    Flying Tiger

    Not interested, I just thought I would let others know as it is just sitting.
  11. Meat Wad

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    If it produces enough lift to move with out the reactor powered up yes, that it is sailing. But somehow I doubt it. Nice try
  12. It may seem that the traditionalists feel that Land Sailing is much like Kite's not really sailing. Sailing: Any Craft on land, water, ice or in the air, that uses a Soft or Hard Foil that creates a pressure differential to create lift is sailing.
  13. Meat Wad

    Olympic sailing, is it still the pinnacle?

    In Olympic Sailing, the Country Qualifies to participate, usually a year or 2 before the games, but not the actual sailor who qualified the country.........Yep, some sailor qualified the country and then has to go through a system or payoff someone to be the actual rep for that country.Pretty weird. When Sailing has a qualification system more like track and field so the worlds best are all sailing at the Games instead of one from each country, then it might be the pinnacle. The Olympics are great for individual athletes, that play the game (and it is a game), but overall bad for sailing.
  14. Meat Wad

    Flying Tiger

    FT 10M on trailer for sale here in Channel Islands Harbor. I think he is asking way too much so I imagine the price is negotiable. The owner could never sail it to it's potential and was routinely beat by everyone. listing#.WvcuT2gvw54
  15. Meat Wad

    Yale Cordage, PHD Racer

    Based on recommendations from others in this forum I finally got some of this line. I found a So Cal rigging shop that had 2 partial spools and I got a pennies on the dollar deal because they were not moving it. Upon receiving a box, I lifted and and thought this cannot be it, because it is too light to have around 250' of line in it. This stuff is so light weight and does not kink like the description says. Yee HAA, new Mainsheet and Spin Halyard. Question: Has anyone spliced it? It looks like you splice it just like a dyneema splice. The directions for the eye splice look pretty simple and I'll be doing an end to end too. If this stuff works out, more lines will be replaced as needed.