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  1. Meat Wad

    The Petri Dish Affect

    Will this cause a new rush to get out of the Cities and live on a larger property, thus causing a collapse in the value of property in the mega population centers?? I know I've been thinking of leaving my little slice of heaven in Ventura County for more affordable areas. As I get older it just seams crowded at about 200K pop. The Channel Islands and Ventura area is a great place but it is getting tarnished every year by the ruling knuckleheads ruining this once great area/state.
  2. Flor D Cana 4 year dark is the best ban for the buck and Stolen Smoked the newest addiction. I can't wait to get out and work on my boat. All this time and rum may actually make me tired of drinking..............................??
  3. You 2 people scare the shit out of me. Partisan Pussies Pointing Fingers In the USA you must remember that we are a Republic where the States are and have and Scream for Autonomy. They hate Federal incursion in their borders. Unless of course it benefits their narrative. In the High Tax States that are also the hardest hit areas, WHY were they not prepared for this either? They have their own tax system, Legislatures?? There are no Sanctuary Cities anymore..............thank you very much. You can find all kinds of state knuckle heads in February Calling Trump a racist for banning travel from certain countries. Now, just try traveling.There was no way to predict what was going to happen when China was lying to the world and continues too. I'm just glad I do not live in a Mega Population Center, aka Petri Dish Though LA is not that far away, but I do not travel. I'm being good and hiding in my squirrel hole.
  4. Vacation??? Really You People have idea what isolation is. Try being in a wheelchair for 22 years and then be told to isolate at home. When I go to the store, my wheels touch everywhere and then I have to touch my wheels. Rubber gloves, I need gloves up the ass but you hoarders have bought them all. I hope you all enjoy your short lived isolation..................I'll live mine till the day I die.
  5. Meat Wad


    Well, if they weren't when they got elected, most are pretty quick, or they are out campaigned the next round by someone who is. I stopped watching the news. Nothing by the same shit over and over. More Rum Please.
  6. Meat Wad

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I'll take one to go please
  7. Meat Wad

    Moto Z series

    With only one responding, that must say something about the devices.
  8. Meat Wad

    Our Future Leaders

    It does not make good news to interview smart kids, Most are boring. After helping my son thru college I learned a lot about College financing. Many of these kids can afford the Spring Break Party because the College loans are padded with $$ for what should be living expenses. If they ever decide to forgive college loans, it should be for Tuition only and only up to a certain amount. The living expenses should be on the shoulder of the student and parents who borrowed. Some kids have part time jobs for living expenses. I told my son, "You want fun money, Get a JOB" and he did. He now has a Bio-Chemistry degree and understands the Value of earning your way with out holding your hand out for a freebie.
  9. Meat Wad

    Apps for the elderly

    I feel for her and you. Being in a chair and being a good citizen and staying inside is mindbogglingly boring. I play Solitary using the Microsoft Solitary App. I get 5 games for free. Freecell, Spider, Pyramid, Tripeaks and Klondike (classic Solitary) Klondike is the easiest, the others have rules.I play the random decks and some are impossible to solve but I get no ads with the Random deck. Trying to see the patterns, counting cards and finding the solution can sharpen the mind. I have been reading more and more now. I have some incredible dreams when sleeping now, it really is fun. And I am almost always walking in my dreams. I am think of starting to write some stories based on a few of my dreams. Yes there is an element of sailing now and then.
  10. Meat Wad

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    Correct Materials are the real issue in Manufacturing the desired product. US Industry will rise up to the task, I have no doubt. The real question is......................... Is this a wake up call to the States to stop with the red tape that hampers business from starting and staying in the US. Kalifornia has chased out more manufacturing business that it has invited in. I hope Knuckle Head Newsom see's, and seizes, the opportunity to help California bring back business. Also, Congress must fix the Tax Code to keep Business in the US.
  11. You have to dial up chap stick to get more???? Our Yacht club (mid west coast) has decided to go dark until May 6th based on Gavin (Knuckle Head) Newsom's announcement. Personally all this economic shut down will hurt the world far more than the Virus, which most recovery from, but the economy may not. What a great way to move in and exert your dominance. People need something (work) to do or they will recede into the depths of depravity. The world has survived many plagues and became a stronger genetic group.....................Think about it.
  12. Meat Wad

    Online sailing movies

    Roy Disney should be embarrassed. That was the worst piece of modern sailing BS I have ever seen. This movie is the best and makes me glad I did not live in that era.. Here is some really bad 80's VHS converted to DVD and edited to remove all the boring crap (sailing) while leaving in some boring crap (sailing).
  13. Meat Wad

    The Trump Presidency Is Over

    Up yours. Michelle was a bitch and had Barack's "balls in a vise, but she left the dick. I guess it's still hooked on, but now it shoots too quick". Frank Zappa
  14. Meat Wad

    Moto Z series

    Anyone have experience with the Moto Z 3 or 4 phones?? I like the weather resistant part. Some of the Mods look cool. Especially the extra battery, when sailing. Up to 1Tb micro SD add on.