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  1. "National Cleavage Day"

    I wish I had got in to making Lingerie instead of sails out of high school.
  2. Thor Ragnarok

    Super Stupid Hero
  3. "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    I did 2 months in Rehab and I've heard that will not happen much anymore. Make sure you let him know, "It will take Time". Don't over due it but never give up. If he heals well, he will want those Harrington rods removed. I had mine out at 6 months post. It was life freeing. They itched like a son of a bitch. I have them in my desk drawer if anyone wants to see what stabilizes a spinal fusion...Titanium
  4. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Ever go to http://www.phrfsocal.org/ and look what the site asks for. Most people do and ignore it. It really is a good site. Go over the rating review links and requirements. We even have a spread sheet you can download all set up for you to put race data in. I spent probably about $30 making 15 copies of my 19 page packet in 2015. It is not difficult to read what the requirements are but it is amazing how many do not follow the guidelines. When someone shows up without anything for the board to look at, I'll ask them if they read the instructions and where is the data to look at. You would not believe how many in PHRF do not even look at the Site, By Laws and Rules. Lots of equations in there too. Anyway, It has been interesting being the PHRF Rep 3 yrs now for VntYC and the Local Area A Chair and Rep to the regional board. Area A went without a local board for many years. I worked to resurrect it. I doubt I will continue after this year and I may not sail much longer either. It is just getting tougher on this broken body.
  5. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Sorry, not required. But if I help someone from my area, I specifically require them, that the packet must be prepared so you can hand out identical information to each board member. Last night an owner came in and handed out individual pages in paper clips. We all had 5 pages in no order to look at and the boat owner babbled on not referencing anything in the pages. WTF. I left my home at 1:40 and arrived at LBYC at 4:30. I expect every boat owner asking for a review or competitors asking for a review of a competitor to have presentable data. Sometimes the rich guys with big boats are the worst. Do not expect me to use my $$ to print everything out. As a volunteer giving my time Yes, I expect a bit more than most want to give. SD well, I hear that is another story. I've heard of a rouge group charging $$ and issuing local SD ratings. Not sure if it is true but I've heard some stories.
  6. save a legend....Really

    Maybe some rich dude might.......I would not touch it with your ten foot pole. Much like Ocean Planet, some times things are not what they seem. http://sailinganarchy.com/2018/02/21/save-a-legend/
  7. Moovie Review Threade

    I saw Blade Runner 2049 the other day, finally. That sound track sucked immensely. Most of the dialogue was so muted you had to crank the volume up and then the music would blow your ears and speakers out. I do have a real sound system, 5 speakers and a sub. And why between the first Blade Runner and the second did the human race not institute any recycling. I was not impressed. Glad I did not waste any $$ at the theater on this one.
  8. Fuck Scot Bell

    Mo Betta
  9. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    One important thing. Is the board taking this up on their own or is someone who races bringing you up for a review? If none of the board members races against you, they should not be able to just bring you up for a review. Unless one of them is in your fleet, then they should have to file the proper review request. and then they will have to recuse themselves from voting because of a Conflict of Interest. Read your local PHRF Bylaws. SO Cal has done a good job in the last 10 years to eliminate rouge boards or local area cowboys from doing exactly what might be happening to you. If you visit http://www.phrfsocal.org/ look at the class rules (bylaws and boat stuff) and the Rating Review link, there is tons of info your board may want to look at or adopt. SO Cal has done a great job with the Fleet Rating Database but there is still much more. I am the SO Cal Area A local rep to the Regional Board. It is amazing how many come in unprepared for a review. I have helped a few local area racers prepare packets and I did one my Zap 26 before being seated on the board. The packet was 19 pages with the old boat vs the new boat config (rig changes) and past meeting minutes to show the transgressions of the past boards (no hearsay, just the facts). The previous boards took the boat from 144/144/144 ( a gift rating) to 132/129/120, which was unsailable. When you get comments like "Well prepared packet" you know they got what they need. What type of Mull are you sailing? If you are sailing an established class boat and have no modifications that detract from the NRR (National Reference Rating). Here is a link to the 2016 document. It has most classes and their NRR. http://www.ussailing.org/wp-content/uploads/DARoot/2016 PHRF Book Intro w boat tables and NRR.docx Preparation is the key. As much data from the past as you can get in a readable format. Old meeting minutes if the boat has been reviewed in the past. Witnesses (crew or other racers) from races where you win or do well giving testimony on the fact you called the shifts, did not over stand and got a great start while the rest of the fleet did not. How new your sails/gear and prepared your boat is vs the fleet. Next meeting the board will review a boat that has a 49 page packet with photos. Race Data and meeting minutes from 2004 to present is included. It took about 1 week to gather the data and make it presentable. A cover letter with a synopsis of the data with page # references is a good thing. Staple or bound so pages are not loose is required and copies for every board member. Holler if you need more
  10. The Failure of Demoracy

    I think many miss the point of the diatribe in the video. The right to vote must be earned because "Something given has no value". We see this all over the US and the world. Something given has no value. Just look at the wasted foreign aide. You see it in children and teenagers when given something by their parents. Until you work for something and earn it, you will then protect and cherish it. In our National, State and local elections, what is the voter turn out typically? Very Poor. The right to vote is given to all and they even are trying to give it to non citizens out here in Calif. If you really had to earn the right to vote, what do you think the voter turn out would be? Far greater I would think. It would change the landscape of the country and world. If you, irregardless of your point of origin put in a term of service and became a Citizen, be a more responsible Citizen? Hence the Citizen vs Civilian. Earn the right
  11. It always humps at SB Island.
  12. The Failure of Demoracy

    Ignore the Video and listen the Professor Rasczaks Citizen vs Civilian, I can see the US going this route. No more immigration just service to the State. It makes sense.
  13. as a mathmatishion, i find this interdasting

    One goes with the other to make the package complete. OH MAMA
  14. WOW, I over heard some talking at the club, it is suppose to Nuke up here in the SB Channel. I have not bee paying attention.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCujoGJLdmZodqf67iL36TIA