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  1. Meat Wad

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I wanna say that is Gal Gadot but something is not right. If you open and zoom in, her neck is all twisted. I think this is the real shot.
  2. Meat Wad

    Free Pigeon Joe Now !

    It would be hilarious if Joe Biden offered something up for Joe the Pigeon's release. You know free flight on a Military transport or something silly. That would make this a real funny story.
  3. Meat Wad

    Dean is American and Jimmy Italian??

    So far it is typical of the Prada Cup. Anyone new to sailing has got to think, WTF. How much did this cost and for what point? As someone who has sailed from the age of 14 and am now 63 (Feb 2021) made sails, windsurfed and now also land sail along with traditional sailing. I got to say this is the Worst AC Challenger series (so far) I have ever watched. I could care less who wins or loses, but JFC, make it entertaining. There was and is way too much fucking distance between the competitors. At least in a traditional (high performance) sailboat, they would have been relatively close and yelling at each other. I miss that. Oh well, another episode tonight 9pm PST NBCSN. I wonder if I will nod off .
  4. Meat Wad

    AC on NBCSN

    That was so exciting I fell asleep. Of course the heating pad on my shoulder and a bit of rum might have helped. When the distances are so great between competitors 1/2 way through the race and there is no where for them to sail, there is not much to watch. That was the narrowest course I have ever seen. Imagine a J70 class race with a 100 yard width on a W/L course. Another one tonight at 6pm
  5. Meat Wad

    I need a tiller

    Come on Scot, a drill, a few clamps some dowel and epoxy.............bam, in a few hours you are sailing while a new one comes in.
  6. Meat Wad

    Free Pigeon Joe Now !

    Put another Pigeon on the barbie would ya mate.
  7. Meat Wad

    AC on NBCSN

    For those interested, I see on my US west coast listing that the Prada cup is on at 9pm tonight for 2 hours. I have Sling Orange and it comes with NBCSN and a few other sport channels. They had a special Buy one month and get a second free. So you could watch the whole shebang for the price of one month and then cancel.
  8. Meat Wad

    The states as a laboratory

    Liberals a really about smaller govt. Leftists want the high taxes to perpetuate the Party Line. Tax and spend and then tax some more when the well runs dry. You guys watch too much TV. The nice town of Ventura, Ca has/had a meth problem. I think they got it under control with heavy policing and some head bashing. Even in my little townhome complex, we had a serious problem with drug dealers and the homeless they attracted. It took us 2 years to rut them out due to California laws protecting them. Our association was not allowed to point a security camera at their unit to document the traffic. We could put a sweeping camera in. Eventually many of the neighbors put in security systems to monitor the addicts that were using our locked community pool as a bath and restroom. We wanted to put some barbed wire around the chain link fence but in Calif that is illegal because someone might hurt themselves (yea, that is the point). This shit goes on everywhere, But you guys just want to paint the picture that all rural white America is bad.
  9. I agree on both. The AC is the AC , But the non-sailing world only sees the AC as the face of sailing. That gives the average citizen, that does not sail, a false perspective of sailing. I love the foiling boats. So why not a global series...................because no one cares............................Period. Not enough interest to generate the $$$$$ to pay for it. Everyone can relate to F1, Nascar and rally type racing because we all drive. It is the same for the pros and the average joes. A gas pedal, brake pedal, some form of shifting and a steering wheel. Oh, seat belts too. Sailing on the other hand is so diverse. How do you want to be represented? A bunch of foiling boats with most the crew doing nothing but grinding. Not very representative of the sport. Boats that more represent what the world of sailing is really doing but a bit more extreme and not on the fringe. I want to be entertained. This AC may set the standard for the future or it may be a complete failure. There is an awful lot between here and there.
  10. Meat Wad

    The truth is out there....

    All those files listed are dated 2021. Not much of a vault?
  11. Meat Wad

    Lizard People

    I bet she likes lizards of a certain type.
  12. Meat Wad

    what is it?

    Yep, it's a nice rendering, aka digital drawing
  13. Meat Wad

    Is this where we are headed

    God Damn, I only commented on Newsome Comments about the economy in Calif and You turn it in to Dem/Repub issue. This is what is wrong with you guys. You only see one side. Yours. Adios
  14. Meat Wad

    Lizard People

    I'm sold, it must be true. He was an alien anyway. I saw a movie about it. I loved Bowie's Diamond Dogs album. We are the Dead, Chant of the ever circling skeletal family, Big Brother Big Brother/Chant of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family | David Bowie + Lyrics - YouTube This song is David Bowie's interpretation of George Orwell's "two minute hate" from his novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four". Its mesmerizing chanting represents the mind-numbing influence that the two minutes has over the brainwashed citizens of Oceania, 1984's totalitarian government. "Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family" is a song written by David Bowie in 1974 ending his Diamond Dogs album. David Bowie - Diamond Dogs - YouTube
  15. Meat Wad

    Is this where we are headed

    As usual some of you guys go right to what the story is not about. Newsome was asked about the Business Climate in Calif. His answer was about the Billionaires. Gov. Gavin Newsom forcefully pushed back Friday on criticisms that California is becoming unfriendly for business, pointing to “all the new billionaires” created by initial public offerings and noting that its richest people are “doing pretty damn well.” Everyone knows that the Govenor is the Governor of all the people not just the Silicone Valley Techies. The point of the post was about Newsome's comments not the IPO billionaires. And if Calif is having such a windfall, where are the water projects to help with the drought stricken state??? Jerry Brown and Newsome do not care because billionaires can afford water at any price. But then neither of you live here in Calif do you? I was talking to a friend last night who lives in Simi Valley and about all the business that are closing down. He mentioned a Family run Mexican restaurant that has been in the area for 40 years. The ward spread that they are shutting down for good. They spent all their money on trying to comply and now that is not enough and they are gone. I doubt Newsome cares one bit. He also mentioned he is leaving Calif for good in about 2 months. With his boat sold and his house selling, he is moving to a less chaotic environment. That is where we are headed.