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  1. Meat Wad

    F1 2019 and E too

    Those Brits do not know when to STFU. I want to see more of the good looking blonde instead of those 2 gay looking dudes. If it weren't for LeClare driving up through the fleet with lots of really good passing, the race would have been another parade to watch I wonder when SV will retire. he sure is fucking up an awful lot. When and where is the next race? Only a few more to go right?
  2. Meat Wad

    100% foiled races?

    What about the LRH, Large roach headsail? Modern materials cal allow a flatter sail with a roach and no battens???? Do headsails on foililng boats need to be non overlapping?
  3. Meat Wad

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    Yea, initially but then looks like the whole transom was turbulent. I would guess someone did not know how to use the bow thrusters. In such a tight area I would imagine they are a must.
  4. Meat Wad

    Paradigm Shift...or Same Ole Same Ole?

    It sounds like you have never tried Ice or Land Sailing. I have never done Ice because I hate the cold. Sometimes in the desert it gets pretty cold. But like I have said before, Once you go 40knts around the leeward mark, your perspective on sailing will change forever. Also, you learn that a second of hesitation will cost the race. Decisions and reactions have to be quick at 30 to 50 knts of speed when you get a 2 degree shift , if you can even detect it. Some can, some can't. I used knts because my speed puck goes from my boat to my Blokart and I do not want to change the settings. Those are the speeds the little ones make. The winged craft I posted earlier is capable of 90 to 100 mph, imagine that. Bring some extra undies. I can picture my self, in a Superfioler because it is smaller, maybe not in an F50. And I also love watching the old 12 meter and ACC monos race. Sail changes are part of sailing, the starts are fun and the tactics are much different.
  5. Meat Wad

    Moovie Review Threade

    I hear the New Joker movie is really Dark and Violent
  6. Meat Wad

    Mumm 36 Avatar is missing

    Stockton Lake in MO is a nice little place. Drove through on my way home from my parents place near Lebanon MO. Nice and warm in the summer, good breeze and a nice big area for W/L or Triangles. I saw 2 Wylie Wabbits on trailers at a boat yard. I'm sure they race. I can't find the photo I took from the Dam looking up wind out to the other end of the lake.
  7. Meat Wad

    Fduck Foiling!

    That is a horrible angle for a photo of that boat. I'm sure there are better. I'd go for a ride.
  8. Like I said, they are all crazy fucks
  9. Meat Wad

    Best speech or monologue in a movie

    Some would say the beginning of a great nation, other would say the beginning of the end. If we ever get invaded by a species from another world bent on killing us, this would be a good speech. A funny but entertaining movie. Typical Day in America, GIVE ME A F'ng Break. Michael Moore is a fat ass slob who made a fortune off of a tragic day where 2 kids lost their minds.
  10. Meat Wad

    F-35 Fuck Yeah

    You can claim anything but until you show proof it is just a claim. The Power of the press can cause decisions based on a few words that may or may not be true. But like others said, Computer Tech is changing faster than Aero Tech. AI can tell from a flight pattern/direction that something may or may not be an aircraft. Worthy of shooting down???? your choice.
  11. There is not a single R or D that I would vote for next year. They are all crazy fucks. The Problem is the same old turds float to the top and keep getting reelected. Time for Term Limits so young people have a chance.
  12. Meat Wad

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    That is what has been on all the news outlets today. No doubt there will be Regs for Charging stations and Li Batteries. Sprinkler systems on certain sized boats capable of carrying lots of passengers. Escape hatches, size and access with egress to different areas. Maybe no more old flammable wood boats??
  13. Meat Wad

    Fduck Foiling!

    Old Sail Wagon meets new wagons Mini Skitter to the left designed by John Eisenlohr‎ and his winged land yacht with his newly built wing.
  14. Meat Wad


    This is one stupid thread. The poor young girl has been used by people that want to levy more taxes on everyone and do what they want with the money. Modern science is so young that we do not even know how to go back in time to measure EVERYTHING Yes we can measure a few things from Tree rings and ice cores, but we cannot measure the Astrophysics of those times, so we know really nothing. The Moral of the story is.............Do not buy or build in low lying areas unless you know you can sell at a profit or break even. OMG, people are idiots
  15. Sailing needs to do away with Gender and get into weight classes. A 130 lb female can sail as well as a 130 lb male. Unfortunately when you get into the 175+ weights there is a difference. My solution is to not allow anyone over the weight of 175lbs race sailboats at the Olympic or World level. LOL Seriously, weight class will allow male and female to compete on an equal basis.