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  1. Meat Wad

    Lighting Sailor, Mark Bryant

    Thanks, I hope some from the lighting fleet have something to say too. If you have any photos from way back let me know.
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    Scandal King

    There might be an ad.
  4. I just received a message from Mark's wife the he is days possible a few weeks away from passing. 6 months ago he was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. Nothing has gone well. I know many of you know Mark from the Lighting and some big boat sailing in the Chicago area (many years back). I have some shots of some lighting boats, but I cannot tell if Mark was on board. Here is a shot of Mark when he was working on 2.4mR boats And here is one of his 2.4mR creations sitting pretty.
  5. My 60 year old body (20 years as a Para) cannot sail the 2.4mR anymore. Technical yes and very demanding physically. Results so far in the 2.4mR class 3 of the top 10 should not be in the event. 3 others I do not know and the other 4 deserve to be there. The French guy Damien sails an open 40 single handed with sponsorship. He is a total professional and should not be there. Dee is a joke and Heiko can sail a Finn. At least Matt Bugg , an Aussie, is a paraplegic. If this is how they expect the get sailing back in the Paralympics, The 2.4mR will be left out and the Hanse 303 and Venture might make it, if the MFG supplies the boats. Good to see Daniel Evans, USA, moving up. He also races Handcycles. Why is Jim Thweatt, USA, in the silver fleet of the Hanse 303? He has raced at the elite level for many many years. If the USA does not take the lead and fix the discrepancies in the Disability rating system. Disabled sailing will fail again. When is having a disability, Disabled enough for Disabled Sailing. 50%, 70& or 99%??? Dee smith is 99.9% able and he is racing in a disabled sailing event being beating by someone who is 95% able. So Far. We'll wait to see the final. I understand the conditions are shitty light.
  6. Meat Wad

    House Bellwethers

    I just hope you all lose. I want the little gray beings from outer space to come and fuck you all in the ass.
  7. Meat Wad

    Ecstatic Octupuses

    Oh Boy, lets experiment on other animals. How about we just eliminate the idiots with defective genetic code?? You know, survival of the fittest. Somewhere along the way we forgot about Nature.
  8. Meat Wad

    Cool fairing tool

    A friend of mine not only smoked Cigs for his whole adult life but also bragged about smelting lead to pour small keel ingots. He now has major cancer and is screaming for universal health care. Of course all the while he was uninsured. When they stopped lead in paints, that should have been a wake up call for everyone.
  9. Meat Wad

    Cool fairing tool

    And look at the knuckle head with no breathing apparatus. Lead fumes make you stupid.
  10. Meat Wad

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I'll take one please
  11. Meat Wad

    How to score one class with two divisions?

    The easiest way in Sailwave is to set up a separate series for OD. OD does not need times recorded. Then you can have the overall and OD.
  12. Results so far How predictable the top 3 in the 2.4mR class. All professional sailors who at one time were paid to sail. The top 2 are both missing one hand but Dee "the wanna be disabled" Smith has no place in this group of people. Once again, this is why Sailing was knocked from the Paralympics. The same people and countries at the top. 7 of the top 10 are names that go pretty far back in disabled sailing. Bjornar is right behind them with a few others expected to move up as racing continues. Emerging Nations do not have the resources to compete. In the Hanse class, Jens Kroker has been around since for ever too. But there a bunch of people recruited to sail to show the IPC, that there are sailors. Even if they are getting pounded. The RS Venture would be fun. I do not recognize many names there Only 8 from the USA out of the total fleet of 98 sailors is pretty sad. US Sailing has done an abysmal job shepherding Disabled Sailing in the USA And for those that ask, "Why am I not there"? Because I was here racing my boat against able people and kicking some but. Here we are the little boat in A fleet taking the start, again!! 3 races Saturday and 1 random leg Sunday. We were 3rd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday (it was our condition). Boats left to right Zap 26, J 35, Farr 30, Olson 40, Shock 35, J 100, committee boat and a Fast 42. It was work trying to keep up with the bigger boats in 15knts. We should have been in the B fleet. The Zap rates 135 and the Farr 30 is 54, that is a hell of a spread.
  13. Meat Wad

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    I regularly use the port approach and pick my spot. There are always idiots way to early and they end up way down the line. The trick is knowing how much time it takes to run the line on Stbd and that tells you how to time the port approach. Then you do not have to flog your sails killing time. I hate lining up with the rest of the fleet flogging my sails. They cost way too much. If the RC sets the line so the pin end is favored, starts are much easier and safer for all.
  14. Meat Wad

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I knew I should have become a tailor/dress maker rather than a sail maker.
  15. That is cool. WTF does something like that cost?