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    Brexit, WTF Who gives a shit about the Brits. If USA Gymnastics can be de-certified, why can't the Brit control of sailing be de-certified? Sports suck
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    New toy, not sailing

    So I know a couple that trains real service dogs. They do the first step from 6 weeks to 1 year and then the dog is evaluated for the rest for the program. Some make it some do not. I went to a fund raiser comedy show here in Oxnard and they had lots of stuff. A silent auction with a really nice guitar, very sweet looking Ovation Acustic/Electirc. I had to have it and it was a donation anyway. It came with 4 free lessons which I need. I finished lesson 3 and I can say the instructor is pretty cool. a few years younger t than me so we relate pretty well. Guitar Center donated the piece which sounds incredible. I'm having fun anyway. Just a beginner with a real machine. This is it
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    Live on FB, NOW

    Sail GP is live
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    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    You got that right..................BORING
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    Live on FB, NOW

  6. Meat Wad

    Live on FB, NOW

    Day 2 of 3 more hopefully better than yesterday races is starting now. In the USA go to FB and search for SailGP.
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    ADA wheel chair compliant project

    I was thinking of sliding multi pane door with some kind of outside shutters for nasty weather for safety. But above all the KISS principle is paramount.
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    I might not have explained to clearly, More volunteer judges mean lots of new people who will have a steep learning curve. Many sailors don't even know the rules as they are. Typically you want OTW Judges to be from out of your area. That adds lots of extra logistics and expenses. As if our sport is not expensive enough.
  9. Meat Wad

    ADA wheel chair compliant project

    Don't talk to me, I'm a grumpy old sailor that used to do it and can't do it the way he used to. Besides my right shoulder hurts a lot now. Probably from pushing it right from the day I hit rehab. Personally I want a boat that has wider side decks. I do like the Multi aspect of it though. If I were getting a big boat, it would have side decks so I could get forward instead of having to open the main Salon. But I would want the option and maybe it would need a front porch type opening so the main salon would never be open when someone enters or exits the front porch. I do not have the $$$ anyway. Here is a photo from the 80's on board a Peterson 42, I think, with Bill Daffron at Long Beach RW when it was a real hotbed for IOR. I'm in the blue shorts trimming something. as we come into the leeward mark. I used to do it really I did..
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    Live on FB, NOW

    I posted the live link because it was LIVE. Use their FB page link it should start around 8pm PST tonight. Their website seems to auto calculate the race start times based on the area you are online at. At least they have a good programmer. On their site you can find ways to view. Yes it was pretty boring. I would rather see Super Foilers out there.. For some reason not many teams have signed up to the Foiling Multi scene. There were only 6 Super Foilers in the last series and now only 6 in the Sail GP series. I wonder why so few sailors are interested in racing? Could it be because of the New AC Protocol?? I sent an FB PM to SailGP on behalf of all the non FB users prior to the start of the video and this is how it went. I am sure FB is doing something for SailGP for trying to get more sailors to join. IMHO, FB is not a good platform to get an audience. I believe there is an App you can download to watch. I hate all the F'ng apps that business want you to have. they all suck. PM to SailGP Me: Your website says you will have a live FB broadcast, but I find nothing on FB that says so? I do not want to download another App. If you want more USA watchers, please do like the Super Foilers and get it live on YOU TUBE. My Tele connects right to You Tube. SailGP: Hi David, if you are in a country where Facebook is listed a viewing option then you will be able to watch directly from the SailGP Facebook page. Hope this helps!
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    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    I watched it on Face Book live SailGP. It was OK at best. A few close calls but not enough wind. I would like to see a longer race around the main channel of Sydney Harbor. I'll watch again tonight, It started around 9:10 PST last night
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    SCYA Midwinters

    Such a big area like SD should be embarrassed at such a low turn out. Our little SB Channel area has that many entered in the J24 class and PHRF combined. HAHA. Not one single boat from SB has entered and neither have I. I'm still working on my little project which has been hampered by the rains.
  13. Meat Wad

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Even better they are on a short course? Why have a high speed boat and put it on a down speed course? I want to see high speed racing side by side, not barriers forcing tacking and gybing. If they are using Sydney harbor, let them use it like the 18 footers do.
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    "Good policing prevents crime, perhaps the time has come to ramp up those who are on the water just to ensure a fairer, more level, field of prey." So you want more volunteers to be OTW judges? Mostly older people who will make conservative decisions? When is close too close?? This will be the interpretation of the OTW Judge. Wait till your haters are watching you on the water.
  15. Meat Wad

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Yes, it should be in Foiling Anarchy Isn't that kind of short for those big cats? and Why don't thy use the Super Foiler? Nice and small and more affordable. I loved watching the last season. I put it on the Tele at the last Friday dinner at the YC and people came up and thanked me for putting something new on. Why TF do they always have to have another new class?
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    "National Cleavage Day"

    Total recall was released in 1990 and Paul was released in 2011 While the line was in Paul, 3 tits was Total recall.
  17. Well, actually it is what can people do...................emulate. -Almost everyone has access to sking. If they don't, they can watch and know they have access to try it. You might think people have access to sailing, maybe at a certain level, but most do not feel they do have access to sailing. Besides the learning curve is so long until you reach a certain level that most do not want to undertake the time to learn. Which is why ha also have so many computer illiterate people, even after computers have been around for almost 40 years. People will not take the time to learn. The reason sailing will fail, it does not reach the mainstream because it is considered out of reach. All disciplines are open. M/F. after all this is a sport open to all. 2 events with several course types. Salmon and W/L racing. Single handed Moth Foiling. The hull is OD but based on the person sailing, the rig/sail is tailored to their weight. double handed Foiling Cat. Once again. the Hull and foils are OD but the rig/sails can be tailored too the crew. This is the only way big people and little people can compete against each other.
  18. Meat Wad

    Mini Skeeter, Ice or land

    Ivanpah is coming up. 2 weeks of back to back events and high speed sailing. Cheap Hotel rooms and showers too. Part on the Playa.................forget the Ice NALSA March 23rd to 30th NABSA March 30th to April 4th
  19. If sailing acted more like Track and Field, it might actually be a good thing. Many disciplines and qualifying at the games for each discipline. Imagine that, twice as many as we see currently and watching the qualifying. But who would watch it.............................NOBODY, except us.................which is really nobody.
  20. Meat Wad

    Any body heard of pegging I mean WTF!!

    I have a peg board in my garage. If I put my tools on the pegs, my bench would be cleaner.
  21. Meat Wad

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    I've always been treated nicely at SDYC. There are Idiots on both sides.
  22. Meat Wad

    Mini Skeeter, Ice or land

    To the best of my knowledge the only land yacht designed with hand steering is the blokart. All others are pretty much foot steered. That is what drew me to the Blokart. It did not need any mods to be accessible. Scott and Dean built these in tandem. The mini skeeter hull is all wood. I believe you can contact Scott through his you tube account and ask him questions.
  23. The problem is the Olympics have a feeder system. The Paralympics have Accidents and Ambulances as a feeder system. You guys should do your home work. I downloaded the results from WS on all the Paralympic and world events and the IPC is right. The same countries and the same people over 16 years......................Bye Bye
  24. Meat Wad

    N2E changes

    It sounds like US Sailing. Back in 1999, a magazine owner paid for the first ever Webcast of a sailing event. Yes, it was the US regatta to choose the rep to the Sydney Paralympic Games. Interviews on shore and boats, Helicopter everything sailing ever wanted. They even had me on footage from the helicopter leading a race that was called. Betsy Alison and Serge Jorgensen were commentating. It was great to watch. I constantly asked for copies of the footage for safe keeping. The company goes out of business and gives the CD's with all the footage to US shitwads......................Fucking USS loses everything. I hate the people that run this sport, bunch of fucking twats.