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  1. monochrome

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Which boats would your rather see sold, instead of those mentioned in the pdf?
  2. monochrome

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Why is a jib good upwind? Is that in light winds or all conditions?
  3. monochrome


    Cool! Is that joint of the boards which goes from top att the bow down to the waterline at the bulkheads chosen to be able to make the shape of the hull? Or could the joint be placed anywhere?
  4. monochrome

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    USA won a race in New York. That's a start to more competition for the wins. They apparently had a replacement trimmer due to injury. It was their wing trim teacher showing how it's done! Maybe they should keep him at the controls! =)
  5. monochrome

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I don't understand the hate. I love watching these boats and the races. It's just so cool to see them reach 30 knots in almost no wind. And so spectacular when they are a bit out of control. I wish there where more races with these boats. Also that there would be more teams competing for the top spots.
  6. monochrome

    T2 Foiling Tri

    I'm probably taking off soon, yes. And for Gary's picture, it was relevant, since it was a trifoiler of the same size as the one in the topic. It's also very beautiful. Watching it removes all thoughts that he was unnecessarily bragging about his brilliant boats again. =)
  7. monochrome

    T2 Foiling Tri

    I dont think you are in the position to use that humor. Instead I think you are posting it arrogantly to say something like "if these forum reading idiots would be as bright as me, they would understand that this is humor, but they will never understand, because I am above them, nobody is as bright as me, and as you can see I even designed this unique foiling system before the French pros did, years ahead, and now I'm very bitter and grumpy because they went to full scale with the idea before me, so now it's not unique anymore, it's so funny, hahaha"
  8. monochrome

    T2 Foiling Tri

    Why did you post that, man? Do you really think the people who visit the various boat/sailing forums haven't already seen that? And it has absolutely zero relevance to this thread. Absolutely zero relevance. Do you you understand me? Do you agree or disagree?
  9. monochrome

    ArMen Race

    They are doing 1 knot now! Will they finish the race?
  10. monochrome

    ArMen Race

    Almost no wind now. 5 knot boatspeed with 100feet boats.
  11. monochrome

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Are they able to get the right shape of the top of the soft sail (the "flap")? Looks like the top more or less follows the air stream. With an aspect ratio of the soft sail of more than 10:1 I assume it's hard to get the right trim ("flap angle") up there. Isn't it hard/impossible to trim the main if you can't see it when standing at the winches (under the roof)?
  12. monochrome

    Dragonfly 25 MKI

    I've just bought a Dragonfly 25 MK1, which according to the registration sheet was made in 1981! Can you have a look on my mast base. See pictures in this link: Is this the original mastbase for an MK1? Mounted as by the factory? Or am I right in suspecting that it's mounted backwards? This is how it looks on an 800: The mast is forward of the pulleys, making it able to be lowered forward/raised from forward with the boom and mainsheet. Like this: If I can't lay the mast down forwards and attach the mastfoot with a pin, then I can't step it without a crane? It might be hard to see in this picture, but I think that also the "deck organizers" have been removed, because there is a line of filled holes behind the front jib track: So now I'm unsure of what to do. Leave it as it is and pay a marina with a crane to step the mast? But I want to fix it, to be able to raise the mast myself.
  13. monochrome

    Route du Rhum 2018

    The time ratio between the 50 footer and the 100 footers is about equal to the squareroot of the ratio of waterline length. Is it possible to see the distance sailed of each boat? I would like to compare the average freude number of each boat.
  14. monochrome

    Route du Rhum 2018

    But they have the centerboard as backup. Would spare straight daggerboards really make enough difference for performance?
  15. monochrome

    Route du Rhum 2018

    The speed doesn't go down on the 4 minute average at the collision, so I suppose it was just a light touch.