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  1. According to analyses of that incident, they were not on collision course though.
  2. They have some serious camber in those foils.
  3. What are your theories about what advantages the steel brings? A good high modulus carbon composite has higher strength and better modulus of elasticity than steel. Where is the steel used?
  4. Nice interview Where can I watch the previous with Martin Fischer that she mentions in the beginning?
  5. Apparent wind upwind is roughly boat speed + 70% of wind speed. So about 30-35 knots yesterday. A sitting cyclist has a cda of about 0.5 m2, which gives a drag of about 100N at that speed. Not totally insignificant in the equation actually. So I have to correct myself, I think it helps. Let's say the difference in crew aero drag makes a difference in boat speed of half a knot. That is a difference of 300m in 20 min of sailing. Maybe next time we will se the crew inside aero shaped "cockpits".
  6. I think foils and wing shape is the main factors of NZ performance, not the drag of the crew. The low profile of the crew is kind of unnecessary when the skipper exposes his full frontal area to the wind.
  7. The forecast is falling winds. And the latest observations on that site confirmso. But I assume the sea will be rough. But that is not taken into account, right?
  8. As Nathan said after the race, they "stole" the victory by giving Japan a penalty. Similar to when NZ stole a victory from Art on the last gate in their first match. In both cases the penalised boats could have avoided it by sailing with just slightly more margins and still won the race.
  9. Probably just a mistake on the website. In the pic the schedule looks normal.
  10. Hi all I would like to have some advice regarding buying a Macgregor 36 which I looked at the other day. It needs some work. *The trampoline is in bad shape and is removed. *Some pieces above the waterline are leaking so there is fresh water in the hulls. There is also a small hole in the hull above the outboard mount. *The electrical system is disconnected. All lights and instruments probably needs replacement. *There is quite a lot of growth under the hulls because it has been sitting in the water for at least a year. I think many. *I looked at the mainsail and it looked decent except some minor damage in the luff next to the batten pockets. Didn't take the other three sails out of their bags but looked OK from what I saw. *Some of the stays for the rig were very loose. *All wood needs sanding and varnish. Some plywood inside the hulls was flexing when stepping on it. The asked price is about 10k USD. I'm hoping to be able to buy it cheaper. It has been for sale for some months now. What do you think the value is? Also, does this boat need a crew when sailing? I have only owned a small keelboat and now recently a Hobie 14. I have single handed both of them. I don't know anyone who is interested in sailing. I thought the keelboat was slow and I think the Hobie lacks a bed. But very fun to sail when it's windy.
  11. I haven't seen anything dramatically bad regarding tactics. Maybe not top notch, but they have done some tactically good races. Also some bad. At least mid pack in that regard. Boat speed, maybe the best on small foils. On large foils in light winds we don't know yet. Large foils in medium winds against other boats with small foils, definitely slow, but that is not surprising. Maneuver mistakes might be high. They have fallen down during gybes. Don't know what that is about.
  12. I have a question about how much you think the skipper can compensate for the wrong choice of foils? Example 1) If they put large foils on the boat when it's windy, then the foils will have close to zero AoA at speed - draggy. I think that the skipper should be able to compensate somewhat by sailing at a smaller angle / lower speed. Then the foils will work closer to their intended speed region, so will be less draggy. Can this compensate enough to not simply loose the race from lack of speed? Example 2) If they put small foils on the boat when it's not very windy, then the foils will be at a high AoA / close to stalling / draggy, and may not provide enough lift for foiling. Then I think the skipper should be able to compensate by sailing at a wider angle / higher speed. The foils will work closer to their intended speed region, so will be less draggy. Will this result in the same VMG as the correct foils with the normal angle to the wind? 1) Would add the benefit of less tacks per leg. But I think it would also be harder/more risky to sail, because sailing that close to the wind, if the wind shifts forward, the skipper needs react to not loose drive and fall down. While in the normal case there 2) Would have the disadvantage of needing more tacks per leg. And since the foils are small, a non-perfect maneuver is more likely to cause the boat to fall down. So both these approaches seems to involves some risk when compensating for the wrong choice of foils.
  13. I think their original plan was 3-4 races per day. The first day was canceled due to weather conditions. So they had to schedule 6 races per day until they caught up.
  14. They must have chosen the wrong set of foils today.
  15. I don't see why you want all this information though. Isn't it more interesting while watching this to use your own mind to try to judge who is the faster boat to the mark, just like you would do out on the sea? At least, I think so. =)