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  1. 1) Always Observe the Prime Directive => Hit Nothing. 2) Varnish Hogs is brilliant, gleaming, hand rubbed, brilliant.
  2. Concentrate on sailing skills before racing skills.
  3. Ned

    I.C. Down wind question

    Similar experience with the I14. Then one day we were racing instead of holding on and surviving. That was a delightful day.
  4. Ned

    I.C. Down wind question

    Perhaps a question to ask yourself is "which sailor do you want to become in two years"? Because with the arbitrary nature of handicapping, and with the challenge of learning to sail a much higher performance boat, you are racing against your prior abilities. Everything else is noise, not signal.
  5. Ned

    I finally got my boat balanced like i want it

    I'm curious about the note taped to the topsides.
  6. Ned


    Another vote for the Sawzall to the extent that it will work safely for you. I use the 12 inch demo blades, above ground, underground, whatever. Notch what your are cutting and be patient. Let the tool do the work. Chainsaws are often the right tool for the job. For smaller stuff I like the control and absence of terror of the Sawzall.
  7. Ned

    Hygiene & economic growth

    Frenchie, also keep in mind that in Asia it is very standard to wear masks while travelling or during cold season etc. Keeps the rates of aerosol dispersion lower. Bioaerosols are the obvious place to limit exposure.
  8. Ned

    How Stupid is That?

    Compared to the Laser it's like sailing a sidewalk (hat tip to GRS).
  9. Ned

    How Stupid is That?

    Maybe a pull up bar will help?
  10. Ned

    holy fuck... beirut

    Ammonium nitrate is the oxidizer.
  11. Ned

    The F1 2020 thread

    Ghastly must have felt good finishing ahead of Albon. Alex needs his confidence back because he's lost the edge.
  12. Ned

    Clipped Swan

    Same idea canoe hull swing keel yet the 1971 Equation was a Yawl, Jemel was Ketch.both ior. Equation - Director Delivered the 61' Britton Chance designed ocean racing yawl I had always heard Equation referred to as a Ketch. Knew about the smaller later daggerboard boats starting with Resolute Salmon.
  13. As above, they'll stay home and pout like the selfishly dysfunctional princesses they are. Ninety four days left. A whole bunch of chaos will ensue before late October. We'll see how much money and turmoil Mr. Xi pours into shooing The Donald out the door and getting himself another lap dog. Also, there will be an incident in the South China Sea before Halloween. That's guaranteed.
  14. The thread is about crazy shit and you go trying to be logical, or at least polite about a soundly rejected candidate. DNC can do whatever they want. And if they actually want to win in November they gotta push as far to the right as possible versus palatable and get out the socialists to vote for Brand D anyway. Because most will simply whine they didn't get their pony so will stay home and sulk.