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  1. Ned

    Old Cordage

    Yep, recycle it into other projects.
  2. Ned

    So, I bought a boat

    I love it. Learn to sail it well and know all the positive aspects and the negative aspects. A serious gunkholing champion is in the making. Applause!
  3. Ned

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    An unknown number of unknown unknowns for an unknown duration which will have unknown adverse effects. Please contact your Risk Management Office for details.
  4. Yep, awards for random placings. Otherwise it's sort of performance cruising.
  5. If I recall correctly from my days in the PH ratings wars, PHRF-NW ratings were reportedly "stretched" by ten percent. So take the base and multiply by 1.10. Not sure where the political action committees and party apparatchiks weigh in during the process. I see others also commented above my reply because of course I didn't read to the end of the thread before commenting.....
  6. Ned

    armchair Protest Com.

    Standard Shorten Course vs Changing Course issue. Question is who to reward? Boats who finished properly. Or boats who didn't. Or decide it's handicap racing so they should just deliver rewards through the fleet at random.
  7. Ned

    What is it?

    Look's like Dad's Kittiwake 23.
  8. Ned

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    The problem is there is math involved and people get confused. They would rather complain.
  9. Ned

    Caption Contest

    Gucci Goes Ghetto
  10. Ned

    Anybody Knows What Happens If...

    Mel Carnahan in Missouri. Beat John Ashcroft.
  11. Ned

    Looking for used Laser hardware

    Yep, make one up and go sailing. If you want an adjustable boat sail the Ball.
  12. Ned

    so what is it

  13. Ned

    Santa Cruz 27 craigslist find

    It's even the correct color.
  14. Who funded their campaigns? Did Kent Island even have any land left to develop?
  15. Interesting point. Definitely need to get rid of the organized bribery that is the lobbyists and implement strict financial limits. And make Congress use the same crap health care and retirement plans the rest of us get. Retroactively. I am curious about how term limits empower lobbyists. Have a special set of loathing for that sector.