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  1. Thanks Mark and Rule 69, track last night was looking favorable. Now more so. Sure we'll see you again this year. Back to turning off SA.
  2. 11 am sat pic shows a step to the left, and we want a jump to the right. Standing by for the 2pm and 5pm.
  3. Mark and Rule 69, thanks for the updates. We will be closely watching the track here until the power goes off. Then we won't need to track it......
  4. There's a bit in the Carribean Thread. I would be off the mooring balls because likely there will be something from the south.
  5. Just looked at the animation after the 8am. Seems that once again the moisture is getting trapped on the eastern side of the Big Island. The Low has dissipated and weakened. Some of the Low and the moisture will continue on their own. The visual center of the storm does seem to have shifted south a bit and the Low has elongated north- south. Not the first storm that got shredded by the Big Island, and vice versa. Now will Lester catch up and harvest the moisture? Or just have a rear end collision? Still will be a) watching closely, and battening down just in case something weird happens and something spools back up.
  6. You'll definitely want to batten down. We're watching it to see how hard to batten down. I'm leaning toward Maddy going north. The animation with the five pm GOES indicates that being the trend. However, place your bets boys and girls because while the topography of the Big Island can affect the Tropical Storms we've been getting, this is a lot more energy . Curious to see what the 8pm shows. Good luck over there.
  7. Mark, Any thoughts on Madeline and her brother? Looks like they're sliding down about the same track. Thanks.
  8. Ned

    Police Militarization in the US

    In Cambridge? A SWAT team?!
  9. Ned

    Bloomberg'$ $peech

    The slingshot. It's always fun until someone pokes an eye out.
  10. Ned

    Photography Is Not A Crime

    Jersey style.
  11. Ned

    Sandy Hook parents suing everyone. ....

    ^^^ This.... Given that mental/behavioral issues are dynamic, the balance between protection from one's self and protection of one's liberties is difficult to implement in statute. I think that its a conversation that we need to have, and that perhaps in addition to statute, should be an awareness that we all hold a responsibility for keeping ourselves together. When I was a kid, if I did something wrong out in public, my Mom would know about it before I got home. Now? People are afraid to upset parents by telling them that their kids are acting up. I hated knowing I couldn't get away with anything then, but, it damn sure kept me in line. Maybe we need a societal trend back towards that kind of caring. Yep, no coconuts in Dorchester but the coconut wireless was quite strong.
  12. Ned

    Sandy Hook parents suing everyone. ....

    Pushing for a $ettlement from the insurance company. Not about justice or even social change. Just money. How come they don't sue the school district or the local cops? $imple, it's harder to extort a $ettlement.
  13. Ned

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Yep, I've know people who spent a lot of time every spring weighing Laser hulls before buying their new one for the summer. The rake issue is interesting and hadn't thought about that before.
  14. Ned

    Dick Carter design boats

    They charge for them because they can. You want them and they have them. Also, keeps people from just asking for free stuff and wasting their time and resources. Like SJB I would have thought they would need to refer you to Carter.
  15. Ned

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Gouv, sounds like you're going down the path of cheese type food.