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  1. Mickey Rat

    Trump versus the War Party

    Seems all you know for sure is that the plane was shot down. Washington’s story never made any sense. Neither Russia nor the separatists in the Donetsk region had any reason to shoot down a Malaysian airliner.
  2. Mickey Rat

    POTUS Takes Russians Side Vs FBI, CIA, etc.

    They are everywhere, dumdum!
  3. Mickey Rat

    Trump versus the War Party

  4. Mickey Rat


    Hang them and you too! TRAITOR! Next, they will be selling them the rights to our goddamn uranium! KILL EVERYTHING that moves!
  5. Mickey Rat

    Trump versus the War Party

    They are your enemy, want to flex their muscles, expand and eventually take over the world, oh, and Putin is Hilter! Never forget that.
  6. Mickey Rat


    Unfortunately for you, many Americans feel the same. The truth is not always palatable.
  7. Mickey Rat

    Trump versus the War Party

    Too bad it wasn't, but we can always pretend.
  8. Mickey Rat

    Trump versus the War Party

    More hyperbole from the master. But, I suspect most Americans want peace with Russia with the small exception of those profiting from the perpetuation of endless wars and the need for an enemy.
  9. Mickey Rat

    Trump versus the War Party

    Interesting perspective from aniwar.com that the armchair warmongers and partisan dupes from both sides of the duopoly are not going to like.
  10. Mickey Rat

    Trump/Putin Meeting advice

    Folks like John Bolton? Yeah, and maybe Hillary and McCain too! Oh, and let's not forget Kissinger! Reset button? Sure why not.
  11. Mickey Rat

    Russian German pipeline

    No, it was the other way around. Under the codename Operation "Barbarossa," Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, in the largest German military operation the War. Roosevelt intervened on the side of Stalin whom he affectionately referred to as "Uncle Joe". Educate yourself!
  12. Mickey Rat


    Good, they don't need to be involved in every military conflict on the planet anymore.
  13. Mickey Rat

    Brexit, and all it entails

    Weakening trade imbalances and getting more money from your so called NATO partners? You are giving him way too much credit.
  14. Mickey Rat

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Well, at least they tried! But, I can't see how this helps little rocketman now that the neo-con/liberals MIC sponsored whores can now say we told ya so and the US starts tightening up the screws again.