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  1. Mickey Rat

    more fast food

    ah, I didn't mean it other than as a reference to the war criminal. I know Ben's not into that shit.
  2. Mickey Rat

    more fast food

    I'm surprised you didn't videotape yourself or at least a selfie. What color skin did they have?
  3. Mickey Rat

    Debt? What Debt? Like it or Not, We Are Going There

    It's not about winning. DUH! Where the fuck you been?
  4. Military interventionism has its trade-offs. Maintaining 800 plus military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad is not cheap. Someone has to pay.
  5. Mickey Rat

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    That and allowing men to use the ladies room.
  6. Mickey Rat

    more fast food

    War criminals like pizza and don't know how to cook.
  7. 21 trillion in debt not to mention unfunded liability is self sustaining?
  8. Are they working for free or just waiting to get paid? Is the USG going to stiff them? What about the ones that don't have to show up for work, do they still get paid for staying home after the shut down is over? Is the government a capitalist venture?
  9. Mickey Rat

    Who will be Democrat nominee in 2020?

    Yes, I expect him to start gassing innocent women and children at any minute, now that Trump is threatening to pull out USG troops!
  10. Mickey Rat

    Who will be Democrat nominee in 2020?

    Yup, she's toast. DUH.
  11. Mickey Rat

    Poll Rigging

    That would be a stupid bet.
  12. Mickey Rat

    Pro-War Democratic Elites Reunite With Neocons

    Actually, it was Nixon who ended the Viet Nam war. Put that in your little collectivist skull and rattle it around.
  13. Mickey Rat

    Are Walls Immoral?

    The USG builds the best prisons in the world. They are exceptional! So why not turn the country into a giant prison? Like North Korea, or the Berlin during the USSR? They are begging for it after all. Nevermind immigration reform, that would be too simple! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!
  14. Mickey Rat

    Poll Rigging

    Just pointing out your hypocrisy. I know hypocrites don't like to be called on their shit, it causes them to get all red in the face and go into MELTDOWN mode. Seen Jack lately?
  15. Mickey Rat

    Poll Rigging

    Rigging? Just a guess. Why is it you hypocrites always go into meltdown mode anytime someone mentions Hillary?