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  1. Hey, stupid...... Yeah, you! Try telling that to Dylan.
  2. Rat's ass

    The Cohen hearings

  3. You guys? Don't blame others for your inadequacies and lack of foresight. You fake liberals have even less credibility than a reality TV show host. In the meantime, we are all enjoying the meltdown.
  4. Is this the latest panty pissing meltdown thread?
  5. Rat's ass

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    It didn't. The fake liberal armchairs and their neocon counterparts are jumping for joy. You have so much in common these days. God, how you miss McCain.
  6. Rat's ass

    The Cohen hearings

    When was the last time Assang´╗┐e lied under oath?
  7. Rat's ass

    The Cohen hearings

    Cohen claims? Oh boy, the earth just shattered!
  8. Rat's ass

    Hanoi 2019

    I hope they can make some progress however they would never "award" him a Nobel Prize, unfortunately, that's reserved for war criminals.
  9. Rat's ass

    The Cohen hearings

    I fear that the Russians may be behind this somehow. It's very possible that Putin ordered the hits to make Hillary look bad.
  10. Matches up nicely with the gasoline prices, don't ya think?
  11. Fat, ugly and stupid comes in many shapes, colors, and ethnicities as does your blatant bigotry and prejudice based on appearances.
  12. Rat's ass

    Jussie Smollett

    Boo hoo, poor little snowflake.
  13. Rat's ass


    Not to be confused with a fake liberal, virtue signaling, hypocrite with no balls.