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  1. Rat's ass


  2. Rat's ass

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    No need for investigation, Bus, NMT says hello and also he wants me to thank you all for your help, gratitude, support, keeping him in your prayers and even dedicating a thread to him! He also says please try not to piss yourself and that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Your daddy will be home soon.
  3. Rat's ass


    Let the Armchair Jeffy MELTDOWN begin! 5.....4....3....2.....1.....MELTDOWN! Whos' next?
  4. Rat's ass

    Assange has been arrested

    No insult intended.
  5. Rat's ass

    $28b enough of a bribe?

    I agree with Tom and anyway it's too late the cows left the barn long ago when you were sold down the river going all the way back to when Kissinger/ Nixon first "opened China" to take advantage of the cheap/slave labor. Long range planning vs. the average voter (with the memory of a squirrel monkey). Long range planning vs. barnyard animal stupidity. Long range planning vs. fake left wing corporate media gulpers. etc. etc. etc.. It's too late, get used to it.
  6. Rat's ass

    Nancy outsmarts Trump again.

    Maybe our Sore-ass can point out one single way that the institutional core of the federal government, which was running quite smoothly under the previous, most-honest president, No, that is the funniest post ever. Left Shit is the funniest assclown, hands down.
  7. Rat's ass

    Assange has been arrested

    Are you still sucking ass?
  8. Rat's ass

    Racism of old people

  9. Rat's ass

    Autonomous Device Payroll Tax

    And, Taxes have no effect on consumer prices therefore tax the snot out of new technology that replaces minimum wage earners!
  10. Rat's ass

    The Wall

  11. Rat's ass

    Drip Drip Drip

  12. Rat's ass

    The abortion Debate - Why is incest a special case?

    Up to 1,087 times in fact. As you may have noticed I have a strong prejudice against hypocrites and assclowns.
  13. Rat's ass

    The abortion Debate - Why is incest a special case?

    Are you pissing yourself again? Next you will be insulting the prophet Muhammad.