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  1. Rat's ass


    and stick close to the teleprompter!
  2. Rat's ass

    Trump's budget

    Cry me a river, Hypocrite. You and your fake liberal, collectivist, butt buddies.
  3. Rat's ass

    Trump's budget

    Hypocrite much?
  4. Rat's ass

    Tariffs on Chinese goods.

    Boycott? Apple is made in China! UCMTSU!
  5. Rat's ass

    Incest and Rape

    Are you drunk?
  6. Look who's talking, I bet the Jibshit clown can't even find Aleppo on a map.
  7. Rat's ass

    What’s the ultimate goal of our oligarchy?

    Indeed, it's virtue signaling racist "rubes" like yourself that are the problem. Rubes get what they deserve. Get used to it.
  8. Fake liberal is someone who defends the rights of one group of people to discriminate the rights of other groups. One example is modern feminist organizations who defend the rights of Islamists to practice Sharia while ignoring their misogyny & xenophobia. Sound like anyone you know?
  9. How about the state also add Hebrew to the curriculum ya fake liberal Assclown?
  10. Rat's ass

    Jared - A modern day Benedict Arnold.

    So you are saying he's not a racist? Wow, it takes a man to admit when he's wrong. I guess I had you figured wrong.
  11. Rat's ass

    US fertility rate continues to decline

    So you are also a coward as well as a bigot? That's very liberal of you.
  12. Rat's ass

    Jared - A modern day Benedict Arnold.

    Trump is a NAZI and hates Jews, that's why he refuses to shake hands or chat with his son in law.
  13. Rat's ass

    Meanwhile, in the Republic of Gilead

    Were they forced to have unprotected sex as well? Fight on, Porker.
  14. Rat's ass

    US fertility rate continues to decline

    Fake liberal douchebags are like that.