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  1. Team NZ

    Team NZ

    And the aussie Skipper. Oh and the Italian head of design...
  2. Team NZ

    Team NZ

    17 go back to England 3 million richer and say... I spun that shit good!
  3. Team NZ

    Cats are finished

    With these cats foiling 100% of the race tIme what else is there to prove? Would they go faster next time?... no... Are they now boring?... yes... Would bigger cats go faster... maybe. This AC was to quick, races to short, and competition a bit lame. Where to next? Maybe old school AC should return for the purists Hi tech mono with two crew and a offshore race. Max length 60 foot anything goes... Let push a new boundary that's more relevant to sailors
  4. Welcome back TRG Why should one kiwi pay for a private event that advertises a foriegn air line and has a CEO ( Dalton) livung in England. Send it to Dubai and give Ayckland a rest from immigrants and congestion Bu the way Lurch, your still a big wanker
  5. Team NZ

    Congratulations ETNZ

    Commitment despite the faulure. Focus on ground breaking design Loyal sponsors Focus on experince and youth balance. Prepared to push the technology boundary against a behemoth like Oracle and the other teans. Obvious understanding of what was fast. And held back exposure of key technology correctly. Superior and open minded management. Superbly run campaign. Hats of to Dalton for stepping back inorder to now step up as a NZ sailing Icon. Well deserved win across all facets of the team and program. No doubt the technology was the star performer and the designers are geniuses... but the sailors used the weapon wisely. Well done.
  6. Oracle are now faster in the light. But are they now slower in the breeze. Tea dubai have better control and this is a critical factor. If OR can keep on the foils then it's all on.
  7. Team NZ

    Oracles new foils...

    So... nobody noticed that OR had two different foils today. Port was more like ETNZs foils and starboard was flatter wIth less "bat wing" shape. They would have learnt a lot today. Rudders were diffentered too. Thinner and less chord.
  8. Idiot. What?... you will have two nexus units for what?
  9. You're wrong. He has the majority as one entity. Molly sold out to a traitor. Now you apologize.
  10. Team NZ

    Team NZ

    Yip? myhome BDA aka Jason, got a day out with Artemis... yet TNX nade promises but never delivered. Artemis have good Karma.
  11. Team NZ

    Team NZ

    Cyclors cannot be compared to road or track bikes. They are not pushing thier own weight but only pedling to a pressure meter reading for hydro. They do not turm cogs or gears and the can change down by cycling backwards... like the arm grinders do. Their capacity to deveop more pressure and more capacity is superior due to the bigger gearing developed from the superior power of leg v arms but... You may nid need more power or capacity is you have set up you hydro to adjust foils usng a more efficient sytem attached to the rams. ( Eg levers v direct drive etc...) In other words... Cyclors may be of no advantage over traditional grinders if not connected to efficient movement devices
  12. This Team Kamikaze is managed by Dean Barker. The decision to team up with Oracle is Barkers. He could refuse. So what does this mean? Barker has no loaylity to NZ or the Challengers. He chose Otusa's technology as a lazy way to get a boat because he has no " smarts" or relationshios with designers and builders He gave the finger to the challengers bcause he could not run his own campaign without help from someone... and the challengers did not want to help him. In a nut shell, he choose a easy path but forgot that he shared a bed and its fleas with the defender. OTUSA were smart an used Barker as a test bed for their program Barker was dumb!... he sold his weak and pathetic soul to the devil and karma is delivering some payback. Its bad being the sports biggest choker, and a traitor. But Barker is now sleeping with the enemy. New Zealand should Disown the cunt!... And... do not buy any kit from Kiwi Yachting Consultants!!!... he is majority owner!... he does not deserve to profit from kiwis who he has shafted
  13. Team NZ

    Live Racing Thread

    To latell to test it then?
  14. Team NZ

    Live Racing Thread

    Nathan his name unless you know him. You live in fantasy land bro.... Bet you backed Barker too.
  15. Team NZ

    Live Racing Thread

    Where's all the new kit, foils... that etnz were supposed to be introducing to blitz the opposition ? The team said they had new kit. Every kiwi here said new kit is coming. .. Art are quick. ... where's the new kit.... The only mew kit since leaving NZ is a yellow sponsor sign.