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  1. Flatbag

    AWKR Australian Womens Keelboat Regatta

    Sydney skipper on a Vic boat. Perhaps P & S doesn't apply up there? Maybe change the name to "Insertion"?
  2. Flatbag

    AWKR Australian Womens Keelboat Regatta

    Oh FFS , he's back. The Worlds Greatest Sailing Instructor chimes in. Derogatory as always and with little grasp of the facts but probably a solid grasp of his nether parts. Lets start with gender assigned sailing at no less than the OIympic Games and all preceding World Sailing and Olympic trials events, shall we Cupcake? Don't let the flat water fool you, (as easy as we all know that to be) you obviously have no idea about the conditions off St Kilda in a building northerly; those bullets can hurt even the most experienced of crews big time. The reef was in because there were strong gusts and they had an inexperienced crew; prudent in the conditions. I think they call that seamanship? We used to half- joke about chucking away the chart and using a street directory when sailing off that beach, such are the gusts that funnel down the streets and out on to the bay. There have been plenty of well sailed boats dismasted there in those conditions.
  3. Flatbag

    AWKR Australian Womens Keelboat Regatta

    Rob Bradley on Escapade must have been shitting himself to see that boat coming straight at him. Strange place to anchor Rob?
  4. Flatbag

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Went stateside about 9 years ago. Disappeared without trace since. The legend lives on. Interior decor par excellence! Cone of Silence Interior.bmp Speaking of disappearing without trace, Paging Tuff Luff?
  5. Back in town for a few days and first time in Williamstown for a while, I noticed a change at Savo's marina this morning. One less office for Hoppy to buy his next ($80k) ride from?
  6. Flatbag

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Same boat that had the prang with Dark Energy. Starting to see a pattern?
  7. Flatbag

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    105 tons, 7m full draft but shipped with keel partly retracted to approx 4m draft. Owner supplied the shipping cradle. Cradle failed. $50+m yacht probably lost. Move along. nothing to see here. Unbelieveable amount of uninformed conjecture and bullshit being published here and on social media by the armchair experts.
  8. An interesting comparison for all you sports yacht freaks on here 2015 Fred Barrett and Toby Richardson custom one-off 36 Ft. "X & Y" in Hobart https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/fred-barrett-richardson-11m-a-real-weapon-performance-plus/230068 and 2002 RP Shockwave 36 Ft Hart built custom one-off "Smooth Criminal" in Melbourne http://vicsail.com/used-boats/reichel-pugh-36/?fbclid=IwAR0T80ovQE2QD2h_dw7Qe6eJOwd9m8JIPnoumJxu4ymNP8NhmWX2FjQFm_Q Both are 36 Ft, High Tech Composite construction with Carbon rigs from the same mast builder, composite rigging, Outboard motor powered, assy spinn, day sailing race boats with apparently bugger all in the way of creature comforts. They haven't raced each other afaik but both should be kick-arse fast and probably rate like shit under any known measurement rule. Both are orphans, one of a kind boats and there's a 13 year age difference. Smooth Criminal is 2002 vintage and is offered at a freckle puckering $AUS230k X & Y is 2015 vintage and is offered at a more modest $AUS69k Who is kidding who here?
  9. Flatbag

    Caption Contest

    I wish I had never agreed to wearing Larry's remote control butt plug
  10. Flatbag

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    TP52 SMB 3 ex Beau Geste, Ex Bribon, ex whatever now listed for sale. at $AUS700+. Big ask for a ten year old ex Medcup boat?
  11. Which part of "DO NOT PUT ANYTHING in a marine toilet unless you have eaten or drunk it first" don't they get? But I reckon there can't be much worse than taking a satisfyingly monstrous dump and then finding you have a foul grogan along for the ride because your battery is flat.
  12. Flatbag

    Game of Thrones

    Not anywhere near new, been done before. The Rocket Flare Takedown.
  13. Flatbag

    Sir Roger Moore

    RIP Sir Roger. Shaken, not stirred.
  14. What is the deal with electric shitters on boats? How many of you have electric shitters at home?
  15. Flatbag

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Just a little bit. And if you don't like it, I'll take it out Or not.