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  1. Queenslander!

    They look like a pair of overinflated soccer balls. If she dives into that pool she gonna get serious whiplash
  2. Hugh Hefner - DTS

    The nips are getting bigger... Greedy Smith
  3. Most Over-rated big name rock bands

    Warren Zevon wrote the ultimate in rock poetry when he penned the evocative and soul stirring lyric: Little old lady got mutilated late last night
  4. Joke

    The bride arrives at the Church. She walks down the aisle towards the altar while the congregation sings a hymn. And that's where she gets her inspiration: I'll Alter Him.
  5. Live Racing Thread

    I respect your right to disagree however the proof is in her output, trivial puff pieces and shallow questions when her sailing knowledge could provide so much more. Journalism is a profession that takes years to refine and demands a long hard route to achieve good standards. She has taken but a few steps on that journey and it shows.
  6. Live Racing Thread

    Nic the Sailor Girl (seriously?) has some serious sailing cred, no doubt about that, but as a 'would-be' sailing journalist her biggest problem is that she desperately wants to be a part of the story she is reporting. Its a common situation in many sports when participants try to become reporters/journalists that they try to give validity to what they do by over-emphasising who they know or where they stand in the game and the resulting reports / interviews come across as trivial puff-pieces. She needs to separate herself from the story, stop making it about her and just report it or ask solid interview questions utilising the real sailing knowledge she has. Far too much ego thinly disguised as a bubbly personality for my liking.
  7. Team NZ

    Is that when they reveal the side mounted cycles with 4 guys on trapeze? I have heard that, after winning that final race, Glenn Ashby is going to step off the boat in the middle of the Great Sound and calmly walk ashore.
  8. Team NZ

    With much of the focus on what Orifice is up to to improve their performance I guess its safe to say ETNZ arent just sitting around the shed waiting for the next race. What can they do to stay as far ahead of the game as they have proved to be so far?
  9. Caption... @ 4 zip

    Hello, this is the Oracle Software Help Line. All our operators are busy right now but your call is important to us so stay on the line and one of our skilled operators will be happy to assist you. If the matter is urgent please log on to Sailinganarchy.com where you'll find all the advice you need to solve your problem. Thank you for calling, have a nice day.
  10. Caption... @ 4 zip

    Is that Bermuda Babes? Could you send six of your poxiest whores to the ETNZ base for an all-nighter? Actually, can we make that FIVE all nighters?
  11. Joke

    Done, thanks. FB
  12. Possible Terror Attack in Manchester, England

    Enough is enough. Now they're targetIng kids?? Its time to track down where the cunt who did this came from and remove it from the face of the earth. No more pussy footing around, use the Richard Nixon Vietnam approach - Bomb them back to the fucking stone age.
  13. There I was minding my own business.....

    will satisfy only yourself
  14. mondo bondage

    The devil made me do this...