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  1. martin 'hoff

    Craigslist Finds

    It's a fab hobby. I live in Miami and let me say, there's no way he'd make any money.
  2. martin 'hoff

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    The way I'm running it currently, it has half the adjustment travel (and half the load); so if I change to the class-approved approach, I expect I'll get the full range.
  3. martin 'hoff

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    Thank you. Ok, so if I'm understanding right each rope has the other end tied in a bowline to the little 3x block. Is that right? Thinking about it, it seems quite a sub-par setup. Tighten it up on port tack, you can't ease it at all on stbd tack. Blergh. With the exact same kit, you could use a line twice the length, one end tied to the block, the other end with a soft shackle or ball, and "run" it through the grommet... use the grommet as a low friction ring. Is there a gross tune to this setup? On a windy day, I want to shorten this strop to get more range at the tighter end...
  4. martin 'hoff

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    Thanks! Is there a picture or a diagram showing how this goes? I'll be happy to try the class legal version. Right now I have an awkward setup that is neither class legal nor practical.
  5. martin 'hoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    In a modest wipeout, this cleat-on-a-coaster glued on the deck of the UFO left a big bruise & scratch on my thigh. Through spring wetsuit (2.5 or 3mm). I guess it's not for nothing that Dave made all the boat round and smooth. I'll have to come up with a smooth "aero package" (as mothies would call it) for it so we don't end up scarring the sailor. Hmmm.
  6. martin 'hoff

    29er kite hoist system new

    Can you build a slippery dyneema loop that has enough structure, and is slippery enough? Would a "pure rope" thingamajig be legal?
  7. martin 'hoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Did a bunch of foiling in the FL keys. There are some bays that are amazing for UFO-ing. Buttonwood Sound. Lower Matecumbe Bight, Barley Basin. For various reasons I only captured good video on my last foil of the trip, back in familiar Miami. Too busy relaxing, I guess :-) Light winds, marginal foiling conditions, and a quick small island visit to grab a drink with the family.
  8. martin 'hoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Yeah that's a good point. I have a soft shackle with a long tail after the knot so it's easy to thread through. The picture below shows a tweaked bridle to ensure the ufo doesn't turn around. The towing bridle, attached to the same rope loops as the righting line, as described originally by David and Nick, allows the ufo to turn 180. Towing it stern first is bad. Real bad. So I tweaked it to ensure right was forward and to prevent the bridle from slipping under the main foil. Both foils are tied as the rattling from chop will undo the clips. Mast is tied to the boat with cunningham.
  9. martin 'hoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Any hints from the group on rigging your ufo on the water? If the forecast holds I'm going to be setting it up sometime tomorrow in the middle of buttonwood sound. I'll be tied up to a larger sailboat I rather not scratch... I imagine I'll hoist the main from the water, feet on the aft port quarter of the ufo :-)
  10. martin 'hoff

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    Detail of a messy run we captured on video. I believe an earlier run in the day had been really smooth, but alas, no video of it.
  11. martin 'hoff

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    Don't forget to stop and share a beer with a friend!
  12. martin 'hoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    And... we're back! After a hiatus due to lots of wprk and some hardware glitches... I went out to shake the rust and found that the afternoon had pretty wild sailing conditions waiting for me. Squalls blowing through. Local weather station registered 9 gusting 28kt in a 20 minute period. At times, gusts would rotate 60 degrees. Big swells at times. Confused swells following changes. Then flat for a few minutes. Crazy. Fun. Not even the camera could keep up :-)
  13. martin 'hoff

    Physics of roll tacking

    You're getting good info here. Two additional points A simplification of the physics is: it's an effective way of transferring your body motion - kinetics - onto the boat, and turning it into motion forward. A complement: when coaches get sailors to practice roll tacks, they get them to practice tacks. Good outcomes all around.
  14. martin 'hoff

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    Oh cool. Thank you @Stanno. I have put soft shackles on the blocks, and put them over the balls. I'll take pics as well. Is that orange strop adjustable length in any way? We have 2 problems: - it's a pita to set up, because you're fighting the bungees - it runs out of length and power when it's windy; this mast is stiff! on other foilers with CF mast, when it's windy I crank the cunningham hard to switch the sail from depth to flat/twist. I don't think I have the power, "travel length" needed, unless I put an adjustable line in there, and maybe add a bit of purchase (or, hit the gym!)
  15. martin 'hoff

    Dinghy Beaufort Scale

    I grew up in a light wind venue, where 25kt was "let's cancel" wind, to Windy Welly in NZ, where races are cancelled for lack of wind with 10kt, and 25kt is kinda baseline. Oh how I learned. I fully agree with doing shorter / safer /less demanding races or just practice with folks staying close and providing support. If there are support boats, have them out in the water if some sailors are keen to sail a bit, even if the race is cancelled.