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  1. martin 'hoff

    US new case rate already peaked?

    If you look at you'll see that US might be arriving at the peak of the first wave. Some states have clearly gotten through - Washington state is one. NYC is a couple of days from the estimated peak. Other states still have a week or two to go.
  2. martin 'hoff

    Georgia Beaches to Open

    We've always been at war with EastAsia.
  3. martin 'hoff

    BCG Vaccine might help

    Not sure what your problem is. But it's not my problem so I'm not here to fix you. In the land of facts... Folks are running small controlled trials with BCG vaccines. BCG is known to be safe, it's cheap and widely available. The handful of countries that don't have it in it's standard vaccine schedule can serve as test ground for those trials. I do think it's an interesting track. I hope there's something to it, keeping confirmation bias and all that in check.
  4. martin 'hoff

    BCG Vaccine might help

    Take the tinfoil hat off, and look at the map provided.
  5. martin 'hoff

    best new foiler for beginner?

    Yeah. Beginner foiler, so many priorities - sturdy - affordable - easy to launch, land back - learnable in a broad range of wind conditions (or, the broader, the better) - sailable in a broad range of conditions - can be sailed back home in rough conditions - less capsizes - easy to recover from capsizes - easy to get to baseline tuning if you're disconnected from sailing community (ie: no local foling sailors to help) - can stop for a break when tired, stretch, drink water - easy to repair / can be repaired inexpensively with off the shelf parts, basic composite skills ... some more.. - can perform advanced maneuvers -
  6. martin 'hoff

    BCG Vaccine might help

    And BCG is super easy to deliver. It's bitter drops, originally given to kids on a lump of sugar. It's the original "spoonful of sugar"
  7. martin 'hoff

    BCG Vaccine might help

    There seems to be a correlation between BCG vaccine policy and populations with lower mortality. Note that his is not about infection rates, but immune system reaction to the infection. The research - The mind-tingling map - do you see a correlation? - The NYT article - Might explain the "kids don't get it, or get it very mildly" as kids have recently had the BCG, in countries where it's part of the vaccine program.
  8. To be clear - tracking deaths from covid in the middle of the pandemic is hard. China may be fudging it, or might just have bad numbers. See the statistical analysis in a small town in Italy, based on historical death rates for March vs March 2020. Did they all die of Covid-19 or was the medical system overwhelmed, or did they catch covid-19 at the hospital? Similarly, I don't have the reference now handy but IIRC the stats at the time of the 2009 H1N1 in USA were wildly under-reporting cases and deaths. A summary report couple years later got the right numbers and they were much higher. It's just f'ing hard; and I tend not to attribute to malice what can be safely credited to stupidity... or just the practical limitations of a hard, confusing, fast moving reality.
  9. martin 'hoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    That's ballsy! About 7C. Brrr! I find that odd. I have the standard tiller extension and I don't find it long at all. I am a bit shy of 6'. Perhaps you have a nonstandard tiller ext? The standard one is fixed length. Anyway, tiller extension work isn't about force, but about finesse. Raised the topic with DRC once. Told me not to worry at all about that. The thing to do, however, is to ensure that the ptex ring(s) are in place, and lubricate so the mast turns well even with the cunningham pressure. Slop there should be fairly small, couple mm, it's perhaps there for ease of mast insertion. Once the cunningham is on, there should be no perceivable slop. If you have any significant slop there once the mast is fully inserted, check that the mast "wear ring" -- a thick plexiglass-looking ring that is under the mast collar ring - is in place, and in good shape. If the mast wear ring has any damage or is missing, don't sail/ Here in Miami the weather would be great for the UFO but we're grounded, and all access to the water is closed. Might still find a way to get out.
  10. martin 'hoff

    Goetz's Red Foiling Catamaran

    Electric makes a ton of sense for a foiler like this. I don't usually like powerboats, but in this case, gotta say -- nice!
  11. There's a post in FB by Grant Pigott saying his sail loft is making 5K body bags for the government...
  12. martin 'hoff

    Florida Goes On Lockdown

    It also skewes heavily towards densely populated areas. I wouldn't be making political demographics calculations on this.
  13. martin 'hoff

    best new foiler for beginner?

    What he said. The tradeoffs needed for a beginner foiler, usability, durability, costs/manufacturing are devilish. Judge the beginner foiler as beginner foiler. It's a hard enough job. There's videos of UFOs foil gybing. I can't, yet. Tacking is unclear - damned hard but a sporty teenager might show us how. And everything Phil says about wazsp foil maneuvers is correct.
  14. martin 'hoff

    Ideas for soft shacle dogbone

    Looking for inexpensive dogbone substitutes for soft shackles. Besides a regular soft shackle I sometimes need a stopper dogbone that works in slightly oversized slot - where a knot might be too small and prone to deformation. Any suggestions? The marine market dogbones must be made of gold, given the pricing...