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  1. martin.langhoff

    SailGP 2020

    @NeedAClew - they've probably been quite explicit internally from the start. Tom is the captain on the water, but I expect all teams have a head of business who's known this from early on, and is tracking costs, hiring/managing salesfolk, budgeting hotels, snacks and energy drinks. That won't be Tom. Folks might simplify it, or exaggerate it when talking to the press, and it gets mangled. But take a little step back and it doesn't seem out of line at all.
  2. martin.langhoff

    SailGP 2020

    On sponsorship ok, so you have 5y runway,, and a bunch of teams that each has to go get sponsors to pitch in... 5M/year each? You let them run free first year, focus on the sailing. Then you have 4 years during which you'll say "build up your sponsorship sales team and have them go get sponsors". Efforts will be hit and miss, and there'll be a learning process, so you have to start early, and grow in stages. With this context, each team securing new sponsors to cover 25% of costs each of the 4 years is a reasonable goal. If teams have been told something along the lines of "end of season, show us at least 25% of your costs are paid through sponsorships, or you'll be in trouble", it seems entirely positive pressure. Reactions on this thread and on the frontpage to an obvious management step are somewhere between uninformed and stupid. You can't wean cold turkey. Note that chasing sponsors is a sales job (close to ad sales), top salespeople cost money, and they have to fly about and schmooze with the potential sponsors. So chasing sponsors adds to costs. Spend money to (eventually) get money. A bad salesperson can cost a ton of money in cash and opportunity. Sailing topics In some videos with onboard comms, we hear teams calling "Eagle! Eagle!". Anyone knows what this means? I'm becoming more interested in rudders, and rudder flex. Recent Kyle Langford interview, he mentions NZ's rudders flexing a bit more fore-aft in Bermuda; which seems to have given them an edge in downforce -- as speed picked up, more aft flex meant lower AoA on the rudder. F50 era rudders are fairly flexible as well -- the recent videos of the USA team capsize show the moment the windward rudder ventilates and comes out of the water, and it visibly snaps back to straight. I wonder how they specify (and test non-destructively) the bend characteristics of the rudders, as this can be a major advantage across boats. At 50kt, cavitation is clearly a problem. I wonder whether we'll see some experimentation with supercavitating foils. These perform well over 50kt, the problem is that they don't perform at all below those speeds, unless you actively inject air to simulate supercavitation at low speeds. Some discussion here -
  3. martin.langhoff

    SailGP 2020

    Is there a forum where folks discuss SailGP at above kindergarten level? Asking for a friend...
  4. martin.langhoff

    Bluetooth LE - How can it benefit our boating experience?

    Longer battery life. Better range. Headsets for coaching out on the water (ie: bbtalking, sena). Personally, I'm hoping waterproof "walkie talkie" headsets get more popular and get enough production volume to come down in price.
  5. martin.langhoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Some additional notes Rudder pintle Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the rudder pintle assembly. In terms of "where does the washer go in the standard setup?" there's a good picture and/or diagram on the unofficial owners' guide (link in my sig). To get that assembly tight (which David suggested), I saw someone's boat assembled with 2 nylon washers at the top end of the T pintle (between the T horiz bar and the tiller surface) -- the goal was to make the pintle T rod tight at the bottom, so you could barely insert the ring. Having the top of the T pintle tight is good to avoid mainsheet bridle from catching... but don't know how much it helps or changes anything else. Tuning variant: Lowered mainsail and minimal foil rake With wind in the 12+ range, David was testing a new setup. Myself and a few others in the fleet tried it as well on day 2 -- I definitely liked it, and heard others did as well (hopefully they post their notes as well). Recipe: Hoist to the top... and then drop it ~3 inches (top of sail will be ~4 inches from halyard eye at top of mast). David has marked his mast. Before attaching any lines - put ~35Kg on the shrouds Apply downhaul until sail boltrope is ~3 inches from mast collar Apply outhaul until it's the sail is ~1 inch from from maxed out Shrouds should now read ~85Kg The setup process is similar to the light air configuration, but the sail is lower on the mast, endplated. Because of how the mast section interacts with the sail and battens, you get a very different sail shape: the deep mid-section from the light air configuration is gone, replaced by a fairly constant curve in all battens. Because the sail sits lower, in this setup you are somewhat limited in how much you can depower from there. If you are expecting big winds at any time in your outing, hoist to the top. When you need it you'll have the full range of the downhaul to depower. Foils: Mainfoil to forward-most pin (pin 1) or one back (pin 2). Rudder raked forward to match mainfoil. Wand fully down, or close to fully down (ie: if there's chop). In this configuration, the boat is a bit trickier to get to takeoff (sit at the far back, work it...), then once it's in the air you must scuttle a bit forward. And then you enjoy the results... the boat is much more stable, easier to sail and fast. We got some epic upwinds out of this.
  6. martin.langhoff

    SailGP 2020

    Anyone who knows won't tell. Business sponsorship isn't school playground kiss and tell. Things get announced when ready and fully cooked.
  7. martin.langhoff

    Cordage in 2020 - best US vendor

    Let me add Landfall Navigation, and ... -- the only interesting rope they seem to stock (for sailing use) is high spec Marlow dyneema spools. Shipping is dead slow. Pricing is good.
  8. martin.langhoff

    SailGP 2020

    Rome Kirby did great at foiling midwinters in Key Largo. Cool guy, no ego, gracious at tight crossings on the race course, tending to his foiler like everyone else. Great location and weather for the event, too. Zero interest in the personal discussions here. If you think a post is bs, ignore it, or downvote it. Replying feeds it.
  9. martin.langhoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Fantastic regatta. I'm dead tired but quick notes. Great social time with UFO pilots and across classes, talking deep sailing as well as nonsense. Barry held his ground as the strategic conservative sailor, showing foiling doesn't always win. His dial ups at the start line were epic. David was testing an alternative foil and sail setup, pays off in stability and top speed. This needs to be written up. There's gorgeous drone footage. I could hear Kirk's drone trying to give me a haircut as I foiled upwind... Expect some cool videos out of the event...
  10. martin.langhoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Perfect wind, flat water...
  11. martin.langhoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    In KL. Just a tad light today but the afternoon breeze picked up and it was gorgeous. Everyone out practicing for tomorrow. Kirk has some great videos.
  12. martin.langhoff

    Weta anarchy

    For those who _don't_ sit on the AMA, and hike aggressively... how have you tweaked your footstraps? For example ... Have you taken them to a loft or re-sewn them at home? Do you have an adjustable setup? How have you made them more stable, tighter/adjustable? (I find my straps -- original tramp, 2012-ish Weta -- to be horribly loose, I feel wobbly and unsupported with them. I've sailed lasers, UFOs and other hiking boats w/o issue...)
  13. martin.langhoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I'll post pics of the assembly once on KL. Talking of KL. Champagne conditions...
  14. martin.langhoff

    best new foiler for beginner?

    Come see UFOs and Waszps in key largo next weekend...
  15. martin.langhoff

    Sailing Centre Designs / Best Practices ?

    What's your location like? Aerial pics from Google maps?...