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  1. martin.langhoff

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Very cool! Converging towards Whisper territory ;-) Too many questions I'd like to ask, so I'll just say don't stop tinkering! :-)
  2. martin.langhoff

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    What DRC says. Perhaps because I am a contrarian, I got myself a long-handed hard-bristled brush for my Whisper cat - - -- I'll get a chance to use and report on it next week. Everyone here in SA thinks it's stupid and dorky, but we are often foiling just slower (the cat has four legs, after all), and we're two on board. So if crew can clear the weeds on-the-go with the brush, seems like a win to me.
  3. martin.langhoff

    Estimating Sailing Time?

    So what time you back??? ;-)
  4. martin.langhoff

    Moth for sale

    @Dave Clark @Chris Maas -- any chance for a talk-through video of the boat and/or writeup with schematics?
  5. martin.langhoff

    Estimating Sailing Time?

    Don't stress about getting it right. Bring a mobile phone in a waterproof case. With some practice, you can use the phone through soft plastic cases. You can be in touch if it gets late. Only caveat is that they do develop tears over time. Check the case for tears, replace if you ever see evidence of water sneaking in. They are cheap.
  6. martin.langhoff

    CF Mast damage at through-fitting

    How do you get the bolts in at the right place & depth? Or should I put bosses in instead? How do you protect threads? When I do this, clearly I'll recoat the mast with clear. It's due for it.
  7. martin.langhoff

    CF Mast damage at through-fitting

    Picture here
  8. martin.langhoff

    CF Mast damage at through-fitting

    The catamaran mast is down while the hull is getting other work done, so I check it out for maintenance and found that one of the fittings for the diamond shrouds has dislodged itself, "cutting" through the side of the mast. Ah, the joy of boating. My head is full of questions. This is a one-piece mast, how the F did they get the bolt in there?! Can this be repaired to something close to original strength? Simply sanding off and laying down carbon won't work, I'd expect a washer (delrin?) is needed to spread the load/support. How can this be done without losing the bolt inside the mast? The failure mode is a mystery, I haven't messed with the diamonds in ages, other than checking tension. I assume some mishap after lowering the mast, boat is dry-stored at club, mast is in a spot where it should be safe but idiots abound... Picture in a moment. The boat is an 18 foot all-carbon-fiber lightweight catamaran, laminate sails, carbon rig, the works - Whisper, from WhiteFormula.
  9. martin.langhoff

    waterlogged laser question

    Dry it up, silicone in all the cracks/joints. Years of non-glamorous fun sailing ahead...
  10. martin.langhoff

    Replacing Lines/Sheets/Halyards: Question

    Perhaps you're pricing different quality lines? I find that the manufacturer's "sets" are well priced for boats I sail. And dinghy line costs can be 4x and even 10x across different line qualities. Modern boats (and sailors!) want dyneema core, and that costs extra. You can get some budget dyneema lines with censored slippery cover layers! Made that mistake _once_ for my mainsheet. When I chose a good grippy cover, cost was 4x. The budget dyneema lines still have their uses, but you will get burned buying strictly against cost/budget.
  11. martin.langhoff

    I Want to Buy a Sailboat BUT.....

    You can carry a paddle or a trolling motor on a cat. At there's a "great deals" forum.
  12. martin.langhoff

    When is it time to re-coat Carbon mast?

    Why guess? I can observe the mast. If there's any reliable indicators...
  13. martin.langhoff

    Topaz Omega mast length

    Topper/Topaz parts are very reasonably priced IMO. The only scenario where there's a win in not buying the Topper/Topaz parts is if you strike gold on a second hand fully rigged boat that's reasonably compatible. In that case, _you have the boat where the rig actually fits_ so go sailing instead of putzing about in the toolshed :-)
  14. martin.langhoff

    How big a square top?

    @Vincent DePillis for a big square top, and twist control you'll want more power on your mainsheet. Traveler track + cart upgrade, 12:1 or whatever. Also a good downhaul setup. The F31Rs I've seen are not setup for a laminate sail with good twist control. Maybe you already know all this, but it hasn't been mentioned yet in the thread.
  15. martin.langhoff

    When is it time to re-coat Carbon mast?

    I've read up and down the forum, sure. Folks talk about flakes and dust once it's gone bad. There's also chatter about various clear coats and procedures with a range of durability. I don't know what clear coat was applied on this mast. The manufacturer isn't in the tropics... With so many variables at play, it makes sense to look at the mast, if there's any telltale signs.