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  1. Moths in Annapolis/DC

    I know there's a Whisper foiler near Annapolis, but nothing oh moths...
  2. Foiling injuries

    Just yesterday afternoon, foiling at a comparatively slow 12~14kt of speed, we dug bows and I catapulted forward. Cracked a rib against the spinnaker pole. One of the factors was that I was too high on the trapeze, normally I stop against the bow. Zhik's fancy PDF offers reasonable protection on front and back, but nothing on the sides of the torso. Only hurts when I laugh. Nothing too bad. I was wrapping up my sailing "season" anyway, as we're about to have a baby and that requires lots of focus and tlc.
  3. 14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    I haven't tried for foiling gybes yet. So far I've been perfecting light wind foiling, mostly on reaches, and fun rides with friends and visitors. (Foiling with my mother in law > gybes). I'll need a pretty "on" crew to pull it off, I think. In part because downwind the balance/stability mode of the boat is different and I don't have it dialled in yet. An extra variable is the kite. Moves center of pressure very high, balance is challenging, specially sailing deep. In theory, I'd try for a pretty twisted mainsail, so some of the sail is working all the time through the apparent wind changes. Also of note - in light conditions I get foiling with less twist and much smaller mainsheet adjustment. More of the sail working when trimmed just right.
  4. Foiling injuries

    At foiling week Miami, the was a forum on safety. One discussion thread that stuck in my head was how racks - as on an M32 or a moth - help things. If you're falling from a rack, you're not on the natural path of the foils.
  5. C-Class Little Cup news

    Cool videos of the Canadian C Class at the Foiling Week FB page. They had a talk about it, but I missed it.
  6. One last update. FWM is over, and the weather turned to shit as if on cue. We had a perfect weather window -- if on the light side of winds. The organizers did a great job of picking a site on a year when much of the water facilities are still recovering from Irma, and big shows (Boat Show) competing for space. Add amazing speakers, great hosting, feeding and watering us all. I don't think the bar ran dry, ever ;-) I did not really participate in the racing; it sure looked like fun. On Sunday Judge Ryan's boat got chopped by a motorboat, which didn't even stop to see. Witnesses say Judge's lucky to be alive. I saw the boat on land, damn scary. Pics on FW's FB page. Talks were great -- many of them on video, on FB. We also had very interesting roundtables, notably about how to promote foiling towards spreading its appeal, and about making it safer. The most intriguing thread on the /safer/ roundtable was IMO the observation that boats with racks are safer. If you fall from the rack on a Moth or an M32 while sailing, you are not in the natural path of the foils. Lots of other powerful discussion, if anyone has more comprehensive notes, please post. Trevor Parekh lent me his Wazp briefly but I could only capsize it on top of myself repeatedly. Half the capsizes were my own fault, the other half were because the boom got unhooked from the mast. While I was flailing about, he had a blast on the Whisper with my son. There's great stuff on the FB page.
  7. Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    Kid is my son. He's great helm!
  8. Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    And even more foolish foiling at Foiling Week! After duelling with the light blue Whisper, we ran with spinnaker, then approached @Dave Clark for a demo on the UFO...
  9. Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    More Foiling Week fun! Foiling around with a duo of Whisper cats, wind was marginal for foiling at crew weight so mix of foiling and displacement shots...
  10. Hey @Charlie P Mayer, folks -- FW is looking great here! Attended @David Clark's presentation -- very cool! he has plans for World Domination. Moths, kitefoilers and Wasps are actually racing. Two Whispers almost joined the racing, but I arrived late to the start line so we actually played around a bit. Taylor from WhisperBoatsUSA is here. A C Class boat got rigged up and went out for a sail but didn't race either. Winds are a bit light, but still foilable for an experienced hand. The crowd is super friendly, some notable sailors around, happy to share their knowledge. Excellent food and drink. Wind forecast is for similar today Saturday, we're all hoping for a little bit more breeze. And everyone wants to show the world their boat; let's see what the weekend crowd is like...
  11. C-Class Little Cup news

    I spot a C-class talk at Foiling Week Miami forum...
  12. Several boats are here already. @David Clark i spotted as we were launching a whisper with Taylor...
  13. Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    Foiling Week is coming to Miami, and Taylor from WhisperBoatsUSA brought his blue Whisper down to Biscayne Bay...
  14. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I do pass judgement, and it's a work in progress, but I compare it with similar very early stage projects and say: it's already pretty good. I've worked in a wide range of ventures, none of them sport, some of which were sponsor backed. Even when it's business, there's heart. They could very well spend it on something else, specially if the sailing community turns out to be obnoxious. I've seen it happen. You try to work with (or do business with) nice people. Sponsors do, too. Every venture has a number of tradeoffs, paths picked vs the alternatives, mistakes made. Consequences to decisions, some predictable, some not. It's facile to play armchair quarterback on huge projects like these. Too many people, too many variables at play. As you say, you don't enjoy it. To each their own. I suggest, grant it time to develop, check back. How long did the GP era in Sydney take to really come alive? Couple years? Look -- if we're civil towards others' unfinished, unpolished projects, perhaps they'll be civil and patient towards ours, when we bring them to the public eye, a bit green around the edges but wanting to grow and kick ass. "Yet" is a fantastic word. Attach it to the end of critical comments liberally. ("Commentary is not that great. Yet.").
  15. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Family and friends are all "traditional sailors", cruising about in 25-45 footers, sometimes a club race. We're all crazy about recent ACs. Extreme sailing series are also a lot of fun to watch. It was a bit too much AC foiling cat watching that did me in, so I got a "family foiler", something I can sail with my 8 year old son (see posts on the Whisper thread). Compare this with my teens. I was bored out of my skull on lasers, in the mid-90s, completely oblivious that on the other side of the world the Sydney Skiffs were on fire. It would have radically changed my teen and 20s sailing to watch them go.