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  1. BS! That's Miami River mouth and the channel between the Brickell area and Brickell Key! Were it not for the rain oyu'd see a tiny stretch of the Brickell Bridge between the building on the left (Icon Brickell) and the building in the middle. Yes, storm surge is crazy high but that's not Brickell Ave. I live on Brickell Ave (evacuated now), and I'm monitoring the news. In actual pics of Brickell Ave it looks flooded, but it doesn't look like a river. This pics look like a river, because it is a river.
  2. For this weekend, we hope the Whisper in Biscayne Bay does _not_ go foiling. Or flying. Crew is safe and sound, evacuated, boat is tied down inland but still in Miami area. The Irma thread in Sailing Anarchy forum has lots and lots of great info on how this is evolving. After securing it, we gave the gorgeous red cat a big hug and thank you; see you on the other side.
  3. Hailouts not bailouts. Autocorrect meh.
  4. Boat bailouts in Miami are completely screwing people over, saying they'll take the boat for one price, shaking hands and then hiking price and on the back of they refusing to haulout. Helping a friend cope with the bs and prep his sailboat.
  5. And there's a hydroplane which lands skimming the roof. Sit outside, and peel your eyes when you hear the propellers!
  6. You already have fantastic advise in the thread! I'll just add that, A week is way too short! 10 or 14 days is the ticket, IMHO. Catamarans are grand -- get enough people on board you can afford a small cat Early low season is low-risk and low-crowds. Conch Charters is often fantastic pricing for the boat/season/nr of days combo above. The boats are older, but I don't sail brand new boats when I'm at home either. For us, these things hang together. We've been doing it with extended family (my parents, sister, extra friends) every couple years for a decade. We get 3 or 4 couples on board for 2 weeks early in the low season, enjoy finding moorings, table for dinner, etc; and it's all very reasonably priced. If you have divers on board, you can rent the kit locally so it's on the boat when you arrive, there's compressors in many spots, and your divers will dive themselves silly for no money at all.
  7. My son started joining me on small catamarans around 2 and half or 3. Hobie Waves. He was good at the helm. Kids _love_ driving/steering something that moves.
  8. My recommendation for kids under 12 is to get a Topper Taz / RS Tera / Laser Pico. These boats are large enough that you can get on the boat and sail with them, but the boat size, forces and reaction times are all kid-size. Being on the boat with them is key -- better and cheaper than having a coach boat! So you start doing/showing, then you hand over tasks while you still help and guide. Then you switch to hands-off mode, you're just a passenger, they do all they do all the sailing. Then you get off the boat :-) I started with mine at 5yo and I was off the boat at about 2 months. We'd sail together to a sandbar, and I'd get off there, and he'd sail around me. Soon after I bought a second boat to race against him. These boats are also nice in that once they get rid of the grownup; they're good for 2-3 kids. And rotomolded, they're indestructible.
  9. I learned on Optis when I was around 7yo, then taught/coached a mixed fleet of Opti and Topaz Taz in NZ, and loved the Taz. Fits grownup + kid reasonably well, and kids can sail solo or two handed. Carries main and optional jib, self bailing, tons of fun. Rotomolded so you can play bumper-boats. So I got a Taz for my kid when he was 5, then 6 months later got a second one so he could solo and I'd sail along. He's 7 now and is asking whether I can rig up a trapeze wire for him (!?). He can handle shifty/gusty up to 15kt; we run little races, take his friends out, play bumper boats, shoot water guns. You can sometimes spot a second hand Taz for very reasonable money. We'll probably sell these two in a year or two. Only downside is hull weight, but I'd rather help him on the ramp a bit than find myself fixing fiberglass every second weekend. Here's a quick video -
  10. Just spotted this cool video. Looks like a "first time with my UFO" adventure... lots of fun.
  11. I'm curious. What do you dislike about them? Haven't sailed them myself (hoping to get on a Nacra FCS20 soonish).
  12. Wouldn't a foiling F18 look like a Flying Panthom? As I understand it, the FP is based on the F18 platform Phantom International has. Perhaps the popularity of the FP has soaked up the oxygen in that space, at least for a while? In more general terms, when there's a solidly performing OD the drive wanes for a development class, IMHO.
  13. @ita 16 I hear we'll have a Foiling Week in Miami later in the year. Will you come? :-)
  14. Foiling is the Fountain of Youth -- look at what happened to my crew here.
  15. Low volume, warranty, and retail markup all conflate to make things so... :-/ it irks me as well, but there's not much folks can do, other than some DIY. In my case, limited DIY because I'd be on land doing things myself instead of sailing!