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  1. I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know what I decide though.
  2. That looks like Kintama, going off the identical diesel cans under the bench. Is it? Oh, and don't forget there's more winches by the stick. They are everywhere
  3. Honestly I'm not sure. I inspected a few but I'm not to familiar with the race sails. This is my 1st personal "performance" boat. I've only owned Dacron sails and Columbia. I have crewed for other boats, just still learning all the performance stuff. Here is a list of sails according to seller. I plan on having them inspected and evaluated. Quantum #3-new 09, light use quantum A2 asym, new 08 light use kevalr main no. 1 Kevlar 2-.75 oz spin 2-1.5 oz spin 2.2 oz spin mini tri radial .6 oz spin 2 Dacron mains 150 genoa Mylar/Kevlar t cut 150 drifter Dacron 150 drifter Mylar 150 Genoa dadeon heavy 1 reacher 130 no 2 Dacron no3 and 4 Dacron storm jib 110 staysail 2-1.5 oz daisy staysail 4.75 oz genoa staysail like I said, more sails then I know what to do with. I do plan on laying them all out and repacking them better then they are. I have access to a nice smooth floored, non windy gymnasium to do it in.
  4. Have one soft spot on the stbd side. Bolts from the spinnaker pole holder leaked. It's project number 1 of 997. Think I'm starting that next weekend. As for sails, I have a ton. I have more sails then I know what to do with. So many sails to sort out.
  5. I'm 5'8, I can stand everywhere. Had my dad on the boat, he's 6'3. Still had plenty of head room. This season out of the water for TLC, next year Great Lakes, following year most likely head to salt water and warm weather.
  6. I'll get a few more, probably need to add more winches also....
  7. Hey guys, just an update. Kintama is now at Torrensens dock. Will be coming out next week for much needed maintenance and tlc. Most likely won't see the water again this year.
  8. From Grand Rapids you basically have two choices. Muskegon or Holland. Grand Haven tends to be more power boating. Beer cans on Wed. at both places. I would stop out at Muskegon YC or Macatawa YC and talk to people. The CC 43 would most likely have more competition in Holland but the RC in Muskegon in top notch. Thanks for the response. I plan on checking out all places. Have a power boat friend that's at eldean and he's trying to get me there. Beer can races are out for me, no time during the week. Will be trying to make as much weekend activities as I can.
  9. Here's the boat the OP bought. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1979/C-%26-C-Custom-43-2611436/Detroit/MI/United-States#.WPduUlLMz-Y Is that an old rdf in the nav station (green box with circular dial) ? the good ol days... I'm not sure exactly, pre dates me. Seller said it was a range finder pre loran. I'll take your word for it. Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated.
  10. I'll post more current photos this weekend. Will be getting her ready and launching next week.
  11. yes I will be keeping be name
  12. Thanks, I will look them up.
  13. Hey everyone, suggestions for a marina and yacht club. New to the sailing scene here. Been way south the past 7 yrs. just moved back home and bought a C&C 43.
  14. Protocol? Dare I ask?
  15. Hey guys, Im new to the forum, just wanted to say hi and let you whats up. Found an archived topic on the C&C custom 43 and wanted to add an update to it. As of this Friday I will be the new owner of Kintama, will also be relocating her to West Michigan. Saw Hellion still sitting at Bayview with the mast off. Any and all advice or information will be much appreciated.