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  1. Call me crazy but I’d refit a freedom 44 with all new bells and whistles and call it good. there’s something about those boats I just love.
  2. What’s the boat? Looks to me like a cape dory 27 or 25. ...
  3. try it again.. their latest video had me laughing out loud with their guest narrator.
  4. nebe

    The Zombie Fleet

    I amcertain someone here knows this boat and where it is. It’s been a Zombie for years. I have no idea how it’s still floating
  5. Some Meth smoking poor gay black dudes cruising on a shit box boat must have really freaked out someone down there and made their Christian family values alarm for off to the point of pulling some strings.
  6. if you have wondered how just about every Key West meth head live aboard got their start, this is the video to watch. And by that I mean- Buy the cheapest boat possible and head south and then run out of money and get stuck somewhere.
  7. nebe

    Checking them off...

    I don't think that the " junk in the trunk thread has been added to in a while......
  8. If the boat was insured and the insurance covered all the new updates from a lightning strike, the current owner does not want to recoup those costs and he may just honestly want to get out from under the thumb of boat ownership and has priced it as such.
  9. I went on Sunday. Great exhibit. Just a tip but make sure to pay the extra $5 and catch a show in the planetarium.
  10. nebe

    Alberg 30

    Sounds like you are a planner and are mapping out something. Don’t forget what the most dangerous thing on a boat is...... A schedule.
  11. nebe

    Alberg 30

    Alberg 30's have a pretty solid reputation for being a solid passage maker. for 10 knots on a reach I would want to be flying a big Asym to hit your 120 mile needs.
  12. I have tied an alpine butterfly knot inthe halyard to make a 3:1 purchase system. Tensioning it is very easy. Halyard goes to the drum’s eyelet, up to the loop, back down to the drum, back to the loop and then I tie it off. This spring I may add a shackle to help Reduce friction.