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  2. Your going find a good $15 K boat on Craigslist. Someone out there has the boat you want in their driveway and has lost the dream and his wife wants the thing gone... Look for a boat with an asking price of 20K and offer 15 firm. I love Cape Dory's but that is because I have one. Found it by the same means i mentioned above and got it for a song. Carl Alberg designed some really great 30 - 35 foot boats that have stood the tests of time.
  3. I am at loss for words. what a train wreck on multiple levels.
  4. nebe

    New Hinckley 53

  5. nebe

    Sailing Books for Children

    Amos and Boris. its about a mouse that dreams of sailing the world, builds a little boat called the rodent and sets off. He falls over board and is rescued by a whale named boris who was off to get laid somewhere and he calls off is booty call to return amos to his homeland. Its a beautiful story. I read it to my son about 400 times when he was age 2 -6
  6. profound... and true.
  7. You pacifist! They are killing fish because they are about 1000 miles from the closest grocery store. Id do the same. Sailing the kimberlies is no officially on my bucket list right after the river Deben
  8. nebe

    Old man in shit box goes sailing in cold place

    a cold day on a boat is better than being bored and planted firmly on your couch...
  9. but does she still crave the whomper?
  10. I could fit a years worth of food in My CD 27....
  11. the reason why i think that its the engine mounts- the prop obviously turns clockwise in one gear and counter clockwise in another gear.. that equates to torque on the mounts in a downward or upward pressure depending on which side and which direction you are going. for example, if the prop spins clockwise, then that is going to make the engine want to lift on the port side and push down on the starboard side.
  12. are the engine mounts ok?
  13. what is this all about???
  14. nebe

    Sailing is cheap

    Sailing can be cheap.