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  1. but does she still crave the whomper?
  2. I could fit a years worth of food in My CD 27.... http://www.thrivelife.com/supreme-1-year-freeze-dried-and-dehydrated-food-supply.html
  3. the reason why i think that its the engine mounts- the prop obviously turns clockwise in one gear and counter clockwise in another gear.. that equates to torque on the mounts in a downward or upward pressure depending on which side and which direction you are going. for example, if the prop spins clockwise, then that is going to make the engine want to lift on the port side and push down on the starboard side.
  4. are the engine mounts ok?
  5. what is this all about???
  6. Sailing is cheap

    Sailing can be cheap.
  7. AwlGrip DIY

    oh! Thats a big deal. Thanks for that tip.
  8. AwlGrip DIY

    Im planning on doing this in april on my Cape Dory 27. I was going to go with awl grip primer and then epifanes 2 part over that. A few friends have done this with great results. I don't think one has to marry to one brand.
  9. AwlGrip DIY

    damn! nice job!
  10. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Antonio Jacobson is my fave.. have you seen his work?
  11. I like the Uma kids. Very resourceful. I also enjoy these two quite a bit and love their boat..
  12. When I singleheand on my Cape Dory 27 I will jibe by first bringing the jib or genoa over to go wing on wing, then i stand in a crouching position with the tiller between my legs and sheet in the boom while turning the tiller to begin back filling the main. The boom comes over, I then start easing the sheet while the tiller is still between my legs and then I sit back down and adjust the jib trim if needed.
  13. I got a great chuckle from your phrase - "look at those power boats at the fuel dock... like drunks at the bar"
  14. its growing its own mast! how cute!