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  1. nebe

    What's Cruising to you?

    Cruising is fixing things in beautiful places. Not sure of who was the original creator of that phrase but they were spot on.
  2. nebe

    Show your boat not sailing

    Bubbles @ cuttyhunk
  3. nebe

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Thanks! She’s a good one. And the best part is she can’t get enough of sailing. A perfect companion. Now if she would just varnish that toe rail ... hmmm
  4. nebe

    Show your boat sailing thread

    That is my soon to be wife.
  5. nebe

    Fleming Auxiliary Rudder Windvane

    I have a Fleming Minor on my boat. To keep the rudder from swinging, all you have to do is pull out your sail from the top of the unit. Just my opinion but you really only want to use this beautiful piece of equipment until you will be blue water sailing and not short tacking or making any course changes.
  6. nebe

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Well... the boat was waaay in the back corner of the yard after being abandoned for 5 years. So I was the last to be launched. Well worth the wait !
  7. nebe

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Finally. What a long winter
  8. nebe

    Show your boat not sailing

    Ha! That is the previous owners wife. And she definitely was throwing her hands in the air saying “this chapter of our lives is over!!”
  9. nebe

    Show your boat not sailing

    Thanks ! Can’t wait to get a good pic for the “post your boat sailing” thread.
  10. nebe

    Show your boat not sailing

    Thanks ! There’s quite a difference between 1960’s and 1970’s Columbias.
  11. nebe

    Show your boat not sailing

    I posted my boat this fall in this thread when I bought her. St his spring I chiseled away at all the neglected teak . Launching in 2 weeks She’s a 1965 Columbia 31
  12. nebe

    Furling Systems- Jib and Main

    I have an Alado. Its bomb proof and its also very reasonably priced.
  13. nebe

    Cape Dory 36 Golden Globe Round World Race

    Do you know John Stone? He as put a lot of miles on his CD36. ( I am a former CD owner as well) Heres his website.
  14. nebe

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    I take one of these and combine it with the contents of a box of macaroni and cheese. Its incredibly good. The channa masala takes the place of milk and butter that you would ordinarily add to the Mac and cheese. Annies cheddar is usually what I use. Add a little broccoli to the pasta a few minutes before its done cooking for added points. To keep this thread on topic, a can of chicken would also work for the combination.
  15. nebe

    onboard coffee??

    I swear by Starbucks via instant coffee on my boat. Heat up some water and pour it in a mug and dump in a stick of Via.... stir it a bit and presto.... Pretty damn good coffee.