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  1. U.S. based but highly flexible dependent on opportunity - looking to dramatically increase my skills, mileage, knowledge and experience and am very passionate/excited to put forth the work and effort in order to do so. I'm a very quick study who's highly capable, focused and diligent; I've crewed/raced on a J24, Beneteau 36.7, Evelyn 28 and Swan 44 over the last couple of years, and just came back from Heineken regatta few weeks ago and about to head off to Charleston Race Week in the states and Antigua Sailing Week in a few weeks. I've also been a charter chef on an SXM voyage last year and very much enjoyed that experience as well, hoping to do more as opportunities allow. Ideally I'd love to build mileage to qualify for more offshore opportunities, and to get the hands on, practical knowledge I need to become a comfortable, safe and more than competent mariner. I LOVE racing, but I also realize getting on as many boats as possible, as frequently as possible, is what will bring me to the next level. If anyone out there is looking for crew, or looking for someone who is just the right amount of "crazy enough" who might be a bit new to the game but an easily trainable hard worker - please get in touch! I am literally open to any and all opportunities, even if it might require me to pick up and move about for some period of time. I would love to learn anything and everything about the boat and sailing, i.e. boat work, maintenance, repair, engine work, mechanical work, sail making, actual sailing skills on water, etc - anything and everything to increase my experience! Additionally my personality is pretty fun to be around, I'm dedicated and always committed and I'm not a half bad sailor, either. image: http://www.ybw.com/forums/images/smilies/wink.png Thanks to all those who have read this far in advance!