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  1. dgmckim

    Arm Fatigue

    I had some arm cramping issues on my Laser earlier this year and my solution was 3 fold - 1. depower the boat better. you shouldn't be fighting the sheet, 2.) electrolyte tabs like Nuun or Fizz in my water bottles and 3.) I heard that chewing a TUMS tablet before going out for a long day of racing can help prevent cramps. I now bring both Nuun and Tums on the boat with me if I can. Research is starting to indicate that cramping has something to do with electrical signals from the brain to nerve endings getting disrupted, and that magnesium-to-calcium ratios play an important role in cramp occurrence. It never hurts to hydrate, but I think scientists are moving away from dehydration being the major cause of cramps.
  2. not the way they wanted it to go, that's for sure
  3. dgmckim

    Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    that song is a real banger
  4. i personally don't share this opinion. New fees only apply to new boats and i'd wager *most* grassroots sailors aren't buying brand new boats. anyways here's the 49er perspective on the new fees: https://49er.org/blog/new-fees-added-to-all-olympic-boats/
  5. lol, you're so good at this. I almost took the bait
  6. @tillerman had guessed 65%, which would have been the chaos vote
  7. I think it was 81/19 with some unresolved districts. Projected outcome at this point 79/21, according to ILCA https://www.laserinternational.org/blog/2019/08/12/ilca-class-rule-change-approved-by-members/
  8. dgmckim

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    right. you posted a contentious and unsourced 'rumor from FB' that is both flagrant misinformation and contradicted by statements from class officials. And, I suspect that you did it just to rile people up. textbook trolling.
  9. dgmckim

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    begone troll
  10. why? this is the part i'm getting hung up on
  11. I don't feel like this part of the equation is for ILCA and WS to answer. This falls on the new builders, doesn't it? There'd be a list of ILCA-Approved builders making Torches, Gammas, Lasers, etc. Right? Okay, that's for ILCA. The question of what you'd call the regattas 'ILCA Standard Worlds/ILCA Radial Worlds' etc So then you're asking if they use the same trademark?
  12. i'm honestly a little confused about your point. the vote was to remove a trademark restriction. the only thing 'Laser' about the boat is its trademark and insignia. everything else is governed by the LCMA. It seems to me like you are equating a trademark with a built product. Is this correct? Boats without the Laser trademark/insignia will be able to sail against boats with the Laser trademark/insignia so long as both are approved as builders by ILCA. it's not boats that are Lasers vs boats that aren't Lasers, it's boats that use the Laser trademark and boats that don't use the Laser trademark. Maybe i'm a little slow on the uptake here, but I don't see what you're getting at.
  13. if they are built by an ILCA approved builder then they are ILCA approved boats. Any boat that is not specifically branded a Laser is not branded a Laser. But, an unbranded boat and a Laser could both be ILCA approved dinghies, so long as their builders are approved by the ILCA and follow the LCMA. It does seem disingenuous to be equating a TRADEMARK and a built product.