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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    No one has mentioned the Chevy Astra or Pontiac version. At 12,000 miles they pretty well expired, along with the warranty.
  2. Prairie Boater

    Westerly Anarchy

    Endless options it seems. We have also never heard a complaint about Airheads. We seriously considered one before replacing our hoses last year, but felt the Lavac was a known thing.
  3. Prairie Boater

    Westerly Anarchy

    Really impressed with your workmanship on this, well done. We have the Lavac and are very happy with it. Pretty much trouble free and very simple to operate. We have Whale Gulper manual and electric macerator pumps in series so you have a choice to empty the contents. Our worst trouble came when the previous Jabsco macerator pump failed, with four women on board!
  4. You have done some beautiful photography there. I especially enjoyed the B&W shots. I would love to do some sailing around Scotland.
  5. Prairie Boater

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    CO Experts makes an excellent little alarm which is extremely sensitive, compact and loud. I use it at home, in the plane and on the boat. It gives a warning before others even start to indicate a problem.
  6. Prairie Boater

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I am here in Winnipeg and my friend tells me the best sailing in Canada is on Lake of the Woods. He has sailed both unfrozen coasts. I have dinghy sailed Lake Winnipeg and it can be interesting and a challenge. Living at these temperatures does require some hardiness. Outdoor activities require proper clothing at -30C but still are rewarding. The hard water sailing season is short but a tremendous rush.
  7. Prairie Boater

    20 Small Sailboats To Take You Anywhere - Cape Horn?

    Here is Luxton's book: I seem to recall from reading this decades ago they started a leg of the voyage with a third person who disappeared one night with little explanation from Voss.
  8. Prairie Boater

    20 Small Sailboats To Take You Anywhere - Cape Horn?

    I have not read the book by Voss, however there is another one. It is "Tillikum Luxton's Pacific Crossing" by Norman Luxton. It is a very interesting read. I am not sure where my copy is, but it would be worth another look.
  9. Prairie Boater

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    I would think with the time she has been at sea there is probably a fair bit of growth slowing her down
  10. Prairie Boater

    Jabsco toilet rant

    One solution for the seals not doing their job is to simply make sure they are properly seated in the lid or seat. (Sometimes they tend to pull out slightly if you try too hard to break the vacuum too soon). Otherwise, the simplicity and reliability of the system is great. Our plumbing set up is rather complex, however we have lots of options for where things go.
  11. Prairie Boater

    Jabsco toilet rant

    We have a Lavac with a macerator and manual pump in series. We are very happy with the set up and the only problems we have had with the system have been pump related, not with the Lavac.
  12. Prairie Boater

    53 foot yawl Hutoica.

    Just came across a photo from 1936 of the yawl "Hutoica", presumably somewhere on the U.S. east coast. I do not get any results on G. search and am wondering if anyone the forum might know anything about her.
  13. Prairie Boater

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Was the 62 knots on the south or north side of Tsehum Harbour?
  14. Prairie Boater

    onboard coffee??

    Our solution is to boil the water in the kettle on the propane stove, put a scoop of coffee in a small stainless steel filter that fits in a cup and pour. Delicious coffee, coffee maker takes up minimal space and will not break. Repeat as required.
  15. Prairie Boater

    What's your boat beer?

    For Nonsuch sailors, it has to be Nonsuch Ale(x). 750 ml bottle at 10%!